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  1. Captain Caveman New Member

    We're going to try something fun next week. Play with legends
    of ourselves and others. Please list a legend for yourself here
    if you would like me to try it out. "Please" make it within reason.
    I won't play something totally broken. Feel free to suggest any
    colors or artifact creature you would like.

    "Broken" is rather subjective, my Legend might be broken.

    Captain Caveman
    Creature-Nomad Legend
    Nomad's get a +1+1
    Threshhold: Captain Caveman gets a +1+1 for each nomad in play.
  2. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Istanbul (3UR)
    Creature - Wizard Legend
    UR, T: Choose three target permanents your opponent controls. You gain control of a random one of those permanents. Choose three target permanents you control. Your opponent gains control of a random one of those permanents.
    Fair trader, purveyor of randomness, scholars argue whether he is a genius or insane. Sages realize that he is both.
  3. DÛke Memento Mori

    Duke the Fatalist (3BB)
    Creature - Legend
    As Duke comes into play, pay any amount of life.
    For each 2 life you paid, all other creatures gain -1/-1 until end of the turn; for each 3 life you paid, your opponent discards a card from his or her hand and you draw a card.
    At the end, and from where I stand, it is a lonely, lonely world...indeed.
  4. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I've never done a card before so who knows if this is even playable.

    Spiderman (2RG)
    Creature - Hero Legend
    Can block creatures with flying.
    R,G, X (tap?): tap target creature and put X web counters on it. As long as the creature as a web counter on it, it does not untap as normal. At the beginning of the your? creature's controller?'s upkeep, remove a web counter.
    I'd like it to be 3/3, but for the cost and ability right now, it probably should be 2/2 or some mismatch thing like 1/3. Maybe 2/4. Who knows (I don't like the mismatch as I'm not a spider per se and I didn't want to make a "spider lord", just something that more reflects the superhero).
  5. DÛke Memento Mori


    Spiderman (3RG)
    Creature - Hero Legend
    Spiderman may block creatures with flying.
    Creatures with Web counters don't untap during their controller's untap step. At the beginning of your upkeep step, remove a Web counter from a creature.
    1G: Put a Web counter on target creature.
    1R: Spiderman deals 1 damage to target creature for each Web counter on it.

    Nothing against your version Spiderman, but I'm a card creator, so I just could not help myself. In this version, I removed the "tap" for the abilities, but increased the cost of activation; to me, this reflects Spiderman's ability to function in "tight" places - he doesn't really need to tap because he is constantly aware of his surroundings and can deal with multiple threats at the same time. You could easily decrease his total mana cost into 2RG or even 1RG. 2RG would leave you with two options: you either make hima 2/3 or a 3/2 (the 2/3 being the better choice), or you could leave him at a 3/3 but add "Tap" to his damage dealing ability. You can, even more, reduce his price into a mere 1RG; all you have to do is make him a 2/2, but that sounds wimpy for even Spiderman. ;) You could also have him cost 1RG, have him as a 3/2 or 2/3 or even 3/3, but then you will have to increase the activation cost for the abilities by 1 each, which would make it too pricy, in my opinion. The best choices you have are the current version, or, if you feel daring, the 1RG - 3/3 version. Mana costs are, although important, less critical in Green's case due to all the mana generating abilities, so a 3RG isn't bad at all, and I would leave him at that, if my version is suiting enough, that is...
  6. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Hey, looks good to me. Thanks!
  7. Izaryo Yojimbo

    Izaryo, Dark Ronin
    Creature- Ronin Legend
    Double Strike
    Equip costs that target Izaryo cost 1 less to play
    You may play equip abilities on Izaryo whenever you could play an instant
    (flavor text)
  8. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    Ransac, CPA Trash Man
    Creature- Politically Assinine Legend
    Whenever Ransac, CPA Trash Man comes into play, you may search your library, graveyard, and hand for a creature card and put it into play.
    If you control any creature has the creature type Monkey(s), Gorilla(s), or Ape(s), Ransac, CPA Trash Man gains +4/+3 and trample.
    If you control both Ransac, CPA Trash Man and Monkey, Presidential Running Mate, you win target country's Presidential Election.

    "I'm sorry, but my running mate assures me that we can", Ransac, referring to a previous comment about not being able to solve all of the country's problems with cheese.

  9. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Creature -- Avatar
    You may put 10 poison counters on all opponents instead of paying Oversoul's mana cost.
    Gain 4 poison counters: return Oversoul from your graveyard to your hand.
    Gain 1 poision counter: until end of turn you may play Oversoul as an instant.
    Oversoul has power and toughness equal to the total of all poison counters on all players.
    (stupid reminder text about players with ten poison counters losing the game)

  10. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Maybe this is intentional, but the alternate cc of your guy isn't very balanced (to say the least :) ) I mean, when would you pay the real cc? If you really want it to be balanced, I'm thinking it should be you who gains the poison counters.

    Of course, if this is just a "I win" card, that's fine too... :)
  11. Captain Caveman New Member

    You know, the whole poison counter thing is kind of interesting.

    my version of Oversoul

    Hope you don't mind.....

    Oversoul, carrier of the Plague
    Creature-Avatar Legend
    At the beginning of each players unkeep that player gets a
    poison counter. At the end of each players turn that player may
    pay 4 to give any player one of his poison counters. Oversoul,
    carrier of the Plague has power and toughness equal to the
    number of poison counters all players have.
    The controller of Oversoul, carrier of the Plague may remove a
    poison counter from target player at the end of his turn.
  12. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Ooo, that's pretty cool. :)
  13. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    *Ransac is bummed and depressed over no one commenting on his blatant plug for his campaign. That and the fact that Monkey just threw poo at him.*

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  14. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Okay yeah, I created it to be about as unbalanced as possible while still bearing a resemblance to real cards. So yeah, basically an "I win" card in the extreme...

    Captain Caveman's version is interesting too though, if a bit less powerful...

    But it might be nice to see the poison counter mechanic revamped, as it's just too weak right now even for casual play...

    Well, I guess that maybe nothing is too weak for casual play...

    But still...
  15. Captain Caveman New Member

    Your so right about the poison mech.

    Why don't we try to develop a cycle of cards with that mech.
    something we think should be playable.

    Some rares, uncommons and commons;

    White: remove poison counters(healer)?
  16. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    White had Leeches I know, but it's VERY bad (which is why it found a spot as a secondary kill condition in Relentless Pony)...

    Black had some poisonous attackers, but they were only mildly evasive and pretty weak too. Um, Crypt Cobra, Swamp Mosquito, Pit Scorpion, and Suq'Ata Assassin (I think) were the ones I remember. Something like Pit Scorpion could kill really quickly with something like Mind over Matter and Quicksilver Dagger, but that was redundant...

    The green ones were better sometimes. Sabertooth Cobra was slightly more dangerous than the black poisoners and then there was Marsh Viper. Marsh Viper is more along the lines of an actual good card, if it had been more supported by the other poison cards. It's tiny for its cost, but it only needs to swing five times by itself to kill, and it doesn't need to do the damage in combat either...

    Serpent Generator was the artifact, but it was a silly card...

    I can remember all of these, because Al0ysiusHWWW used to have all of them (except Leeches) in his B/G "Arabian Venom" deck. He even thought up a U/G "Poison-Gro" deck to try to capitalize on Marsh Viper and Sabertooth Cobra, but didn't have a lot of the cards he needed and the thing never got tested anyway...

    I've seen quite a few people try poison builds, mostly without success, since the cards just aren't good worth it, mainly...

    I like the idea of making the poison mechanic more elaborate, maybe by expanding it to the other colors (perhaps blue could move the counters). And there could be some black cards that give you poison counters (in larger numbers than one, of course) as a drawback. Or a sorcery that just adds a poison counter directly onto an opponent...

    I can't think of what red would do though, as nothing seems to fit the flavor, except maybe some sort of poison purging Leeches type card (but not as sucky)...
  17. Captain Caveman New Member

    Ok, I did a quick search for poisonous creatures and found these.
    The "*" means its pretty dangerous. Maybe we can get enough
    ideas from these to make some play worthy poison creatures.

    Please help me divide them up into the color wheel.


    Marine Animals:
    Cone Shell
    Blue Bottle
    Blue-ringed Octopus
    Box Jellyfish*
    Sea Scorpion

    Poison dart frog

    Coral snake
    Gila monster
    Sea snake

    Black widow
    Brown recluse spider
    Sydney Funnel web*

    Spanish fly


    Other Snakes:
  18. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Looking at your list and the ones marked with * as most dangerous, I can see that it's probably based primarily on which ones are more viscious than which ones are more poisonous...

    Filaria are parasitic worms and I don't know anything about them being poisonous, but I wouldn't doubt it...

    The octopus by the way is very cool. It's relatively deadly. It has fast acting poison, and the wound is almost impossible to find because the bite is practically an injection...

    Box jellies are extremely deadly. Although one silly thing I remember reading said that the stinging cells they have can't penetrate women's hosiary...

    As far as fishies go, you're dead on about putting * on the stonefish. It's highly aggresive, and basically kills whatever it stings. A fully grown human could probably survive the others assuming s/he were pulled out of the water or something, but the stonefish is very lethal...

    The amphibians don't have any *'s on them I notice, but FYI, the kokoi poison dart frog is the most poisonous animal on the planet, I think...

    As far as the reptiles go, the sea snake is far more poisonous than the others. This is because it needs concentrated venom, since it lives in the water and it doesn't want the venom diluted after an attack...

    I do not know what Lactrodectas is, but the Brazilian huntsman (wandering spider) is the most poisonous if I remember correctly. The Funnel web is another nasty one. Black widows really aren't that toxic and brown recluses are even less so (although the widows can be rather fatal if they bite multiple times and the recluses can make some nasty permanent damage and all that) but they're famous because they're the only potentially deadly spiders in the United States. I really don't know that much about scorpions...

    Tarantulas would probably only make you sick...

    Bulldog ants are the toxic ones...

    Not sure about the other insects really. There's the famed tseste(SP) fly though...

    Might as well give up on mammals though. The platypus is mildly poisonous as is some type of shrew, but nothing really cool...
  19. Doombringer Durandal

    I made a card for Master cheif, because I can't think of one for myself. Also, I wouldn't mind being master cheif so it isn't that outa place:D. I am trying to show his abilitys, not make him very playable

    Master Cheif 5RW
    creature - spartan legend
    Master cheif comes into play with five life counters and five charge counters on it.
    if Master Cheif would ever be removed from play by lethal damage, remove a life counter. if master cheif ever has no life counters on it, remove it from the game
    2, remove a charge counter: master cheif deals 3 damage to target creature.

    I made his toughness like his sheilds, so when you bring them down he gets hurt. Also, his damage ability is like his gun, when he runs outa ammo he can only melee, as his power. but he can pick up more ammo, just like you can put more counters on with coretapper or something. i made his color red because of his damage ability, and white because of his being the last hope for the human race and all, but I think these colors would be hard to get together in a legitimate deck.

    also, on this pioson cycle thing, when one pro won the invitationals, he submitted this card:

    asps grasp G
    sorcery(or instant, im not sure)
    put 9 poison counters on target player

    Wizards didn't allow it(mean old fruits), so the guy had to come up with another one.
  20. Captain Caveman New Member

    From the information you've added and what I checked out this
    morning we can compile this list of potential poison creatures, to
    create magic cards.

    Where do they if on the color wheel?


    Box jellies...(blue)


    poison dart frog

    wandering spider

    Funnel web

    Bulldog ant

    In Guatemala and Mexico there is a similar
    parasite which can reach a length up to
    50 cm. Its poison causes visual impairments,
    even loss of sight, convulsions, muscle pain,

    Latrodectas spider
    The bite causes a little red spot, which disappears
    quickly. In 10-15 min occurs a strong sharp pain
    accompanied by vomiting, fever, tingling of the limbs,
    dizziness, panicking, shortage of breath, and seizures.
    The face turns blue, the pulse gets arrhythmic and
    the urine contains albumen/ proteins and blood. If no
    treatment is received, the bitten one dies within 1-2 days.

    When the beetle is in danger, great amount of
    substances secreted in the both chambers get
    into the antechamber, where runs a rapid
    chemical reaction. The temperature rises to
    100º and the beetle fires the liquid through
    his anus in up to 30 cm distance with an
    enviable archery skill. Some species can produce
    15-20 consequent shots. The poison is extremely
    dangerous for the eyes and the mucous membrane.

    (The secretion contains benzochinon and triens
    and quickly reacts with the air and gets thick.
    The limbs of the victim clot so it is paralysed.)
    Their collective defense is incredible.

    Proteroglyphs are some of the deadliest snakes in the world.
    coral snakes
    sea snakes...(blue)

    potentially deadly snakes
    Mangrove snake...(blue & green)
    pitvipers...(black & red?)

    Hopefully we can get all of the creative CPA minds on this and
    come up with some new poison cards and possible mech.

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