It's Steeler-Country time!

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Okay, call back Rothlisberger's TD now it's 14 - 10. As for the pushing-off penalty it would've been a serious officiating mistake if it hadn't been called, if the pushing-off wasn't done right in front of one of the Zebra Team guys then it would've been a TD. But, oh well, the reciever wasn't smart enough to to do it while they weren't watching.

Did anyone listen to Hasselback's interview after the game? He said they got beat by a better team (meaning the Steelers). Why would he say that? I thought the Seahawks team was screaming CONSPIRACY!


Oh well, then they must've gotten beat fair and square. Also, this past week there was more ESPN coverage of the Seahawks than the Stillers so there's nothing special in that espn's sports writer's column to that has any credit. He probably lost money on the game and should just say so.

Personally, I thought the Seahawks looked GREAT almost the whole game, they played clean and executed a lot of good solid football plays but they didn't look like their collective hearts were in the game.

Steelers? eh - on their game play but I'll take the win.


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Some revised opinions based on new information:
1) The Roethlisberger TD was legit. I saw a bootlegged video where the ball clearly crossed the line. I still don't think the ref should have changed his original call, but I will wonder how some random guy in the stands with an illegal camcorder can get a better angle than the 500 cameras focused on every play.
2) I've seen a lot of pushing off in football and that was about as close as it gets. It seemed to me, Jackson was using his arm to feel the defender, so he could keep his eyes on the ball: something that NFL receivers do all the time without getting called on. Like I said, 99% of the time this is a no-call.
3) I forgot to mention the non-call on Joey Porter's textbook horsecollar tackle on Alexander. That's illegal nowadays.
4) Also, Hasselbeck's tackle on the INT return should no way have been a personal foul. The fact that he managed to beat out a blocker to make the tackle proves his intentions. That's 15 free yards.

Killer Joe:
I didn't watch the post-game press conference, but Hasselbeck probably said what he said because he's a classy guy and respects his opponents. Three weeks ago, Joey Porter said there was a conspiracy against the Steelers. That doesn't make him right.
And to say there was more coverage of the Seahawks than the Steelers over the past week is ridiculous. I don't think you'll be able to find anyone who agrees with you on that one. I'm not saying it was wrong for the Steelers to get more coverage. They had the better storylines to follow up on and they have a larger fan constituent. But there's no way Seattle got more coverage.

I had no rooting interest in this game. People asked me before it who I wanted to win and I said I'd be happy either way. I think it's great for the Steelers organization and Bettis. But I do hate to see the biggest game of the year tarnished by poor officiating. I don't think it was a conspiracy, but anyone who thinks the officiating was fine is definitely a Steelers fan.


Thank you turgy22 for the explaination of the Code Black thing. I cannot stand medical/cop/law firm/reality shows on TV so it was bugging me (but not enought to try and watch it).

And Ransac, I would be the first to admit that when the Seahawks came out onto the field in the first half, I was a bit scared of Pitts not being able to win this one. They played supperior hurry up, fast paced ball at the beginning. I know that players only have so much stamina, but after the first two possesions, it seemed to me that they lost that pace, and did not really regain it until the last 4 minutes of the game.

By the way, no offense, but Holmgram really needs to take lessons on clock management. It could have been done more efficiently and they may have even had a chance to catch up, tie or even win. Other than that, Kudos to Seattle for a good game, Kudos to Pittsburg for the excellent coaching, gadget plays, and big time offensive plays.

Kudos to Budweiser for making the best commercial this year.

Boo to BurgerKing for makin the worst!

and next year........Go Packers!

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Killer Joe said:
Also, this past week there was more ESPN coverage of the Seahawks than the Stillers...
ESPN did a LOT of Seahawk coverage. The rest of the good country focused on the Steelers (so you're correct there). My comment was in support of how wrong and biased the espn columnist was about the officials trying to play "kissie-up" to the Steelers due to their mis-call on Palumalu's interception from the other game.

I'll say this again, the Seahawks looked & played great, the Steelers looked, eh.....

as for Porter, well, let's just say we all have an "Uncle Goofus" in our families. :rolleyes:


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I think Holmgren has plenty of experience in clock management, seeing how this is his third Super Bowl, but translating that to the guys on the field is another matter. The end of both halves for the Seahawks was.... very strange. Especially since the Seahawks had a "hurry-up" offense for other games in the playoffs. I personally think the crowd noise got to them - at the end of the first half, you could see Hasselbeck trying to line up his guys or whatever after the running play but couldn't get them together... my guess is that he was trying to call an audible but his guys couldn't hear him.


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There was more Seahawks coverage this past week, but that was only due to the Jerramy Stevens comment that Joey Porter blew up.

I also thought it was a bit biased that they showed four Steelers posing with the Lombardi (Roethlisberger, Palomalu, Cowher, Bettis[twice] trophies in the commercials as opposed to two Seahawks (Hasselbeck and Alexander).

But, as I've stated to my peers several times today, the Steelers made the big plays that win the big games. That was what won them the game. The Seahawks played the better overall ball and the refs caused them to LOSE the game, but the big plays caused the Steelers to win. There's nothing that can change the result.

Oh, and I don't care what my friends say. That Roethlisberger TD was in. BARELY, but in.

But I does feel some justice watching ESPN and reading about how they were wrong about the Seahawks and that they were robbed on officiating and that they should've had 11 more points.

Ransac, cpa trash man


The Roethlisberger call was the only one they got right all day. The refs ruined that game for me.