All right, all right...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ErinPuff, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. Apollo Bird Boy

    Lol. In my defense, when she wore a swimsuit to the pool, she did not look 12. If you know what i mean. :p
  2. Bob Idiot

    There is a 12 year old girl in therapy somewhere, telling her psychiatrist that she was hit on by a giant bird.
  3. train The Wildcard!!!...

    And after that session...

    a psychiatrist has a session with his psychiatrist...
  4. Apollo Bird Boy

    Who wouldn't want to be hit on by a giant bird? *Preens*
  5. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Actually I kind of like feathers... no offense... but when they're the fletching on arrows...
  6. Zhaneel Resident Gryphon Queen

    Uh-oh... *hides*
  7. WickedBoy6 Captain of the Atog Army

    Okay, was going to post, but the topic has been copletely distorted from ErinPuff returning (WB, by the way, Erin. I'm a new face) to Apollo's voyeuristic tendancies (We all have our secrets. I have a Magic Marker-sniffing problem...Ah, F[udge]! There goes my secret) to Train's obcession with feathers. I'm not sure what to do: Ogle Erin, pity Apollo, or hide from Train?
  8. train The Wildcard!!!...


    *Train runs and hides as an arrow sticks out of Wicked's arse...*

    no offense wicked... but you were the closest one to me... and If you ran - I could still peg you from 50 yards...;)

  9. Zhaneel Resident Gryphon Queen

    I was going to say that you needn't worry if you're not a bird, but apparently that isn't the case...
  10. ErinPuff Token Female

    *runs through thread*


    Ogle me!

    ...actually, don't, please...
  11. Mazzak Stylemongering Protodeity

    Hats are more stylin' than crowns.
  12. Nightstalkers Creature — Nightstalker

    *"Accidentally" drops naked pics of Almindhra on the floor*

    Whoops!!! *picks 'em up before anyone else does*

    whoa! nice legs puff...

    and think about having a freshman go to the senior prom. and be accidentaly mistaken for a senior!!! twice...

    still with three beautiful gals on your arms who is to complain?

    Romance then Foreplay,
    The Shadows Know
  13. Apollo Bird Boy

    *Ogle ogle ogle!*

    Apollo runs and finds a nice hiding spot next to Zhaneel and in sight of Erin, thus allowing twice the ogling opportunities.
  14. Almindhra Magic's Bitch

    *runs up behind Nightstalkers and puts him in a headlock....she then throws him to the ground and while hes dazed and confused she grabs all her naked pics that she thought she burned a long time ago and runs away grumbling under her breath*.....
  15. Bob Idiot

    Man, sometimes I wonder why the CPA girls even come on here...this can get really pathetic.
  16. Zhaneel Resident Gryphon Queen

    I am eternally amused.
  17. WickedBoy6 Captain of the Atog Army

    *Pulling the arrow out of his cheek, nodding to ErinPuff*

    Alright, won't Ogle...Please excuse me, though...Train!

    *Running after Train with a bloody arrow in hand, braining him upside the head*
  18. train The Wildcard!!!...

    *Arrows just start flying like mad through the thread...*

    *Apologizing for any arrows hitting the ladies... and making sure not to mortally wound anyone, train proceeds to let arrows fly...then he stops and thinks to himself...*

    "Wait a minute, i've got love potion elixir I can dip these arrows in and watch funky things happen on the CPA!!!..."

    *Dipped Arrows start flying like mad through the thread, again...*

    *One hits apollo and Zhaneel... another Nightstalkers and Mazzak...*

    *Train runs to hide as he realizes what will hapen after Nightstalkers and Mazzak come out of the trance...*
  19. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    Sad, sad, sad.

    The CPA should be going " :eek: ".
  20. Zhaneel Resident Gryphon Queen

    Aww, you're just jealous ;)

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