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I've been registered with this place for about a month now, but I have yet to really participate in anything. So, just to get more of a foot in the door at this forum, I'll ask a general "friendly conversation" question.

When did everyone here start playing magic? I started right after Ice Age came out. My then girlfriend and I bought a starter deck each of 4th Edition. I still remember my rares (because they were the cards before the rule booklet)

Royal Assasan

We read the rule books and looked through the cards, and the next day we tried a game, playing only with our starter decks. By the end of the week, we each had another 2 starters each from two 2-deck gift sets.
Those were the days.
Today, we are married and she has every card she ever bought, over 20,000 cards.

I have less then half of that, because of all the times I've quit and sold (almost) everything off. But I always come back.


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I started in the fall of '94 with a starter of Revised and looking at the soaring prices of The Dark boosters. I finally gave in and decided to see what this game was all about.


Back then playing ante with starter decks. Ante was so much fun. The booster drafts are the closes to it now. I will have to submit that as a topic.

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4th edition was fun. The first card in my starter was a Shivan Dragon, and I still have him in a special place in my binder.


I started right before Ice Age came out. My friends pestered me for 2 months before that to start playing and I didn't because I figured the last thing I needed was a craze to blow money on.

Now, I've blown waayyyy too much and my friends barely even play anymore.


I started playing in october of '94, but I really didn't pay it much attention. I borrowed decks and played on the playground... :)

Around December, I started collecting cards after I bought a starter and three homelands boosters. I opened one of the boosters and saw an Ivory Gargoil.:) I think he liked the starter as much as he liked my beginning collecting...

I then began my "career' as a magic player.


I got into Magic when I first started going to USC (CA) in September of 95. I was looking for some Role-Playing, but everyone was playing Vampire and disorganized. I met some guys in the basement arcade of the student center who played Magic. I'd always avoided it because the kids who played at my high school were banned from playing because they got into fights in the library. These guys at USC were really cool, however, and I got the comic book shop owner across the street to make me a starter out of stock cards because he was out of product. Even though I got Sunglasses of Urza as a rare, I kept playing. And look at me now.



I started at revised, I remember when i opened my first booster pack, i was pissed because my rare was a "stupid"
land, it was an underground sea, I miss those stupid rares.


My first mass purchase was the day Legends came out. I was attending airborne school, and had befriended one of the few to drive themselves there, so we all headed into town to find a gaming store.

The one we found had plenty of Magic, so we bought some cards, and took them back to the barracks, where we learned the value of the dual land, and decided that Wall of Swords had to be the best card in the game (we were both big on SKIMMING rulebooks. The fact that walls can't attack was glossed over, as was the fact that blocking does NOT cause creatures to tap -- a fun varient, especially in multiplayer!)

Ahhhh... the memories. ;)


I started with Revised and the Dark, thanks to a kindly investment of about a hundred cards from some friends (Starters and boosters). I then quit during Ice Age (they DARE to reprint Icy Manipulator? :) ), and restarted with the urgings of some school friends during Stronghold. So I'm either an elder or a relative newbie, depending on how you want to look at it. Skill wise, I'm middling, with a touch towards the insane. :) Greater Good, all the way!

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I started around the time Urza's Saga was being released, though my first real cards (sans portal) were Fifth Ed. and Mirage starters. I have no idea what I got, but my brother got a city of brass: and lost it because he didn't care, it was a stupid land anyway, right :(.

BTW, I have NO "name" cards from any set. Meaning no Academy, no Morphling, no Core. My brother has a Port. Kinda skimpy collection here, eh? :)


I started between 4th and Ice Age, don't remeber the exact date though. I had never heard of the game before, but I walked into this game store in a mall and saw these cards and thought they looked cool. I finally bought a starter of 4th and started talking to the guy behind the desk, he'd been playing since unlimited and had a ton of extras that he was nice enough to give me. It was really great for me at the time, but now that I know better, it turns out that the guy was just unloading his crap cards, but it was still better than my collection so I was happy. Unfortunately there was nobody around me that played very often so I sorta stopped buying stuff for a while, but still bought enough packs to keep my supply up. Then Tempest came out, and I heard about Greven. I bought maybe two hundred packs and starters, ok I'm exaggerating, but it was a lot. I haven't really slowed down since.


I started 2 years ago when my boyfriend, Gamalon on here, taught me...It was at the tail end of Exodus and it took him 6 months before he decided to teach me...He started out with this whole mana pool thing, and I really didn't understand it...So I kind of yelled at him and angrily shouted for the rulebook, so once I got through that whole thing everything else was easy...

The first deck I remember playing, and enjoying, was his Megrim deck...Oo, that was fun...So I wanted to create my own, and it was white and black...Odd, yes, but I loved it, and felt so proud of myself


I started palying with tempest! My first pack I got
Greven Il-Vec
Selenia Dark Angel
and some rare I forgot...
Selnia is hot!
Anyway, I LOVE tempest, i quit right after urza's legacy...(thank god i didnt sell ym cards) and I came back with MM. Cool, neh?

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I started right after Ice Age was released, but dispite Ice Age having been released the cards were impossible to find. Most of the local magic players had a few Ice Age cards,but the cards weren't actually readily available until a month or two later. My first starter(4th edition) had Earthquake, Green Mana Battery, and Deathlace as the rares(not exactly a good way to start off). But when I did finally get some Ice Age cards I got a Seraph(which everyone thought was a power card, no one had even seen one before the one I got).


Wow, Zadok hit my nickname right on the nose! In brief, Started in revised, quit during dark, started again during legacy.

Long Version. Read at own risk.

I started during revised in the spring of '94 with a starter and a booster. From what I can remember, I got a smoke, a balance, a scrubland, and a serra angel, which my friends immediately pounced on. I haven't a clue what I traded it for.

That summer legends came out; that was fun but I REALLY wish I had more money back then; the starter and the booster was all I bought until I started magic again during Urza's Legacy. Those were the best times I had with the game to date. Course, I was still in the stupid stage: I didnt want to trade away my royal assasin for a mirror universe, while Ayesha Tanaka was worth several good rares. I mean, its gold, its a legend. Gotta be cool, right? :p

Then the people who harangued me into the game stopped playing a year or so later; I soon followed, dropping out partway through the dark. Then one day at college, someone in the dorm pulled out a deck. My roommate of course, had to play then, he pulled out his box from home. Another friend had a collection stashed away as well, and soon I was hooked again. I still had a little merfolk deck as a holdover from revised days, but it got spanked as there were so many ways to get rid of the lord of atlantis :( I ended up spending WAY more money than I intended to build a better deck. Course, the rest of the playgroup ended up doing the same, and we discovered just how much the environment has changed. We always had built decks by throwing in any cards that evoked a "Hey, this is kinda cool." But now, with the Urza broken block and the 'net, the decks became super focused, games became waaay shorter, and the old style just couldn't compete anymore. So while magic is fun again, I'll miss this the quality of the game the most. Ahh nostalgia. LONG LIVE REVISED! :)



How I got into Magic. By Hetemti.

It all began October 1999.
Saw someone I vaguely knew and a friend of his playing. Having seen the magical cards twice before, I inquired how to play. I was handed a Generic Green Deck (tm) and tried to figure it out with some assistance. Further encounters with my new friend led me to acquire a 80 card pile of portal from a third-party I happened to know who happened to have 80-portal cards he'd give me. I paid him $3 and we both waked away happy. The box had the crummy instructions with it, so I studied them.

Next time I met my fried and the fellow he'd played that fateful first day, we tried a 3-player game. I shuffled and proceded to fiddle with my opening hand. My friend got Boobytraped and Bog Wraithed to death thanks to Orchish Farmer. After my friend was vanquished, all assaults turned to me. So I played the Lava Axe I drew. He whacked me with the Wraith and the farmer, for I was blockerless and had swamps. It's a 5-color portal pile, remember. I then played Déjà-vu (Relearn for 2U) and Axed him again.

I then said "your turn" and waited. He sat there with his mouth agape. I look to my friend, who had a sly smile on his face, though tinged with disbelief. I say "your turn" again in my boundless naïvity. My friend says "He can't, you just won."

So, in conclusion, I begain my Magic career with a win against the guy with the biggest collection in the county, using a 5-color portal deck.

...he's never been quite right since then...


I feel like a veteran! I started in 93! got a year on most of ya! Whee!!!


I can not really say when my magic era started. Magic has always been a part of me, much like my head has always been a part of me. I remember that the first thing I said when I was born was 'Magic? Sounds cool..'. My words were of course totally misunderstood by the nurse who thought that all I needed was my mom. Later, when I was asleep in the hospital I had the funniest dream.. someone talked to me..
Yeah, right!

Real story: Started when 6th Ed. came out. Liked it and continued. Won't stop until I'm dead, or I'm tired of it. Which ever comes first.. I'd bet on death though :)