How many people play Type I?

Discussion in 'CPA/WOTC Magic Issues' started by rakso, Aug 13, 2000.

  1. rakso New Member

    Hi. I just found this site again and it's changed a lot since I last saw the first CPA notice on a website.

    I've been volunteering as the moderator for the Type I, Type I.X and Casual forums of Beyond Dominia ( and we have a pretty large audience.

    I've just been wondering about the general interest in Type I, since most of the people I talk to don't feel like following formats and are more comfortable hanging on to their own cards instead of buying very similar reprints.

    Would it be fair to consider Type I as the default casual format, for example, since it's the least restrictive in terms of the card pool? (I also get a lot of people who post Type I decks but with the understanding that they mean Revised and later, not the Moxes.)

    I play only in my school cafeteria, since I find tournaments too long and dragging. I guess I wish Type I received more attention since Type II seems to require 4 Ports and 2 Masticores, and I can't believe that a format (Extended) would ban Dark Ritual.
  2. theorgg Slob

    I don't play TI. I play Type Fun.

    What's that mean to me? It means the restrictions of type I with the emphasis on theme, not on winning. If a card makes sence in the deck I'm building, why not include it?

    I enjoy good games that have many different cards in 'em. anyone want to play against me with my Poker deck? didn't think so...

    what I like about Magic is the fun it can bring. That is what I build my decks for. fun.
  3. Hetemti The Wide-Awake Nightmare

    Rakso! I found a site with no frames!

  4. Hetemti The Wide-Awake Nightmare


    I play whatever-you-got-that-everyone-agrees-to.
    In other words, you play an overly annoying deck, we build anti-decks until you learn that we want fun games, not annoying ones.

    Noöne in our groups have "power" cards...well...power is relitive. Bone Mask is a power card in my group. :) Suprise factor is valuble...and therefor is creativity. Got that Helm of Chatzuk yesterday too...might throw that in my R/W deck just to screw with my Green friend's Tramplers. Hooray for Banding. :)
  5. rakso New Member

    Hmmm... I was hoping to get some info on what banned/restricted lists you play by to better help me.

    I assume you guys meant that you just agree? Generally something like No Mind Twist, No Channel, Restricted Tutors, but screw the stupid restriction of Mana Vault?

    And Hetemti... When Ice Age came out, I slipped Baton of Morale into every deck, especially my Thrull decks. It works even better than Helm of Chatzuk, since that doesn't work as well for attacking bands.

    (I'm surprised you haven't dropped a request for a password just to be able to flame WestWycke more credibly.)
  6. Hetemti The Wide-Awake Nightmare

    I'm the only guy with No Mind Twist, Channel, the Tutors, so I'm the one who kinda sets the standards, despite being the second newest player in the group. And I don't use them.

    I don't have the Baton, so Helm of Chatzuk's as good as it gets...I plan to use it just to toy with my friend's Green Everything Tramples deck.

    If I get a password:

    1) I'd have to remember it and key it in and stuff.
    2) "Hetemti" would bookend all my title-based mini-rants and random thoughts.

    And hey...even when I futily try to be serious, noöne pays attention to what I say anyway, so why bother?
    Thran Golems are horny little buggers...
  7. Apollo Bird Boy

    I play type one, because mostly the only times I get to play anymore are at local type one tournaments. I think it's a great format, as long as you don't build stupid combo decks that win right away. But I hate type 2 and block formats because I think it's awful to go buy a bunch of cards and then have them be illegal a year later. It's like tossing your money out the window. So I never play those formats, though I will play extended once in a while if I find an opponent.

  8. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I don't play Type I, but really I don't play a lot anymore :).

    However, when I did have a brief spurt of playing, I kinda introduced this guy and we played Standard just because he felt uncomfortable playing against my older cards. Only one was a "powerful" deck but he wanted to play on "equal footing". As he got more cards and more older cards that started to change but not older than Ice Age.
  9. The Undertaker New Member

    Its a game....and if I purchased the cards I want to use them at least sometimes. IMO, the game becomes much more interesting when you start working in newer cards to older decks/cards and see how they interact. Besides, most of the time Magic is about fun and what fun is it when I can not use 75% of my collection because it is not T2.
  10. Hellion New Member

    I love to play Type 1 because it allows me to use my older cards. I don't own the P9 but I still have fun because I get to use cards like Diabolic Edict, Rogue Elephant and those other good old cards.

    Type 1 also allows me to explore old deck ideas with a mixture of current cards and old cards. My T1 green LD deck wasn't good at all until I added Crop Rotation, Thresher Beast and a few other recent cards.

    Like Undertaker says, my collection of cards are very much 70% old cards. I wouldn't want to waste that many cards by just letting them rot in my drawers.

    To me, Type 1 still boasts the best control decks in Magic history, also, it has the most innovative decks.
  11. TomB Administrative Assistant

    But I don't get to use it very much, not in my neck of the woods. I learned a long time ago that if I want to find a "pick-up" game I'd need to carry Type 2 decks, since that's what the majority of the players around here are packing. I really do wish I knew of a place to play like Apollo's got, and I agree with what he said 100%.

    It IS stupid to spend all that money for cards that can only be used competitively for a couple years, at most. That's why I wish the company would make better Commons and Uncommons, instead of making all the good cards Rare. I think cards like Pale Moon are perfect as Rares, personally.

    I'll take Uncommons like Whispers, and Force of Will, anytime. :D
  12. rakso New Member

  13. Lythand Veteran CPA Member

    Me and my friends like to play Type 0

    Whats that. 4 of anything if ya have it. Or even Home made cards. So what if your opponant has a broken card. You make up you own broken card to counter it. I have even played multiplayer games where no one is paying attention..and all of a sudden someone starts going off with a combo. And I will like change decks when everyone is paying attention to him..and just when he is about to cast his infinit fireball...I QUASH it!!...hey..wait a minute...wasnt he playing a green deck??
  14. ErinPuff Token Female

    We play with basically whatever we got, since none of us have anything especially superior. We did have to get one guy to take out his Portal cards and championship cards *ptooie* because they're just NOT FAAAAAAIIIIIR! :) His deck sucked after that.. And usually we don't play with Unglued, but occasionally we might have an "all-Unglued" thing (usually during the day when we don't have to risk waking anyone up with our clucking like a chicken and stuff), or we might just let the cards in.
  15. nanokill Veteran CPA Member<BR><FONT co


    I second the orgg. I play for fun and I play with what i have when i want to make a deck i make it (regardless if some jerky wuss new player has never even used a set before mercadian) sorry that was off topic just had to get it off my chest. :D

    I really don't care what some say, i have the cards, i use the cards. nuff said!!
  16. Child of Gaea Phantom CPA Founder

    Baron Sengir and I have always played Tpe 1, because it is the least restricive and is the most fun. However, I could never play Type 1 in a tournament due to the fact that most Type 1 Tournies I have been witness too have games that usually last no more than 5 turns at the most. Where is the fun in that?!?
  17. Purple_jester New Member

    Type 1/2 in my opinion is a better format for casual play. It doesn't drive casaul players crazy, yet allows you the freedom of using any of your old cards.

    Basically, I follow all logical banned and restricted lists. Most importantly, I don't use cheesy fourth-turn-game-ender combos. Thus, I use Dark Ritual, but never in conjunction with 4 Hatreds. I use Donate, but never with 4 Illusions of Grandeur (I donate Thoughtlash instead :D). I don't use Mind Twist. I don't follow the Mana Vault restriction or other such artifact restrictions unless I'm playing an artifact deck, which I almost never do.

    I try not to play anything that will earn me the ire of all who see me. But, I play with my old cards. And if that means Forces of Will, Hymn to Tourach, Hypnotic Specter and Lightning Bolt, then so be it. ;)
  18. Lythand Veteran CPA Member

    First a brief comment to Purple "J" Thats a cool little jester dude :)

    Ok..I have a deck for any situation. Whether its fun, T1 T2 or just plain old any cards with no recstrictions..I have it..I always have a turn 3 killer deck on hand..Why you ask?
    Because every now and then someone new wonders into our cards shop..boasting how bad he is in Magic..A cocky bastitch..So I have to break out my speed kill deck and give him a little schooling in Magic 101 for loosers ...JUST KEEP YOUR BRAGIN MOUTH SHUT AND PLAY LIKE THE REST OF US!..... FOOOOOORRRRRR FUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!
  19. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    I don't play T1 because I don't have moxes, or lotus, or ancestral recalls, or any of that.

    I don't play Extended because they Friggin' BANNED DARK RITUALS!

    I don't play T2, because it never seemed all that fun, and the cards you spent money on become useless.

    Occasionally, I'll build a deck that fits into a format, but I don't play any of them.
  20. rakso New Member

    I'd just like to comment on "I don't play Type I since I don't have Moxes."

    I don't have Moxen, either, but I know a lot of people who are happy enough playing Type I without the power, aside from a Sol Ring and a Demonic Tutor.

    Even if you talk about competitive play, you can use a mono red deck with hosers that aren't even rare.

    A deck like the Necropotence deck Mike Long took to the Magic Invitational can also kill all the Type I control and combo (such as Donate-Illusions) archtypes in competition, but the only Beta cards it needs are 4 Sinkholes, which aren't rare Beta cards. The Black Lotus and Mox Jet in that deck are incidental, but the rest are either Type II rares or Type I commons and uncommons.

    I enjoy discussions with Type I people, but the truth is rarity and price has nothing to do with effectiveness (such as the Phyrexian Negator vs Juzam Djinn debate). Mainly, it interests me how, with a pool of so many restricted cards and cards that can hose entire deck types by themselves, a change of one card can change a lot of the deck's personality, and merits quite a lot of discussion just for that one slot.

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