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  1. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    "Friend Quotid, I'll will happily accept the gifts you have chosen for me. I do not have experience with ranged weap0ns, having spent most of my time in the smithy."
  2. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    "Oh. You want to kill some wild animals to put in mushroom stew? I've got that covered as well. Many a woodland critter has fallen victim to my crossbow bolts. They're coated in a soporific mycotoxin, so even one bolt can knock out the bigger ones. And it doesn't ruin the meat or make you drowsy after eating it."
  3. turgy22 Nothing Special

    I've put together a list of the characters based on what I have been able to discern of the items each is carrying. If anyone has any additions (any armor for Thialu or Tiomar?) to make, post them in the next 24 hours. Otherwise, I'd say that we should set out on our journey, heading due east down the cobblestone path.

    Quotid (Turgy22)
    Clothing / armor: Waistcoat, breeches (no armor)
    Weapons: Cane, sling (with acorns)
    Food: Ham, bread
    Potions: Healing potion, invisibility potion
    Other: Donkey, jade lion (Keamao), magic smooth green pebble
    Gold: 952 pieces

    Dorgath (Spiderman)
    Clothing / armor: Chain armor
    Weapons: Warhammer, shield, sword & dagger (Hawk & Sparrow)
    Potions: Healing potion, firebreathing potion
    Other: Backpack

    Stoop (Mooseman)
    Clothing / armor: Leather armor
    Weapons: Broadsword, broadsword (Vyr), dagger
    Potions: Healing potion, firebreathing potion
    Other: Kit bag

    Thialu (Oversoul)
    Clothing / armor: Mushroom-hunting ensemble (no armor)
    Weapons: Knife, crossbow (with toxic bolts)
    Food: Mushroom rations
    Potions: Mushroom healing potions, the Marsaphile, healing potion, invisibility potion
    Other: Backpack, blanket, rope, healing / apothecarial tools, botanical compendium, candles, mirror, flint & tinder, spore kit

    Tiomar (Rokapoke)
    Clothing / armor: Cloak, Thuglan Scarf (no armor)
    Weapons: Staff, throwing knives (12), throwing daggers (4)
    Potions: Healing potion, invisibility potion
    Other: Pipe, lockpicks, purses (4)
    Gold: 48 pieces
  4. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    "ready, leader!"
  5. rokapoke Man Among Gods

    Tiomar goes about armorless, though he wears a dark cloak that is good for concealing items that he comes across in his day-to-day activities. There may or may not be pants beneath the cloak -- I've never asked.

    And I'll say he's got a dozen throwing knives concealed about his person. I'll leave locations to your imagination.
  6. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    "...mushroom flambée, mushroom muffins, mushroom burritos, mushroom falafel, mushroom fritters, mushroom custard, mushroom poppers, mushroom pudding..."

    Yeah. Thialu doesn't wear armor and never has. But having spent more time sifting through underbrush looking for elusive fungi than socializing with Gromshire's elite, she's not one for fancy clothes either. She wears thick, durable, plain clothes, almost always brown in color.
  7. turgy22 Nothing Special

    DECLARATION OF ACTION: The party will set off east down the cobblestone road at a cautious pace, keeping careful watch of both the road ahead and the environment that might surround us once we leave the city limits.

    Rando: Do we need to decide on a marching order? If so, how wide is the road? If there's room, I think it best that we walk two or three abreast.
  8. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    "Quotid, you may not be the best to take point once we leave the city. Maybe Dorgath and I should take point and rear guard."

  9. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    "Point? Rear guard? What are you talking about?"
  10. turgy22 Nothing Special

    "Security, my dear lady. I believe that's soldier speak for those who walk in front and back, although we often attach a different meaning to 'rear guard' at Slopwallow Estates.

    Sir Stoop, I believe you and I have similar plans for how we should travel. I was simply awaiting an answer from our benevolent overseer before making my proposal. If we can take to the road two abreast, I think it wise to have both a soldier and a scout in front. Otherwise, we'll have to decide whether it's best to be lead by muscle or a pair of keen eyes."
  11. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Thialu frowns.

    "Oh, I'm not a soldier or a pig-farmer, so I guess that's why I'm unfamiliar with the terms. And I'm used to being on my own, so I don't have to think about things like this. It's all very interesting. I guess it makes sense to have someone with keen eyes walking in the front of the group, so that person can tell everyone else if something important is up ahead of us. But Stoop, try not to step on any mushrooms. There might be some varieties on our journey that don't exist in Gromshire.

    So if the person with the best vision should be in front, does that mean the person with the worst vision should 'take rear guard'? I don't know who has the worst vision. Mine's pretty good. I can skewer small birds with my bolts from a considerable distance. Oh, sometimes older people have poor eyesight. Maybe Tiomar or Quotid should be in the back? How's Jorge's eyesight? Or are pack animals not allowed to be rear guard? Sorry, I don't really know the rules..."
  12. rokapoke Man Among Gods

    Tiomar looks over his shoulder at the guardsmen.

    "Well, lady and gents, I feel as though I may have overstayed my welcome. Them guards don't like dicing with me anymore, and I'm getting an itch to be on the road."
  13. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Dorgath nods his agreement with Thialu.

    "I have to admit, I'm not well-versed with such terminology either, although I am slighty familiar with the terms due to overhearing conversations in the smithy. But I'll take the lead, sure."
  14. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    "I'll keep everyone moving in the right direction.... which is?"
  15. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    "The right direction is probably the direction along the road that is away from Gromshire, rather than toward it. That's how exploring usually works. You go where you haven't been, not where you have. I think we've all lived basically our entire lives in Gromshire..."

    Thialu glances nervously at Quotid and Tiomar.

    " it's safe to say that's the place where we've already been. And since there's only one road leading out of Gromshire, our travel direction is, um, preordained? Well, unless you want to try plunging through the underbrush into The Wood. If anyone wants to, I'll go along, but I think it's a little early for that. We've only just left town. Oh wait, do you perhaps mean compass direction? Well, the grey spongy tree fungus tends to grow on the northern sides of tree trunks, so we must be going, let's see, east."

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