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Discussion in 'CPA/WOTC Magic Issues' started by Dune Echo, Apr 20, 2000.

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  1. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Okay everyone. It seems like everyone is done voting on the first of three issues to discuss and report to Wizards. This thread will deal with Reprint Policy and how the casual player feels about it. Please try to stick to the subject so we can get a clear idea of how people feel. I think this thread should be closed after May 5th (one day after my birthday!) to give people plenty of time to voice their opinion but to also put a deadline on the issue.

    So, have fun arguing everyone!
  2. Killer Joe Active Member

    How about if Wiz Co. set up a site where the players vote on their top 10 choices from EACH of the last Major/minor expansions released since the last core set. Then they could make half of the core set be those top choices and the other half, choices from <whoever normally makes those choices>.

    BTW, this method of polling is great.
  3. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Hmm, not much activity here.

    I would say get rid of the reprint policy as it stands now, because I don't think there's any reason why "lesser" cards of various sets can't resurface (the ones that AREN'T "broken"). Those that are however, probably need to be looked at more carefully before being allowed to rejoin the list.
  4. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    I think Wizards should take a long, hard look at the Reserved List.

    Is Black Lotus broken? Yes.
    Are the Moxen broken? Yes.
    Timetwister, Time Walk, Ancestral Recall? Yes.

    Is Sedge Troll broken? No.
    Is Dwarven Demolition Team broken? No.
    Is Granite Gargoyle, Lance, or Sacrifice broken? No.

    Bring back the old cards that aren't broken! I'm sure people would be happy to see familiar faces, such as:

    Camouflage --- Clone --- Consecrate Land --- Copper Tablet --- Copy Artifact --- Cyclopean Tomb --- Earthbind --- False Orders --- Farmstead --- Granite Gargoyle --- Guardian Angel --- Illusionary Mask --- Invisibility --- Kudzu --- Lance --- Living Wall --- Natural Selection --- Nettling Imp --- Raging River --- Resurrection --- Roc of Kher Ridges --- Rock Hydra --- Sacrifice --- Sedge Troll --- Two-Headed Giant of Foriys

    Are you with me?! :D
  5. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    One thing, Istanbul. Most of the cards you have listed have been reprinted in some form or another:

    Dwarven Demolition Team --> Goblin Digging Team (Yes, I know that GDT is one shot in comparison.)

    Clone --> Every Shapeshifter varient in existence.

    Consecrate Land --> Sacred Ground
    Copper Tablet --> Barbed Wire
    Earthbind --> Vertigo/Dizzying Gaze
    Invisibility --> Cloak of Mists/Infiltrate
    Lance --> Reflexes/Lashknife
    Living Wall --> Masticore
    Natural Selection --> Portent
    Nettling Imp --> "Ig"
    Resurrection --> Karmic Guide (and there's more, I just can't remember them)
    Sacrifice --> Culling the Weak
    Two-Headed Giant of Foriys --> Mounted Archers/Wall of Glare/(There's a Weatherlight card that does the blocking thing too).

    I'm not saying it wouldn't be cool to see these again, I'm just saying, most of these have been made again in some form or another.
  6. galtwish Loudmouth

    I'll throw my vote in for this being achieved with a rotational Chronicles set that ties into 7th. 7th stays the same, but the Chronicles rotates stuff (like the awesome Cyclopean Tomb and Sedge Troll) into the main set. This would help preseve the "classic game" aspect of the main set (a goal of WotC), yet give us what we want; variety. I completely agreee that WotC's posted policy of "no reprints off the reserved list" sucks for the casual player.

  7. Captain Caveman New Member

    I really don't have much to add other than I
    support Erik's idea. It would be nice to have
    some of the older cards reprinted.

    Such as, my dream list:
    Black & White Knights
    Sol Ring
    Kird Ape
    Winter Orb
    many Legends cards
    and so on.......

    I Believe they would need to have Alt. Art or
    be Black Bordered to sell, though.

  8. TomB Administrative Assistant

    Ophidian and Ura had an interesting thought in another forum on this. They suggested the reprints be foils, and inserted into random rare slots about every 7th booster pack or so.

    I know this would bring the "chase card" syndrome to Magic, but, judging by the lack of interest people have had in the last 2 editions of the basic set, I think a move like this would boost sales of 7th edition tremendously.

    Now I wouldn't suggest they do this with the P9(10) or anything. That WOULD mess up T2 even worse than it is already. I do think they could do it with the next level of cards though, or at least with some of the examples Captain Caveman gave. Maybe not cards like Sol Ring, though I'd love to see it come back. I was thinking more of cards like Kird Ape, Juggernaut, Serra...etc.

    I don't think these cards are broken by today's standards at all, and I think by bringing them back WotC would revitalize T2 and make it fun again.

    Especially for old-timers like me. ;)
  9. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    The only card I see on Istanbul's list is Clone, which caused headaches in the past and would have to be fully play-tested again with today's cards. Otherwise I'd like to see the other cards too, at least rotated back in sometime.
  10. Gryphonclaw New Member

    I know it's not gonna happen, and I will undoubtedly be flamed for this but you did ask for opinions.

    reprint every single card from alpha on up111

    [me] ducks and covers.[/me]

    Now I'm safe from any molten lava they may use. Thank you south park for your lifesaving tip.
  11. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    How does Living Wall compare to Masticore?
    What the heck is "Ig"?

    Black and White Knights are broken. So is Juggernaut, Sol Ring, Kird Ape, and Swords.

    Gryphonclaw - Ugh. Absolutely not. I do NOT want to see the return to the day of the Lotus/Moxen/Timetwister/Wheel of Fortune/Bolt deck, AKA the Masturbation deck (because you're playing with yourself).
  12. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Istanbul: Good first question.

    "Ig" is the nickname (I think) for that Ice Age black Imp that does the same thing as Nettling Imp (forcing a creature to attack) but also has an additional ability to use a blue mana to untap a target creature (I think).

    I think only Sol Ring and Swords were really "broken". I guess you could make this argument for them too, but IMHO, the Knights were just undercosted, Kird Ape was too easy to get the bonus with the dual lands available, and there wasn't enough artifact removal in Revised to get rid of Juggurnaught. Pretty much there were only two colors who had it and they also had other removal means (Red: Shatter and Bolt, White: Disenchant and Swords).

    Anyway, I think that there are more means available now to handle the above cards; I don't think they're broken like the P9.
  13. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Norritt! THAT'S IT! I could not remember the name, only remember R&D's nickname. Sorry about that Istanbul.

    I totally agree with you on the White/Black Knight subject. They are broken! Compare them to Knights of Thorn. Okay we have a 2/2 Protection from red with BANDING for 4 mana. You could maybe drop that down to 1WW because banding is only so useful, but that's what the original Knights should have cost. 3W. Sol Ring, StP, and the Kird Ape are all undercosted though. Doesn't mean I don't like 'em! Actually, I don't like StP, I hate it because I don't want to give my opponent 5 life for casting Spirit of the Night, but I can see the practical/stategical applications of the card. I can see Juggernaut as being overpowered for an artifact creature, but they did essentially reprint it as Thran War Machine.

    Living Wall was a regenerator for 1 and a 4cc Artifact creature. In truth, that's were any similarity stopped, but I'm saying that most of the cards people say they want to see (i.e. Living Wall) have better counter-parts in print right now (i.e. Masticore, you don't have to attack with it :D). So, in a tournament, which would you rather play with: Living Wall or Masticore?
  14. Mr_Pestilence Wumpus

    I loved Living Wall, but Mobile Fort and it's Ice Age equivalent are better.
  15. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Someone besides me believes Walking Wall and Mobile Fort are good cards! They replaced Juggernaut for me for a while when I tried to make everything Standard.
  16. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Yeah, all those cards were undercosted (that's why they weren't reprinted, right?) but I liked them too.

    <side note> I still don't have that third creature that will let you get out Spirit of Night. Must be a rare or rare uncommon :)

    I loved Living Wall; it went into many of my Revised decks. I think the regenerating and its power were the alluring part for me... oh, and I guess its artifact-ness meant it could go in anything.

    I had ideas for those other walls but either I made the deck and played it <5 or never got around to it. Too bad... :(
  17. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Actually, all three creatures are common. Breathstealer, Urborg Panther, and...gah. Lemme look.

    Oh yeah, and Feral Shadow.
  18. galtwish Loudmouth

    Living Wall is a 0/6... what power?
  19. galtwish Loudmouth

    Living Wall is a 0/6... what power?
  20. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Living Wall was around when black's removal was mostly Terror; being an artifact, it was immune to it.
    Living Wall is 4 mana for a 0/6. Keeping an even ration, that's like paying 4 mana for a 3/3, which isn't half bad. Regeneration makes it even better, and the fact that it could be splashed into any deck made it better still.
    Taken care of, a Living Wall could be a nearly unremovable nightmare for an opponent for a very long time, especially since it could regenerate from Shatter and Disenchant.

    In today's environment, it's not all that. But back in the day, it was pretty strong.
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