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    Ok, well I guess if you're still here you want to know about Invasion,so here you go:

    Urza forms a group known as the 9 titans(who are all planeswalkers) they are:
    Urza(if you don't know who he is, then you wouldn't be reading this)
    Freyalise(I would hope you know who she is)
    Taysir(yes this guy was in Homelands)
    Daria(yes she was in Homelands)
    Tevesh Szat(yes he was in Ice Age(but not in the Eternal Ice for some reason))
    Kristina(yes, another Homelands character)
    Lord Wingrace(Crovax's brother; a powerful lich)
    Commodore Guff(new character;a librarian)
    Bo Levar(new character;a merchant)

    Hanna,Barrin, and Takara are all killed(guess this means there will never be a Takara card:( )
    Hanna is infected with the Phyrexian plague. Barrin takes her body to Tolaria to be with Rayne's body, and finds the place destroyed,overrun with phyrexians, and infected with the plague. He becomes so angry that his rage is released in a huge explosion which destroys Tolaria. Takara is hit with a plague bomb while attempting to save some llanowar elves.

    Benalia falls to the Phyrexians.
    Gerrard figures out that he is a Capashen, and all the remaining Capashens except Gerrard are killed by the end of Invasion. Gerrard is also nearly assimilated by the Phyrexians. Tsabo Tavoc is still alive by the books end, but is not expected to be alive much longer, since she failed to convert Gerrard. By the end of the book, Urza is winning(I wonder why? could it be because he has an entire plane, 5 dragon legends, and 8 other planeswalkers helping him? I expect that in Planeshift when Rath joins in, the Phyrexians may start turning the tide so that it in Apocalypse either side could win.)
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    See, what will happen is that neither side will win. Urza will hold off the attack. Yagmoth will then retreat back to phyrexia and start planning his next move. Meanwhile, the next couple of sets will have nothing to do with the invasion (I hope they realize that everyone is really tired of this plot by now). I suppose they will do something like Mirage, where there isn't really a storyline. That way they will be free to bring back some of the old creature types (Minotaurs, yeah!. When will we see a tangarth legend?) and make some new wierd cards. Any thoughts?
  3. mogg bomber Veteran CPA Lurker

    This storyline will be over by the end of Invasion block, and yes it would be nice to have another set that just has a general story behind it. (By the way, Mirage was actually one of the first sets to have a very detailed story behind it. Sure, it hasn't been released as a book yet, but it's expected to be in the future.) See, the problem is, that there has almost always been a storyline, it just wasn't as recognizable as it is now. Recently, all the smaller stories have been tied together, to the Urza/Phyrexia storyline, and this is very obviously the reason for bringing back so many older characters for the invasion. Anyway, I just hope that whatever they choose to go with for the next block isn't quite as long as this current story(because I was already sick of the Weatherlight crew by Exodus,although the stuff with Urza wasn't too bad.)
  4. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Okay, I've gotta ask, how did you find al this out? I didn't think the book was even out yet!
  5. Ristik New Member

    Hanna, Barrin, and Takara die??? Ugh! I can see Hanna being killed; they made a card for her, and they made cards for Mirri, Ertai, and Volrath right before they left the story. I still don't like it; she had huge potential as a way to get Gerrard in serious trouble if she ever gets captured but not killed. Additionally, the story behind her parentage made it technically possible for Gerrard NOT to be the heir to the Legacy; his girlfriend is the daughter of a mage master and the last (then) surviving member of the original Bloodlines project. Barrin isn't too big of a stretch to kill; he was getting WAY on in years, and he no longer needs to serve as a foil to Urza. But Takara? Why rescue her in Nemesis just to kill her in Invasion, and before she gets a card? It doesn't make any sense! Incidentally, what of Eladamri? Does he show up? Are Crovax and Ertai ever brought up in the story? And does Gerrard at least get laid before his love dies? (Sorry about the last one, but if he didn't, I'll be really peeved that they killed her.)

    For those of you who do not yet suspect, I am currently pursuing an English major in college. This may explain a few things.
  6. mogg bomber Veteran CPA Lurker

    Cateran Emperor: The book isn't out everywhere yet (I just checked where I live yesterday and it should be out within a week.) but it is available already in some areas. I got this information from's message board.(by the way, anyone who is interested in the magic storyline at all should visit, it has the best magic storyline message board, and the actual WotC storyline team and authors visit fairly frequently as well. Jeff Grubb posts there sometimes, and he said most of the magic authors check the site out.)
  7. dw51688 The Mad Scientist

    Invasion has a nice plot as well as some pretty sweet cards. I can't wait till October 2. I want it now. I better put on anther pot of coffee.
  8. Ristik New Member

    There are a lot of clues about the storyline in pictures and flavor texts on Invasion cards...How cool would it be to piece together the entire storyline from cards?
  9. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Phyrexia's a good site for sure. I haven't checked in for a while, I wonder if anyone remembers me now? I used to be pretty prominent posting there. I think I'll go have a look-see ;)
  10. Bob Idiot

    Barrin? Noooooooooo!!!! Hanna?Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
    I wonder what will happen to Sax's site
  11. Ristik New Member

    You know how Multani disappears after teaching Gerrard and Mirri? Well he's back... quoted in the Aura Mutation and Bind flavor texts (at least).
    There is a Blind Seer who plays some sort of part; his card is a legend and he gives Gerrard some advice in various flavor texts.
    Capashen Manor is entirely destroyed, evidenced in the flavor text of Capashen Unicorn.
    Gerrard didn't learn his lesson by being flung off the Weatherlight by Greven; he duels Tsabo Tavoc in the Dueling Grounds flavor text.
    Eladamri does appear, saving Gerrard's life from something, as told in the Hero's Reunion flavor text.
    Hanna does, in fact, die, and Barrin is really pissed. (Recover, Mourning, Barrin's Spite, Obliterate)
    Lin Sivvi is in the storyline. (Restock)
    Teferi's back, and he cares only to protect Jamuura. He debates with Urza about it in the flavor texts of Tectonic Instability, Teferi's Moat, and Teferi's Response.

    That's it from flavor texts... I guess I just have to wait until the book comes out Tuesday for the rest.
  12. mogg bomber Veteran CPA Lurker

    Also, if anyone has seen the card Blind Seer yet, you'll be surprised. Yep, that's right, Urza finally got a card. He helps Gerrard out in the Blind Seer disguise so no one will regogize him. I guess they got around the rule about not printing Planeswalkers, saying that it could be any Blind Seer and this one just happens to be Urza(sort of the same thing they did with Crovax and Ascendant Evincar.)
  13. Ristik New Member

    If the Blind Seer is Urza, that would be so hilarious... First, the quote on the Blind Seer card is so much funnier. Second, Serra said Urza had a white-mana base, and this is blue... Third, Urza is a 3/3?
  14. mogg bomber Veteran CPA Lurker

    Yes, the Blind Seer is Urza, and no he's not just a 3/3. The problem is, if they actually printed an Urza card, he would be overpowered, and be at least a 20/20 creature. The only way they could get around this, was by printing a card which was sort of Urza, but not really. The card depicts Urza in the disguise of a Blind Seer, and Urza is the Blind Seer as far as the storyline goes(and you're right this does make the card's quote pretty funny) but in game terms, the card just has the ablilities of a Blind Seer, not Urza(Despite the fact that the card is still a legend. Actually, it seems like trying to add an Urza card just made this card very confusing.)
  15. Ristik New Member

    Benalia is destroyed almost immediately. Zhalfir and Shiv are phased out until further notice (Teferi got the thing done right!). The mana rig detaches itself from Shiv so that it can fight; apparently Jhoira has been hard at work. Tsabo Tavoc shows up a couple times, and fights Gerrard to a stalemate the first time. The second time, she has an upper hand on both Gerrard and Tahngarth, but gets nailed by a blind seer who allies himself with the crew. She survives, and begins to plot the war at Koilos now that she has destroyed Benalia. The new dragon legends? Five Shivan dragon lords who fight in the battle for Urborg; one is Darigaaz, the drake who fought for Urza in Time Streams. Yavimaya is saved by Multani, who turns a ton of Phyrexians to his side. Llanowar is saved by Eladamri and Orim, who cure the plagues. Unfortunately, Eladamri and Liin Sivvi cannot save their companion, Takara, and Orim cannot save the person she created her cure for, Hanna. Eladamri takes Hanna to the healing caves to try and save her, but since Hanna believed the plague was incurable, they can do nothing for her, and in the first heart-wrenching scene in the entire chronicle of novels, Hanna falls asleep to the mourning of Weatherlight's crew and the forests of Llanowar and Yavimaya. Urza has created two Thran generals to fight in the battle at Koilos, Thaddeus and Agnate. They are built to fight together, but Tsabo Tavoc captures Thaddeus and uses him to display how Metathran are superior to humans. Urza and the blind seer get Weatherlight to Koilos, and the crew and Eladamri join the battle. Eladamri and Agnate duel so Eladamri can lead Thaddeus's forces, and Eladamri wins without drawing blood, the silver-toungued savior. Hanna then calls for Gerrard, and says her goodbyes. (and for those of you who read my previous posts, Gerrard never got laid, but the death was written so well, I'm not mad at all) Urza then goes to An-Havva (we are now talking Homelands geography! Having started out on Homelands, I'm relieved it finally meant something to the storyline.) He recruits two planeswalkers, Daria and Taysir for those of you familiar with the Homelands story, and takes off for the realm or Freyalise. There, he gets Freyalise (duh) and someone named Kristina. He also recruits Bo Levar, Commodore Guff, Tevash Szat, and Lord Windgrace, all other 'walkers. They go to K'rrick's place from Time Streams (the gorge in Tolaria) and suit up in armor that probably looks really cool, and start their preparation for the final battle at Koilos. Barrin goes to see Urza to get reinforcements at Urborg, only to find there are none; Urborg is lost to Phyrexia. Barrin then finds out about Hanna death... two weeks after the fact. He is about to go to Tolaria to bury her (after exhuming her from Koilos)... but Urza tells him that the Titan experiments in the time gorge drew Phyrexians and that Tolaria is about to become lost as well. Barrin resigns his place in Urza's cause, stating that he has no more will to fight because everything he fought for is gone. He exhumes Hanna and takes her to Tolaria and buries her. He then becomes so enraged that the Phyrexians took the one place he cared about that he destroys it all with the spell Urza used in the sylex (Obliterate, boys and girls!). However, since Barrin did not become a planeswalker after casting the spell, he dies in the blast. Tolaria is lost to both Dominaria and Phyrexia. Gerrard, still angered over Hanna's death, prepares for yet another duel with Tsabo Tavoc, despite the fact that he's now 0-2-2 in duels against Legends. Tsabo also prepares for Gerrard. The walkers, in the Battletech armor, attack Koilos, but whoops! Tsabo sends some witch engines after them! But when Weatherlight wrecks one, the walkers figure out how to beat them, and wreck the rest. Agnate goes to find Thaddeus, and Thaddeus, presumably under the control of Tsabo, or possibly just insane, convinces Agnate to kill him and that they are almost identical to Phyrexians, a point Barrin made long ago. Gerrard battles Tsabo, and she paralyzes him, and begins to take him to the Phyrexian portal. I'm thinking that for a savior, Gerrard is pretty weak in a one-on-one. The crew of Weatherlight (including Karn, who has really taken a back seat) goes to shut down the portal, and finds Tsabo with Gerrard. She sends waves of Phyrexians at them, everyone is held back, yada yada yada. Then Sisay breaks though, but gets pummeled by Tsabo. Likewise Tahngarth gets nailed by the spider woman. Then Karn, yes Karn the pacifist, starts ripping Tsabo's legs off. Gerrard breaks free of Tsabo's mental paralysis with his love for Hanna, and Squee sneaks a sword to him. He cuts up Tsabo, who tries to escape throught the portal, but Gerrard stops the portal, and she's forced to knock him off to get through. He slams the portal shut, but then Tsabo's loyal followers realize that they're cut off from her as long as the portal is closed. The crew kills the Phyrexians, with the most flashy ones coming from... the descending blind seer, Urza. He talks to Gerrard, who declares his hate for his Legacy, and then Urza and Gerrard destroy the portal at Koilos. There is a large celebration, but Eladamri, Agnate, Gerrard, and Urza don't do much celebrating; each has lost too much. The very end of the novel features Multani looking at Koilos and seeing Rath.

    How do I know all this? The fat packs are out, and they have the novel in them! (I also got a foil Blazing Specter! A great read and a great rare foil for only $25!)
  16. Molimo New Member

    That's cool, to say the least. What does Molimo do though? Does he just take a back seat to Multani? That would suck pretty badly :(
  17. mogg bomber Veteran CPA Lurker

    I think Kristina was the love interest of Taysir(I'm not sure, it's been awhile since I heard anything about either of them). I do know that she has been in the storyline before,with Taysir. Ask around at for a more accurate explanation of who she is.
  18. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    I noted some inconsistencies.

    Supposedly, Multani was killed off by Volrath, in Rath and Storm.
    (Guess Yavimaya regenerated him.) :D

    2nd, are you sure it's Daria and not Disa? If it's Disa, then she's actually dead when a plauge strikes the Homelands.

    Also, how does Prophecy fit into all this? Where are the Keldons?
  19. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    Multani never died...

    When volrath got to his cave/liar, he was gone. We havent seem him since. Looks likes he's coming back!
  20. Darsh Corrupt CPA Member

    Mabye Molimo and Multani have a big fight and Molimo kills Multani.:)

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