In for the long haul or not.

Killer Joe

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Alright, currently we're all card-floppers happily or not enjoying playing magic. Wiz Co. changes some stuff and a few drop out of the game but I'm sure almost the same amount discover the game. Here are some questions:

How long do you intend on playing this game?
What would it take to make you quit this game?
And finally, what is your 'Anna-Nicole Smith' like dream for the future of this game. (ie Wiz Co. printed your card submission that allows you to not only win the game during your pre-game shuffling phase but allows you to take your opponents cards and use them for the next match or they never print another counterspell again and ban the rest).

I'm bored.


I'll play magic as long as there are other magic players to play with

Impossibility to find time or players might make me quit the game (but not my cards :) )

My wish would be that WotC print less extensions per year because
1) they will run out of ideas less quickly
2) As a casual player I dont have the time to "absorb" new sets. environment change too quickly


Chaos Turtle

I'll play as long as there's a game to play and people to play it with.
That said, I unfortunately play only a little right now due to school, and since I'm a poor college student now (as opposed to a salaried 50+ hour/week manager that I was until January) I con't afford to keep up anymore with the sets and remain "competitive" in the current environment. I'll still be drafting and playing online when I have the time, so that I don't lose the ability to play, and if Magic is still around in 3-1/2 years, I will pick it up again full-time.

My Mister Turtle America dream is that the game stabilizes at some point soon. yes, I mean that the sets need to be much less frequent, and that a final rules system needs to be implemented. Eventually the game will be fair, no cards will be printed that require banning, and most cards will actually be playable.
I really think that this is possible, but WotC will need a new cash cow in order to allow this to happen. Pokemon, by the way is not a cash cow, it is a hungry piggy that must eventually be slaughtered...not that I have anything against Pokemon.


I'm in it for as long as I can afford it and have people to play with.

To make me quit, I'd have to be in financial trouble.

My dream is to see Serra Angels reprinted and I guess it would be pretty cool to win the Pro Tour (I can't see myself trying to get someone disqualified for flipping a card from the top of my deck while shuffling, though).


Killer Joe

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Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaah, I'm in it for the long haul. My job is something I like very much and I used to do for practically recreation (music) but now I DO consider it work and I always liked gaming. My Family never played games much and my friends (outside of magic) aren't really gamers. My wife likes to play games but finds magic a bit young"ish" (as I've loosly stated in other posts, I'm at the 30+ stage in my life, don't send me to the graveyard yet though). My magic friends are about 5 to 10 yrs. younger than I but as long as I have someone, anyone to play with I'll be around and if not I'll buy a computer version and play that or go 'online' to play (yeech).
What would make me quit is unthinkable and has nothing to do with magic or gaming (and that's all I gotta say about that).
My Anna-Nicole Smith 'like' future for this game? Is to actually have Miss Smith XXXXXXXXXX-censored-XXXXXXXXXX. Sorry, I know this is a family show. But seriously, I want this game to go mainstream in the public's eye like Chess, Monopoly, Scrabble and the likes. BTW, Richard Garfield (Holy trumpets sound off), when talking about wanting magic to go mainstream always talks about a game called 'GO', anybody ever heard of it? That's it, how long are YOU in for?


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Well, Yellowjacket, I'm almost 40, and while I haven't been able to go to any tourneys lately (and likely don't have a tournament-worthy deck anymore) I'm still trying to find them.

In the meantime I get a few games of "sealed booster" in with my wife whenever a new set comes out, and online play can be a lot of fun too, though I find I've less time for that than I'd like.

My kids are getting older too, and my 8 year old is really digging Microprose Magic lately. His brother is only 3 years behind him. A few more years and THEY'LL be the ones buying the booster boxes!

In other words, if you're having trouble finding opponents, father a couple! :cool:

That is my dream, and I plan on playing this game for a long, long time to make it a reality.

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As I mentioned before, I've stopped playing because of time and lack of playing people around.

I'd actually wish for the card pool to remain stable; go back to the basic set and expansions, none of this stand-alone stuff (which effectively makes it two basic sets). Keep expansions to maybe twice a year at most. Don't change the basic set either ever or after 2+? years (kind of what they're doing now).


I'll stop playing when there is no one left to play with.

My Magic Wet Dream: 2 expansions per year, Power 9 reprints, a chance to play Type 1 non-killer decks again. And, print my card:

Pestilence Bringer
Legendary Disease Carrier
Protection from Black
When Pestilence Bringer comes into play, search your library for a Pestilence card and put it into your hand.
Sacrifice Pestilence Bringer: put a Pestilence card from your hand into play.

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Every time someone says "reprint the power 9" I want to whack them in the head with a bat!

I intend to play this game until I can't find anyone else to play with anymore.

If Invasion is like Mercadian Masques then I will most likely give up this game. It is turning into a completely boring mess with these new cards and I refuse to play this crap if it continues.

My dream would be for 7th Edition to be made up of mostly 4th edition cards with new artwork. Also I would love to see the dual lands come back to 7th. If WotC ever wants to make Magic a mainstream game they will have to produce the cards that the game started off with... P9 not included in this!

Another part of my dream would be for the stand-alone expansions to be small expansions from now on. MM was 350 cards, 300 of which were just horrible. I feel like a lot of the cards were just thrown in there to fill spots. If they made a good base edition for 7th and started printing 3 small expansions per year I think we would all be better off.


I will keep playing as long as I can afford it.
I would quit if I was brutally beaten with a Ignoble soldier over the head for a year.
Well, my dream is for some time. I have to compete with players who take a new set and make immediate combos. I want my chance at a stable set and slower developement.
That, ans because I'm a selfish bastard, I wouldn't mind being given four or five Black Loti.

Dune Echo

How long do you intend on playing this game?

Until they kill it and no one plays anymore or it's not longer fun.

What would it take to make you quit this game?

They raise the price to an even higher level that I cannot afford and the card quality totally deteriorates.

And finally, what is your 'Anna-Nicole Smith' like dream for the future of this game?

They finally start letting players put forth ideas. I've seen some awesome ideas and them not using them with some kind of release form is just ridiculous.

The Magic Jackal

I will always play magic, untill I no longer have anyone to play with, and tournaments are more than an two hour drive away.

1,000,000 would convince me to stop playing the game.

My dream would be to see WOTC print another color.


How long? Until I get a life and have no more time for it.

What would make me quit? Getting a life.

Dream for the game? Every single card with more than 2 abilities is banned, not counting basic creature abilities.
All insta-kill combos banned.
Everyone goes back to playing revised ed. rules with revised ed. cards.

Now I know this is a totally maverick P.O.V., but that's my honest opinion.

That said, I really like the game where it encourages thought, strategy and interaction.
Pow9 cards are fine, it's a pity that so many feel a need to abuse them.
My all time favorite card, just barely edging out a number of other contenders, has to be Force Of Nature.

What's your favorite card? Or if you can't pick one, a few in your top 100.


Am I in the game for the long haul? Probably not. I hate to say it, but the crap WoC is coming up with is making my decision to quit a lot easier. If I don't see promise in Prophecy, I am giving up. I am tired of spending $80 on a box for crap cards. I am tired of seeing 140 unusable cards and three broken beyond belief. My dream for magic? WoC putting out a great set. And not great like saga, but great like tempest. Now that was a set.


I'm in for as long as I have cards and someone to play against. What would make me quit? Damn near nothing.

A dream? More players, less combos, more fun. Magic is a truly great game. It will remain as such. And I will keep playing it until no one else does, or I no longer feasibly can.

"I'm one stubborn guy..."


I'll probably play the game as long as it can remain fun and there are cool people to play against.

To quit playing, it would take the DCI going to far, (even farther then they already have) and banning something like counterspell or llanowar elf. Or WotC printing another truely crappy set like homelands and trying to make us think its good.

My dream would be if WotC and the DCI smartened up and got back into the fun of gaming rather then the competitive money part, and listening to the players more often when it comes to set design and especially playtesting.


Im going to keep on playing untill everyone else stops playing! The best thing about magic is if you get bored you van leave for a while and then come back to it! My dream of magic is that all the cards will be like mm and Ne and that games will be longer than turn 3, and that each player involved will have fun (Whether he loses or not)!


Let's see, here...

What would cause me to quit Magic?
Being forced to quit. No opponents.

How long do I intend to play?
I have no idea. :) I fully intend to play until the game either becomes god-awful, or I get bored of it somehow.

What's my dream for Magic?
Well, first of all, I want to be part of R&D!
Secondly, I want to see this card:

Rock 0
Rock may be played as an instant.
Sacrifice Rock: Counter target spell.

Yes, that means you get a free counter anytime. But it also SCREWS combo right up the butt until it cries out for mommy and bleeds, and that's my dream!