Direct Superiority?

Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by Zadok001, Dec 9, 2001.

  1. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Ok, guys. I've been needing some brain exercise lately. The little thread on directly superior creatures has given me an idea. Here's the deal.

    Post two cards, on of which is almost always considered better than the other. I will then come up with a situation in which in the inferior card would be the FAR better option. :) Check out the 4th page of the direct superiority thread to get an idea of what I'm talking about. Now, no one's ever been able to come up with a pair of cards that stumped me for this little game, so I'm looking forward to seeing if any of you can...

    Note: Rarity does NOT count. Clearly, there are no in-game situations where rarity matters at all, so I won't count that.
  2. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    Wild Mongrel and Grizzly Bears?
  3. Zero T Katama Silver Shadow Guardian

    Seal of Cleansing over Disenchant
  4. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Zero T Katana:

    Your opponent has one Island in play and multiple two-mana counterspells in his or her hand. You are playing a beatdown deck that is very afraid of Larry's Disk. It is your second turn. You have a Seal/Disenchant in your hand. Make your choice.


    Unfortunately, the creature ones are mostly utterly simplistic, and usually involve the same process - Your opponent controls Fervor and an Ironclaw Orcs. He plays Culteral Exchange. Would you rather have a Grizzly or a Wild Mongrel right now?
  5. Almindhra Magic's Bitch

    Carnival of Souls over Dark Rit...
  6. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Mons Goblin Raiders over Raging Goblin.

    Air Elemental over Morphling.

    Hill Giant over Raging Spirit / Ancient Kavu.

    Durkwood Boars over Spined Wurm.

    Carnivorous Plant over Spined Wurm.

    Blaze over Fireball/Disintegrate.
  7. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Carnival vs. Dark Rit

    You control four Soul Wardens, a Yawgmoth's Bargain, a Cavern Harpy, and an Aluren. You have a Drain Life in your library. You have either a Dark Ritual or a Carnival of Souls in your hand, with two Swamps untapped. Which one do you prefer?

    Mons Goblin Raiders vs. Raging Goblin

    It is your fifth turn. Your opponent controls five untapped islands and a Statecraft. You control a Mountain. (You are likely losing this game. :) ) You have no cards in hand. The top of your opponent's library is, in this order, Mountain, Fireball. You are at 3. The top of your library is Mons/Rager, Shock. Your opponent is at 2. You draw either Raging Goblin or Mons Goblin Raiders. If you draw the Rager, you clearly attack this turn. Your opponent plays Tidal Wave and blocks. Statecraft prevents the damage. On your opponent's next turn, he plays Theft of Dreams, and wins that turn via Fireball.

    Air Elemental vs. Morphling

    Isty, I thought you would have caught this one! Cursed Totem is in play.

    Hill Giant vs. Ancient Kavu

    Your are playing U/R, with a lot of mana in play. Your opponent has a Galina's Knight, and is playing 5cU, also with a lot of mana in play. You have your Ancient Kavu/Hill Giant in play, and a Blue Elemental Blast in your hand, and nothing else. You are at 3. Your opponent attacks. If you have an Ancient Kavu, you clearly turn it colorless and block. Your opponent then plays three Wanderlusts on your Ancient Kavu. Because it is colorless, you cannot BEB it. During your next upkeep, you explode. :)

    Durkwood Boars vs. Spined Wurm

    Your opponent plays Swords to Plowshares.

    Carnivorous Plant vs. Spined Wurm

    See Durkwood Boars vs. Spined Wurm OR you control Spined Wurm/Carnivorous Plant. Your opponent has a bunch of Mountains. You are at 6 life. Your opponent is at any life total greater than 5. Your opponent has no cards in hand, neither do you. If you have the Wurm, you attack. Your opponent plays Ball Lightning and kills you on his next turn. OR, for still another option, your opponent plays with Lightning Blast.

    Blaze vs. Disintegrate

    You control a Recurring Nightmare, a Deranged Hermit (echo long since paid), and 4 squirrels. You are at 1. Your opponent 'Geddoned last turn, but you have two mana in the form of Diamonds. Your opponent is at 1, but controls 6 Saprolings, a Peacekeeper, and an Ivory Mask. You need to wait until next turn, being able to stop all of your opponent's Saprolings, and be able to attack back with enough to kill him. You draw either Blaze or Disintegrate. If you draw Blaze, you can sacrifice your Hermit, and bring him back with the Nightmare, giving you 7 2/2s and the Hermit. That's enough to stop the Saps, and attack back on the next turn. If you draw the Disintegrate, that's not possible, and you lose.

    Blaze vs. Fireball

    You are playing a burn deck. As a result, you have plenty of burn to reduce your opponent's life. Your opponent has two 1/1s and an excess of mana. You have a 15/15 creature in play that doesn't tap to attack. You are at 2. Your opponent is at 21. It is the beginning of your turn. The top four cards of your opponent's deck are (in this order) Mountain, Mountain, Mountain, Shock. For all intents and purposes, the remainder of your deck are lands, except the top card, which is Blaze/Fireball. You have 7 lands in play. You draw Blaze/Fireball. If it is Fireball, you likely try to deal 1 damage to each 1/1, and 1 to your opponent, ending the game that turn. Your opponent plays Confound, drawing a card. You attack, killing a 1/1. Your opponent draws his second land. You attack, killing a 1/1. Your opponent draws a third land. You attack, reducing him to 6. Your opponent draws Shock, and kills you. If you had drawn Blaze, you would have simply burnt your opponent, and he would have died one turn before drawing Shock.

    (The Fireball one took me a while, and I don't think its as solid an answer as there could be. I'll come up with a better answer later, I promise, if that one is not satisfactory.)
  8. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Sorry, the Fireball answer doesn't work.
    If I have enough mana to kill my opponent with Blaze, I have enough mana to kill my opponent with Fireball, and assuming that I KNOW that my opponent isn't drawing burn anytime soon, I'm just going to erode his forces with my 15/15 safety net and blow him up.
  9. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Bolt vs Shock
    Regrowth vs Elven Cache
  10. Lotus Mox New Member

    Fireball vs. Blaze:

    This one is a bit cheesy, but Psychic Theft or Word of Command can make Fireball worse than Blaze.
  11. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Lotus: I'm trying to avoid theft answers, since they're insanely easy. :) I use them sometimes, though.

    Blaze vs. Fireball

    Well, first of all, you wouldn't know the top of your library in the previous solution, so I believe it DOES work... If you do not know your opponent's hand or the decks, clearly the best option is to use the multi-targeting effect if you have Fireball. On the other hand, if you have Blaze, any of your legal targets reduces the number of turns needed to kill him by 1. So while you MIGHT choose to burn a creature, and lose anyways, you also have about the same chances of burning your opponent, and the solution works.

    Still working on a better one, but I'm not quite done yet. :) I still think that one holds for now.

    Lightning Bolt vs. Shock

    You and your opponent both control Ivory Masks. The only creature in play is a Pacified Grollub with Wanderlust under your opponent's control. Your opponent is at one, and will die next turn. Your opponent also has a Black Vise. You are also at one, with five cards in your hand. You have one land in play, and all but one of the cards in your hand cost 7 mana. The last card is a Shock/Lightning Bolt. It is the end of your opponent's turn. If you have 'Bolt, you can 'Bolt the Grollub, but your opponent will survive his next turn. If you have Shock, you can shock it, and will it live, killing your opponent with Wanderlust. If you do neither, Black Vise will kill you during your upkeep.

    Regrowth vs. Elven Cache

    Good one. :)

    You are at 2. You have six lands in play, and nothing else. In your graveyard is a Grizzly Bears. You draw either Elven Cache or Regrowth. Your opponent controls a Citadel of Pain.
  12. fuzzy510 I Don't REALLY Exist

    Fit of Rage vs. Giant Growth.

    (Just Kidding :D)


    Swamp Vs. Polluted Mire
    (Or any of the other Saga nonbasic lands)
  13. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    That's easy, *I* can do that one.

    Your opponent is playing a white weenie deck, and is able to kill you next turn. You're playing a burn deck. Your opponent is at 1 life. Fortunately, you have a Lightning Bolt in hand. Unfortunately, your opponent has just Geddoned. You draw a land. Which would you rather see...a Mountain, or a cycling land that comes into play tapped?
  14. fuzzy510 I Don't REALLY Exist

    Of course it's easy to pick Mountain over Smoldering Crater (I think that's the one) What are the benefits of having the Crater instead of Mountain?

    And now that I think about it, I really want you to do Fit of Rage vs. Giant Growth, Zadok.
  15. EricBess Active Member


    First, let me say that the "Your opponent might gain control of it" answer is a bit cheesy. It works for nearly everything and you can alway say "Your opponent has a Grinning Totem and plenty of mana, which would you prefer in your deck..." I think you might be able to come up with something better for Grizzly Bears vs. Wild Mongrel. I'll give it some thought myslef. BTW, there might be answers based on creature type as well that would be pretty easy to come up with.

    Here's one for two cards in the same set: Honor Guard v. Eager Cadet.
  16. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Ericbess: Yah, I know. :) Very cheap answer, I will say. There are far better ones, that's why I try to avoid it. Some of the creature type answers are similarly pathetic (you control another creature with type "Dog," and your opponent plays Tsabo's Decree - Do you want a Bear or the Mongrel?), but others are a bit more creative.

    Really, all these answers are a little cheesy when cards have optional abilities - You have to show a situation where you would make a play error in using the ability, and lose the game because of it. While those are interesting, they're somewhat silly. I have to set it up so the play that is obviously "right" will lose you the game. Gizmo once commented about losing a Limited game because he made the right play - I have to set up games to work that way every time, which is somewhat pathetic. :) Comparisons like Shock/Lightning Bolt usually have the most odd/interesting solutions.

    Grizzy Bears vs. Wild Mongrel

    Your opponent just played 'Geddon. He controls four Mox Diamonds, a Vernal Equinox, and one of each Mox. You control Wild Mongrel/Grizzly Bears. You are at 13. You have four creatures (all of which cost 6) in your hand. Your opponent is at 6. You attack with Mongrel/Bears. If it is a Mongrel, you discard four cards (you DO want to kill your opponent, right?) to it after blockers have been declared (so he can't do something sneaky). Your opponent then plays Mortivore through Vernal Equinox (leaving him U, G, R, W, and one mana of any color). It is a 4/4 due to the creatures you just discarded. He plays Giant Growth on his Mortivore (7/7), then plays Cunning on it through Vernal Equinox (10/10), Lightning Bolts you, and his remaining two mana to Fling the Mortivore at you. :) (Had you used Grizzly Bears, he could have 'Bolted it and played a 1/1 Mortivore, and killed you in 5 turns, but still...)

    Fit of Rage vs. Giant Growth

    I had to look up Fit of Rage (and I've no doubt anyone reading this thread needs to look up at least ONE of the cards I've referred to!). It's a 1R Sorcery that gives +3/+3 and First Strike.

    You are at 5. You control a Grizzly Bears with Lure on it. Your opponent controls a Serra Angel with Lance and Scavenged Weaponry on it. You have Fit of Rage/Giant Growth in your hand. Fit of Rage allows you to kill the Angel, Giant Growth does not. Failure to kill it means you die when the Angel comes over and beats your head in next turn.

    Swamp vs. Polluted Mire

    You have three mountains in play. Your opponent controls a 20/20 creature. Your opponent is at 3, you are 20. The top cards of your library are (in this order) Swamp/Polluted Mire, and Lightning Bolt. It is the beginning of your draw step.

    And Ericbess is gonna make it harder on me... :p

    Eager Cadet vs. Honor Guard

    You have a supply of Plains in excess of what you need. You control Eager Cadet/Honor Guard, which you played last turn. Both players are at 20. It is your opponent's turn. Your opponent, by some strange combination of creature enchantments and instants, has just played a 20/1 creature with Haste that will be sacrificed at the end of his turn(if you REALLY want me to, I'll come up with the required enchantments and spells, but I don't want to). He attacks with the creature. You, needless to say, block. (Duh.) If you block with Eager Cadet, everything dies, and the game keeps going. If you block with Honor Guard, your excess of white mana allows you to take it to a 1/21 creature. Your opponent allows his creature to die, then plays Transmutation and Backlash.

    Blaze vs. Fireball

    You are playing U/R. You have in your hand a Misdirection, a blue card, and a Fireball/Blaze. Your opponent is at some extreme life total (doesn't matter), and the creature game is stalled. The enemy controls three 2/2 creatures, which are locking up your offense. You have 9 mana available, just enough to knock off each of those 2/2s with Fireball. Your opponent plays Reverent Mantra in response, making your spell moot. Had you used Blaze, you could have Misdirected your spell to your opponent's head, at least getting some use out of it. Does THAT work, Isty? :)
  17. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Thought of a good one, needed to add it.

    Swamp vs. Polluted Mire

    You tapped out last turn for a Abyssal Specter, tapping all four of your Swamps/Polluted Mires. You have no other land. Your opponent is playing red. You have no more cards in your hand. You are at 6 life. Your opponent is also at 6 - You need to live for 3 turns, long enough to kill him with the Specter. Assume he cannot burn the Specter out. Your opponent draws, and taps all three of his lands to play Citadel of Pain, and says go. You untap, and draw Tsabo's Web. You play Tsabo's Web, using two of your lands. If you have Polluted Mires, you can tap the remaining two to burn (leaving you at 4), and none of them will untap on your next turn, allowing you to live. If they are Swamps, you will take two this turn, and four next turn, killing you. (Assume the top card of your library is a basic land.)
  18. Lotus Mox New Member

    The good old Tsabo's Web-Cycling lands.dec

    It was a great metagame decision in the days when Citadel of Pain was really hot.

    This card would make Fireball really worse than Blaze:

    Counter target spell with a Y-cost ;)
  19. arhar Member

    Cyclopean Mummy and Crypt Creeper :)
  20. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Mummy vs. Creeper

    Your opponent controls a Lurgoyf. No cards are in either player's graveyard. He Shocks your Mummy/Creeper.

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