Common Deck(St(o,a,u)mpy

Discussion in 'Casual Decks/Variants/Etc' started by Turtlewax Joe, Aug 9, 2001.

  1. Turtlewax Joe CPA Hater of Train

    ok, I'll use the muscle sliver instead.
  2. Pezmeister New Member

    you might want to conside acridian or pouncing jaguar...
  3. Turtlewax Joe CPA Hater of Train

    I already have the jag and acridian doesn't work.
  4. Loonook Crimson King of the CPA

    bring the costs down... and run less land and more pump! trust me.. you wont regret it
  5. TylersOnFire Ouch...

    maybe try symbiosis from urza (common) because its only 2 manna and can affect two creatures so if they block one it is pumped up and so is the unblocked. dunno try it?

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