It's Steeler-Country time!

Killer Joe

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Get out dem dere peirogies, keilbassas, Iron City Beer and the Terrible Towel and sit back & watch the Steelers rumble over any team in it's path, especially those Pat-Rat-triots!

Any of yinz out there got sumthin' bad to say 'bout our Pixburgh Stillers and I'll knock-yer-block-off you jag-offs!

Game 1 vs Titans (No Game - just a bunch of wondering children in Titan uniforms)

Game 2 vs WHO!? Texans? whatever....

Game 3 vs the Super Bowl Champions: New England Patriots
(tune in Monday)

Killer Joe

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At the beginning of the fourth qtr. a penalty was called and the clock was reset with nearly an extra minute on it. The Pats scored the winning points during the last minute of the game.

Great win Pats! Not! :mad:

Steelers: 2 - 1


I think the "burger" got cold but the "pat"ties got hot as the meal went along... ;)

(if you remember right, the pats didn't need the last minute... they just made sure they ran it down so the steelers wouldn't get it back... and even without the minute - they'd a been tied, and at the rate the game was going - pats in OT)

Killer Joe

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Steelers are still doing pretty good but now Maddox is the starting QB against Baltimore this weekend :(

I used to love "Tommy Gun" but I think he's a bit rusty now.

As for those Patriots, they're (5 - 4), :eek: :D

Killer Joe

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I think they're leaving Tommy maddox in Baltimore as a souvineer :rolleyes:

I'll give Ravens their due props for having an awesome Defense but the Steelers Off. Line just plain ol' STUNK!

That win won't help the Ravens at all but that loss pretty much killed the Steeler's play-off chances. We're playing Indianapolis next week and that's an auto loss for Pitt.


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Yeah, I know. I'm not really rooting for the Raven but just couldn't resist needling you about your loss ;)


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Still, though....... HOW ABOUT MY SEAHAWKS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! They're gonna put a stop to those Panthers this week!

Ransac, cpa trash man


I hate to be the bearer of bad news (cough, cough) however, I think Killer Joe and Ransac will be a little miffed when it comes down to a Panthers/Broncos Superbowl. There is no way that the Rusted out Steel Curtain can stand up to Jake the Snake! And as for Mike Holmgram being able to do anything against the Panthers....well...lets just say we will see his backside quicker than when he left Green Bay (traitorous fiend!)

Flame On!


Isengar Tussle
Pittsburgh +3 and Seattle -4 is the parlay for the week. ;)
The Denver/Pittsburgh game will be the best game of the playoffs, (yes, even better than the Indy loss......), so too bad I have to work the pre-release that day...... hmmmmmmmm...... need to find a 32 foot plasma TV with satellite hook ups..........

The black and gold will make anyone who gets in their way black and blue...... :D


CPA Trash Man

.....HOW 'BOUT THOSE SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in absolute shock when the clock finally ran down and they were officially the winners!

Oh, and here's something to all the people that believe that the Steelers are going to just steamroll the Seahawks:

The majority of fans believed that the Rams would return to prominence and put the Seahawks back in their place, division-wise.
No one honestly believed that the Seahawks had a Superbowl chance (not even me!)

No on believed that the Seahawks would be able to keep up their amazing streak much longer (11 straight, baby!)
Still, apparently the Panthers and the Bears were better than the Seahawks in the NFC and the Seahawks are still written off as a fluke.

Seahawks end the season easing into the playoffs with a relatively easy last month of play. As a result of their easy month, no one believes the Seahawks to be a legitimate team. No chance to beat the Panthers or Bears should they meet in the playoffs.

Okay, now that they're Super Bowl bound, I already know what the arguement will be.

The Seahawks only got this far because of the injured backfield of the Panthers.
Okay, first off, injuries are part of the game. You have to play through them. Shaun Alexander was taken out of last weeks game and the Seahawks still found a way to win. Also, they CAN protect against a decent run (need I remind you that they held a red-hot Clinton Portis to a mere 41 years last week!).

I'm not going to say that the Steelers are going to out-right lose. They beat three of the best teams in the league in consecutive weeks. They are a great team and very deserving of this Superbowl win.......

...but the Seahawks are as equally deserving.

My pick to win is going to be my family favorite (and my personal favorite for the past several years): Seattle Seahawks

Go Sea-Chickies!

Ransac, cpa trash man


The Tentacled One
I don't watch football, but I live in the Seattle area and everyone was making a fuss about this today, so I'm posting here. The Seahawks should go back to losing. In the past, the only times I heard people talk about the Seahawks, they were making fun of them or complaining about them. Apparently when they actually win, everyone is compelled to talk about it. I stayed home pretty much all day today and still got bugged by four people. It's scary to think about how much Seahawk banter I would have had to tolerate if this had happened on a day when I was out of the house a lot.


The Tentacled One
Or if they did it was usually to make fun of them. There were some people that really cared though and would complain about them always losing. But mostly it was just jokes about them.

But I've still heard more about the football teams that have actually done well (or done particularly well at some point) over the years. It took me by surprise that they'd end up in a superbowl at all.