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  1. Terentius The Instigator

    One of the main things that I key in on when building a Commander deck is availability of distinct cards that do the same or similar effects; i.e. lots of token generating/supporting cards in a token deck. I think this is a common practice for this format.

    This deck started as me wanting to engage in shenanigans by throwing together a bunch of red cards that say "gain control of target creature until end of turn" (of which there are many), which I would use to attack my opponent with the temporarily-stolen creature if able/suitable, and then sacrifice it for my own benefit via various outlets before relinquishing control of the creature at end of turn. A deck built to make friends, for sure.

    I originally wanted to lump hilarious cards like Fling and Crumbling Colossus into the deck... but then I started wanting to win instead. Latest build is more around Marchesa reanimation, used in conjunction with the creature-stealing concept. Another selling point is that these "take control of" plays beat indestructible, though not hexproof (for effects that target).

    Current decklist is here.

    Single-instance steal one creature:
    1x Act of Treason
    1x Limits of Solidarity (AKH)
    1x Mark of Mutiny (M13)
    1x Portent of Betrayal (THS)
    1x Press into Service
    1x Ray of Command (DDM)
    1x Threaten (10E)
    1x Wrangle (AER)

    Repeatable steal one creature, or single-instance steal multiple creatures:
    1x Captivating Crew
    1x Domineering Will (C14)
    1x Dominus of Fealty (CMD)
    1x Mob Rule (FRF)
    1x Molten Primordial (GTC)

    Single-instance sacrifice outlet:
    1x Bone Splinters (MM3)
    1x Culling the Weak (EXO)
    1x Infernal Plunge (ISD)
    1x Innocent Blood (DDR)
    1x Sacrifice (3ED)

    Repeatable sacrifice outlet:
    1x Ashnod's Altar (EMA)
    1x Carrion Feeder (EMA)
    1x Greater Gargadon (MMA)
    1x Grimgrin, Corpse-Born *F* (CMA)

    Sacrifice fodder:
    1x Bloodghast (ZEN)
    1x Nether Traitor (TSP)
    1x Prized Amalgam (SOI)
    1x Reassembling Skeleton (MM2)

    Makes sacrifice fodder repeatedly:
    1x Cryptbreaker (EMN)
    1x Grave Titan (C14)
    1x Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet (OGW)
    1x Lord of the Void (GTC)
    1x Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh (HOU)
    1x Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker (M13)
    1x Ophiomancer (C13)
    1x Sneak Attack (EMA)

    Reanimation, +1/+1 counter things for Marchesa, and related things:
    1x Animate Dead (EMA)
    1x Drana, Liberator of Malakir (BFZ)
    1x Dread Return (DDQ)
    1x Flayer of the Hatebound (DKA)
    1x Marchesa, the Black Rose *CMDR*
    1x Necromancy (VIS)
    1x Olivia, Mobilized for War (SOI)
    1x Sheoldred, Whispering One (NPH)
    1x Unspeakable Symbol (SCG)
    1x Victimize (EMA)

    Otherwise benefits from death of creatures:
    1x Butcher of Malakir (C15)
    1x Desecration Demon (MM3)
    1x Dictate of Erebos (JOU)
    1x Harvester of Souls (CN2)
    1x Ob Nixilis, Unshackled (M15)
    1x Thraximundar (C13)

    Other utility:
    1x Chaos Warp (C16)
    1x Compulsive Research (MM3)
    1x Dark Ritual *F* (V13)
    1x Faithless Looting (EMA)
    1x Indulgent Tormentor (DDR)
    1x Ob Nixilis Reignited (DDR)
    1x Treasonous Ogre (CNS)

    Lands and mana rocks:
    1x Arcane Lighthouse (C14)
    1x Bloodfell Caves (EMA)
    1x Cinder Barrens (HOU)
    1x Command Tower (C16)
    1x Cradle of the Accursed (AKH)
    1x Crosis's Catacombs (PLS)
    1x Crumbling Necropolis (MM3)
    1x Crypt of Agadeem (C14)
    1x Dimir Aqueduct (PCA)
    1x Dimir Guildgate (MM3)
    1x Dimir Signet (MM3)
    1x Dismal Backwater (C16)
    1x Evolving Wilds (AKH)
    1x Geier Reach Sanitarium (EMN)
    1x Grixis Panorama (C13)
    1x High Market (C15)
    1x Island (AKH)
    1x Izzet Boilerworks (C16)
    1x Izzet Guildgate (MM3)
    1x Izzet Signet (MM3)
    1x Jet Medallion (C14)
    1x Miren, the Moaning Well (SOK)
    1x Mortuary Mire (BFZ)
    3x Mountain (AKH)
    1x Nephalia Academy (EMN)
    1x Phyrexian Tower (USG)
    1x Rakdos Carnarium (C16)
    1x Rakdos Guildgate (MM3)
    1x Rakdos Signet (C17)
    1x Ruby Medallion (C14)
    1x Skyline Cascade (BFZ)
    1x Sol Ring (C16)
    4x Swamp (AKH)
    1x Swiftwater Cliffs (DDS)
    1x Unknown Shores (OGW)
    1x Vivid Crag (C15)
    1x Vivid Creek (C15)
    1x Vivid Marsh (C15)
  2. Terentius The Instigator

    Added deck annotations. As I was making them, I realized that many of the cards can do more than the role they're allotted to; Sneak Attack cheats out creatures for sacrifice and/or easy reanimation tricks with Marchesa, Dread Return sacrifices on flashback and reanimates, Olivia can dump creatures into the graveyard for reanimation and put counters, etc.. This is good, right?
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  3. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    Looks like a lot of fun to play.
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  4. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Burnt Offering is strictly better than Sacrifice, although the difference is usually very minor.

    And yes, it does look fun.
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  5. Terentius The Instigator

    Nice! Hadn't seen this card before. I'll definitely swap it, or maybe run both.
  6. Terentius The Instigator

    Also, I'm working on a Grixis Sedris deck, so cards like Feldon of the Third Path, Kiki-Jiki, and Zealous Conscripts are in that deck over this one.
  7. Terentius The Instigator

    Tentative adjustments:

    -1 Lord of the Void - less consistent ROI
    -1 Ob Nixilis, Reignited - good, but want to try out something with greater potential
    -1 Dark Ritual

    +1 Grave Betrayal - Been in my binder forever, excited to try it out! High CMC though.
    +1 Necropolis Regent - consistent +1/+1 counters
    +1 Burnt Offering

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