Creatures that are directly superior to others?

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    Just to continue with my thematic gibberish on why no card is ever directly superior:

    Incinerate vs. Volcanic Hammer

    You control a Dauthi Horror, a Spiny Starfish, a swamp, a mountain, and and two islands. Your opponent is at 4. Your opponent controls two Deadly Insects, an Ivory Mask, and 8 forests, with no cards in hand. You have an Incinerate/Volcanic Hammer in your hand, as well as a Twiddle. You are at one life. The top card of your opponent's library is a Forest, and the top card of yours is an island. It is the beginning of your turn.

    Now, if you have an Incinerate, you're dead. If you have a Volcanic Hammer, however, you can play it on your Starfish, regenerate, Twiddle to untap it, and survive your opponent's next turn, giving you JUST enough attack phases to win. :)

    I think I'm gonna start a thread for this... :)
  2. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Gizmo: Not to break your "Top 3" list, but remember that rakso said "...and just about every other blue creature with a casting cost of 4 or greater". Only Rainbow Efreet falls under that category (so perhaps Morphling is the second best blue creature > 4 cc? ; )

    fuzzy: Using Isty's criteria before, if everything else is the same except for cc, I would say the cheaper one would be superior.

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