Counter/Blasto (Hey, Gizmo, check it out)

Discussion in 'Casual Decks/Variants/Etc' started by Daenen, Oct 11, 2000.

  1. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Yes, but running Birds is stupid because you simply give your opponent useful cards (his Shocks/Seals) that would otherwise be almost entirely wasted. Why give your opponent extra good cards? They are also pretty bad drawn from the second turn onwards as the deck curves so well that you don`t actually get a chance to drop them.

    Dust Bowl beats Ports, Tsabo`s Web shouldn`t be too much of a problem (it`s only two lands in your whole deck, and you can just counter it if you really want) but they aren`t essential - in here mainly because you can. I think a couple of Cities are necessary to ease the mana burden, and you can always Harrow them away vs Ports, or Bowl their Ports.
    Neither of the non-basic lands are essential, but I think they both balance in favour of 'you might as well'.
  2. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    On most decks, I would play birds, but I think gizmo is right here. This deck gives your opponent almost no viable targets, making about 1/4 of his deck useless. Keep it that way.
  3. Densmore New Member

    red removal can be used just as easily on you,and who sees black removal with out a second color to make the loss of that removal neligible.
  4. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    Shocks do not have nearly the effect on you, and black removal is a HUGE loss to the other guy;s deck.

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