A simple survey


Baron Sengir

Okay let me see ...

1. S - I live in the boonies.
2. AN - We're pretty loose in my play group. If I play in a tourney, I do.
3. AN - I like to think I can hold my own but sometimes I make mistakes and on occasion I do get my ass handed to me by a better player.
4. AA - Sometimes you just gotta do a victory dance.
5. S - Not in tournies, though.
6. A - Psychological tricks are part of what makes this game so wonderfully complex. If your opponent thinks you have counters, it makes a heck of a lot of difference in his play style.
7. S - If they express interest in what I'm doing otherwise I don't.
8. N - I'm a cardfloppin' geek and proud of it.
9. N - I wait to see what cards they are playing first. Then I dismiss 'em. :)
10. N - My basic rule of thumb is: "If it makes you feel good and doesn't hurt anyone, go to it."

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1-Usually, although they are losing their appeal.

2-I have never encountered this, although I will congratulate my opponent on a good game if they played well, or if it was a good game, regardless of who won.

3-No. This may sound arrogant but most games I play, when I lose, it is a situation that could not be rectified by a different play on my part. Most of my bonehead plays I spot, so there I am outplayed, but it's not often. Most games are so automatic it doesn't make much difference.

4-I deplore an 'I won and you lost' attitude, especially when I catch myself at it, wich is rare, I would prefer never.

5-Oh definitely, if I have a killer hand I want to share it, same goes for a bizarre hand. Same goes for a set up, unusual card interactions are my favorite.

6-Often against newbies I'll do this, it doesn't work against intelligent players.

7-No, it's way too addictive, plus most players I know are not the sort I respect, except for 2, at my old gaming haunt.

8-I don't conceal it, but I might downplay my involvement.

9-Unfortunately I am prejudiced where age is concerned, I don't encounter enough females in this game to be prejudiced.

10-I would never tell anyone outright to quit, except myself. I have neither the time or the resources.


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I just thought I'd try to revive the deadest thread and one of the most interesting.

AA-Almost Always
AN-Almost Never

Use the above Likert scale to rate your answers to these questions:

1-Do you attend tournaments (casual or otherwise)?
S – Mostly prereleases and the occasional small shop tourney.

2-Do you shake hands with an unknown opponent regardless of the outcome?
S – I wish this was always, but depending on the intensity of the match, my mind will be elsewhere and I'll forget. Of course, if my opponent offers the handshake, there's no way I'd refuse.

3-If you lose, do you ever consider the loss was due to being out-played by your opponent?
AA – Not only do I consider it, I know it happens. As a player, I think I'm better than I am, but not in a cocky way. It's more like I have the ability to almost immediately diagnose my poor decisions after it's too late to take them back. If I had a clone, he'd be standing over my shoulder shaking his head throughout my games.

4-If you win, do you try to maintain a good sportsman "like" posture?
A - "Try" being the operative word. I'm still human.

5-During game play, do you tell a friend to look at what your holding in your hand or point out what your opponent has in play?
AN – Just something I wouldn't think to do.

6-Do you consider the psychological aspect of the game during a match? i.e.; I don't want my opp. to know that I do not have any counters left in my hand but I want him/her to think I do.
AA - I don't always try to use it, but I certainly consider it.

7-Do you promote M:TG to people that do not play the game?
AN – Unless they're into other games and I think they'd be interested or if they've heard of it. Most people I know just wouldn't care. I know some kids that tried to get their parents to play and it did not turn out well.

8-Do you conceal to others involved in your daily life that you play a card game called Magic: The Gathering?
ASN – I'm not sure how to answer this question. I don't go around telling people I play, but if someone asks, I won't lie about it either.

9-Do you automatically dismiss a players skill of the game due to age or gender?
N – I know there's a lot of people younger than me and a lot of girls who are better than me. Probably the closest I come to this is dismissing a person's skill based on the attitudes of other people (toward that player) who know them better than I do. Even though that attitude may have been established when they were a lesser player.

10-Would you ever consider telling someone who does play the game M:TG to stop playing due to any reason whatsoever? ie "aren't you too old to play this game?" or "Man, you suck so bad and you'll never get the hang of it, so quit now" or "no respectable magic player would ever play Pokemon, so don't ruin my game and just quit!"
N – Financial reasons are the only ones I can think of as to why anyone should stop playing, but that's never come up for anyone I know.


1-S. Only prereleases, never anything else.

2-AA. I never refuse it if my opponent offers, but sometimes I forget to offer.

3-AA. I know in almost all situations that this is the case, but there will always be the occasional game where I lose due to mana screw/flood, creature screw, and so on. And I always know these games, because my opponent agrees. But more often than not, yes, it is because I was outplayed.

4-A. Unless my opponent is a jerk about it.

5-N. If the friend was interested, they'd ask. I only show them if they ask, that way my opponent knows that I'm only doing it because they asked and not because I'm a jerk.

6-A. For me, the "mind games" are one of the biggest parts of the actual game.

7-AN. Unless I reckon they'd be interested in it, or they actually asked me about it, I don't see the point of pushing the game on them.

8-N. I don't just randomly mention that I play, but I don't deny if someone asks.

9-N. I've been beaten by much younger people, and I've been beaten by older ones as well. I have also beaten young and old, and my age. Age has nothing to do with skill level, in my opinion.

10-N. As I've always said, Magic is nothing more than a form of entertainment, and if someone finds it entertaining regardless of age/skill level/other games/whatever, then so be it.


1. AN I can hardly ever find a tourney I qualify for with my older cards (I do not buy newer ones, but do trade for some)

2. S It all depends on if they seem to be the type of person that would shake a hand.

3. AA Unless I was totally mana screwed, I always figure that thier deck build was better than mine, and that is as much a part of playing, as the actual game play.

4. A For me, try is also the key to this. I am not a braggart, especially while at the tournament. It is not that I am naturally humble, just that I know what it feels like to see the guy who does. He appears as a jerk.

5. N For one, to me that is almost like breaking the rules of coaching, for two, when I go to a tournament (it has been many years) I very rarely if ever know anyone else there.

6. AA On both sides. I like to leave 2 Islands untapped if playin blue, or one forest untapped. Just to make them think I have something nasty held back. I have even been know to hold a basic land in my hand to make them think twice about what to do.

7. S A lot of that depends on the type of people I am around. If they seem to be into fantasy type things, then I definately promote it.

8. AN Even with my church, I dont hide it, and dont mind telling anyone. If they have a problem with it, I try to explain how it is a collectable card game, and let them know how much money I have made by investing in the game (I used to own several Moxes and other power nine. Sold them and bought a car!)

9. AN As far as gender, never. As far as age, depends on how low you go with it. I have seen ten year olds trying to play, and they very rarely can grasp all of the concepts that can be played in one of my games.

10. AN The only time I would do that is if .. 1) they were spending thier bill money on MTG, or 2) they were ready to lose thier significant other because of it. I have never placed it above anything that was important to life itself, and do not reccomend anyone else doing so either.

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My revised "2006" answers:

1.) As a player? (S) Only local ones down at the card shop. Otherwise i attend all pre-releases as a judge.

2.) AA - Many times in the past I have done this however, I hate the "wet noodle" handshake I'd get from a pro-tour wanna-be who KNEW they lost to a scrub like me :D

3.) AA - In the past I would sometimes think to myself that the other player got lucky but mostly I knew I lost to a player with better skills.

4.) AA - The exception is against a friend of mine named "Bibgun" I ALWAYS pour on the salt to the his injured ego wound. :p

5.) N - I hate that kind of behavior! In the past I would be playing against knuckle-heads who'd lean back to talk to their buddies and show them their hand and talk about be as if I was not there at all!!!!

6.) ALWAYS!!!!! - "To me,..." (TM) That is part of the game and i use it to my advantage as much as possible!

7.) S - I used to be a "closet" magic player but now I talk about it to anybody and I liken the addiction to golf or poker (which are normal accepted games in the real world.)

8.) AN - Not too much anymore. Two years ago my wife invited some of her "Suburban" friends to our house and the "Men" always wanted to hang out downsatirs away from the women-folk. So I had to erase all things magic in the basement for fear of banishment from her friend's husbands. Now? I have posters up on the wall and designated "Office" area full of games and mostly magic stuff. They look but don't ask, I definitely think thry're now afraid of me! MuWhahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! I also don't drink anymore so now I'm REALLY scary!

9.) N - Never anymore. I have been the one to be dismissed in the past (actually, still sometimes, too) and it's cool to beat someone who wrote you off due to gray hair, big belly and balding. :D

10.) NEVER!!!!! - I love this game and there are enough cards now in circulation that when Magic does expire and no more cards are printed, new people will still pick up the game and i will still promote it!!!!


The Tentacled One
1-Not anymore.
2-No (that would make it a meaningless ritual).
8-Not particularly.