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    Curse of Solitude 3UB
    Enchant creature
    Play only on a creature you control. When curse of solitude comes into play, sacrifice all creatures you control, other than enchanted creature. You cannot play creatures. Enchanted creature may not be the target of spells or abilities, cannot be blocked, cannot block, and during your upkeep, put a +6/+0 counter on it.

    "They could not understand him, and so he killed them."--Xarvoxian Scriptures, Modern Prophecies

    Burning Sky 4RRR
    All red creatures get +2/+2, gain haste, and first strike.
    All blue creatures get -1/-1 and gain islandhome.
    Any player may pay R or U to deal 1 damage to any target.

    "When the Virenkov appears, it draws its energy from ground and sky alike; earth is lava and sky is flame in its presence"--Xarvoxian scriptures, The ways of the spirits

    Revelation of Dawn 2W
    Black creatures cannot attack or block this turn.
    Draw 2 cards.

    "I've seen the dawn.. and my soul is uplifted.."--Xarvoxian Scriptures, Modern Realities

    Bearer of the Tempest UUURRR
    Enchant creature
    Enchanted creature gains: Flying, first strike, cannot be blocked by fewer than 3 creatures, and T: deal 3 damage to target creature.
    Sacrifice enchanted creature: search your library for Grand Tempest and put it into play.

    "His wings were whipped by the winds and he folded them, as the storm whirled about. A triad of tornadoes were revolving around where he stood, and lightning flashed at his words.--Xarvoxian scriptures, Modern Prophecies

    Grand Tempest 6UURR
    Legendary Enchantment
    Grand tempest cannot be the the target of spells or abilities.
    RU: destroy target creature.
    1RU: sacrifice a land to destroy target land.
    2RU, discard a card: deal 4 damage to target player.
    2UURR: destroy all permanents. They can't be regenerated.

    "The veil will be rent, and none will see its distortion, but until the rolling waves have removed their lives"--Xarvoxian scriptures, Modern Prophecies

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