Is this where I can waste a post?

Discussion in 'New & Returning Members' started by Ephrils, May 9, 2001.

  1. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    *Ransac looks at his brother's Butterfree and stabs it through the heart, killing it instantly.*


    There will be no pokemon as pets here, PERIOD!!!!!

    *Ransac eyes the pokeball the Pokemorpher has.*

    You are a slight exception, BUT DON'T GET OUT OF LINE!!!!

    Anyway, would you like to buy some popcorn?

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  2. Pokemorpher New Member

    You find it easy to diss pokemon, but have you ever tried battling? Try taking out my shiny Kingdra. Then we'll see who laughs.
  3. maraud234 Sir Psycho Sexy

    Ha. I'm laughing, but mostly that Ransac killed Prince RXI's prized butterfree. But you can expect sibling rivalry from those two.
  4. Gerode Becoming a Lurker Again

    Shiny Pokemon? Hmmm, maybe they aren't too bad after all...

    WAIT! It's their evil trap! Must resist!
  5. Ephrils This Space For Rent

    *sits up and sees people looking a little hostile and a pokemon battle about to start*


    I musta hit my head harder than I thought....
  6. TURD CUTTER!!! Mr. Happy

    *hypnotized by the shiny glow, TURD CUTTER!!! walks toward the shiny pokemon. He is entranced, and does whatever the pokemon tells him to. Then, Ransac snaps his fingers. TURD CUTTER!!! is back to normal (which is not normal). TURD CUTTER!!! farts on all the shiny pokemon, causing them die a slow and painful death.*

    sorry if this souds too battle arena-ish, i wasn't trying for it to be.
  7. ::Casts some silly spell::

    "Back from the land of terror"

    ::looking over his shoulder::

    "No pokemon"

    ::keeps looking around him::
  8. Prince RXI CPA Moon-Boy

    *RXI unzips the air and pulls out the REAL silver pokeball that holds his Silver Butterfree, Free. He then puts it back in the hole and zips it up.*

    And what were you saying, Ransac?

    *RXI teleports out of the thread.*

    Prince RXI, Free is alive!!! ALIVE I TELL YOU!!!! ALIVE!!!! *some one shoots RXI, he falls down dead.*

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