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  1. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    You wish.
    (Multani gives Darsh a dangerous glare.)
  2. Darsh Corrupt CPA Member

    Just a thought, don't get mad Multani.:)
    Mabye Multani is about to be killed and yavimaya transforms his essence into Molimo.
  3. Ristik New Member

    Yes, it is Daria, not Disa. Disa the Restless is in the Ice Age and Alliances stories and not a walker as far as I know; Daria is a Homelands character and a walker. Kristina was a love interest of Taysir at one point, but certainly not any more. Molimo is the maro-spirit of Llanowar, while Multani is the maro-spirit of Yavimaya. Gaea asks Multani to go check out this Eladamri guy while he's in Llanowar. When he shows up, Eladamri is telling Molimo and the Llanowar chieftan about Phyrexians. They don't believe him, and when they try to lock him away, Multani realizes that there are plague bombs falling on Llanowar. He tries to warn Molimo, but it is too late. After that, Molimo realizes that Multani is more experienced than he is, and kinda does take a back seat. There is no note of any attack on Keld, but the Keldons help out in the Urborg battle and get wrecked. Gerrard thought Volrath killed Multani, but as long as Yavimaya endues, so will Multani.
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    Yeah, who ever said that Multani died? All that happened in Rath and Storm was that Gerrard, Mirri, and Roffelos come back to the cave, and find that it is trashed, but never find Multani. What might of happened was that when the Rathians(<-look Moe I just invented a woid;)) landed Yavimaya/Multani senced them, and Multani just left. Mean while when are Rathi friends show up at Multani's little shag pad they find he's not there, get pissed, trash the place, and leave.

    Just A Thought...
    Ihsan's Shade

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