A simple survey



1 N
2 N. I never shake hands with my opponent. I'll say "Good game" at any time short of channel-fireball.
3 S
4 AA
5 AN. If he's playing, never.
6 AA. If you're playing sligh or suicide black,psychological is just another thirteen letter word.
7 A
8 N
9 S. I don't always take younger players as seriously. And I've NEVER MET A FEMALE MAGIC PLAYER!!! (I am dead serious and sorry about that, I think they should be more common)
10 N. Just N. Even in the aforementioned 67 hour-straight situation, if he can still tap land, he can still play magic.


1. AA - I love the competition.
2. S - this ritual is going the way of the dinosaur
3. AN - I get a lot of bad draws and matchups.
4. A - there's no reason to gloat. Nobody wins all the time.
5. S - I don't discuss cards in hand, but I might say something about the board condition or earlier key play.
6. S - this is tough though, since I don't usually play Blue.
7. AN - I used to, but I either got blank stares or "that look" reserved for gamers, UFO nuts, or conspiracy theorists. People are either born gamers or mundanes, and its almost impossible to change one into the other.
8. AA - I am "out" to a few close friend and relatives.
9. N - I respect all of my opponents until they give me a reason to do otherwise.
10.N - I give advice when asked, and never actively discourage players (we need all we can get!).



1. S (Casual drafts are pretty common in my play group, especially when a new set is released.)

2. AA (Not if I know them)

3. S (Totally dependant on the game. If I get killed by a topdecked Hatred the turn before Morphling takes someone out, I don't consider that being outplayed.)

4. AA (I'll jokingly act egotistical or proud when playing with people I know really well.)

5. S (Never in a tourney, often in casual play I'll just leave my hand face-up on the table. It makes people insecure, since it seems so confident. I've had people NOT attack me when I had only land in my hand because I acted like it wasn't a problem and had my hand face up.)

6. A (The game is 50% pysche. I've won gamses with Bargain decks after getting my Soul Feasts Quashed, just by 'fake' going off.)

7. A (I go to a nerd school. Literally. No one laughs at people 'cause they play Magic. We draw crouds.)

8. N (The last question says it all.)

9. AN (I made that mistake once, then got my ass handed to me by the eight-year old girl. I'm never gonna do that again.)

10. AN (I have once. The person was in somewhat dire financial straights, and couldn't afford to keep playing.)

And out of curiousity, how many people can even sit up, let alone tap land, after 67 hours? The longest I've played was 48, by the end I had forgotten the order of the phases; I discarded before casting sorceries.

Killer Joe

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1-A (remember the post about being a hypocrite if you're a cpa member playing tournaments?)
2-S (I always want to, but forget cause I'm busy trying not to forget to unsideboard, and, I look very stand-off "ish" because my relaxed face looks like I'm pissed off and folks hurry away from me.)
3-AA (I am always too quick to consider that my opponent really is better than me, it takes some of my buds to tell me otherwise)
4-S (I get very jittery if I win at a big tounament because it doesn't happen that often, so I look like I'm gloating)
5-NEVER (That pisses me off so bad, "Hey spanky, c'mere, look what 'Some good tech I have' and look what he's got on the table)
6-AA (But I'm not good at it)
7-A (I do)
8-S (It's like when you're an Amway Distributor and you're not sure you want to be, you don't reveal much to folks)
9-AN (I did once to a woman my age and she creamed me, I'm 30+)
10-N (I'm 30+ 'nuff said)

This is Yellowjacket


4-S(well, If I've just beaten a friend's record, I'll act excited. if i win somthing, I'm REALLY excited. otherwise, Yea.)
9-N(a kid nicknamed "parker 3" because he's the little brother of two older players can kick just about ANYONES ass in magic.
not bad for a NINE year old.)
10-AN(mabe if he took the game a little TOO far. the kind that ad&d use to "set off"...
only in that kind of case.)

Chaos Turtle

10-? do you mean as in "Never play again," or, "You been playing for 67 hourse, time to give it a rest!) ?

Killer Joe

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AA-Almost Always
AN-Almost Never

Use the above Likert scale to rate your answers to these questions:

1-Do you attend tournaments (casual or otherwise)?

2-Do you shake hands with an unknown opponent regardless of the outcome?

3-If you lose, do you ever consider the loss was due to being out-played by your opponent?
("consider" is the keyword)

4-If you win, do you try to maintain a good sportsman "like" posture?

5-During game play, do you tell a friend to look at what your holding in your hand or point out what your opponent has in play?

6-Do you consider the psychological aspect of the game during a match? i.e.; I don't want my opp. to know that I do not have any counters left in my hand but I want him/her to think I do.

7-Do you promote M:TG to people that do not play the game?

8-Do you conceal to others involved in your daily life that you play a card game called Magic: The Gathering?

9-Do you automatically dismiss a players skill of the game due to age or gender?

10-Would you ever consider telling someone who does play the game M:TG to stop playing due to any reason whatsoever? ie "aren't you too old to play this game?" or "Man, you suck so bad and you'll never get the hang of it, so quit now" or "no respectable magic player would ever play Pokemon, so don't ruin my game and just quit!"

I have always wanted to ask these questions of my fellow players but never knew how to do it effectively, this is one way that I'm exploring. Thanks for your time.

This is Yellowjacket

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Chaos Turtle

'Parker 3' is such a hard@$$, too!
He busted me for like 3 different mistakes at Destiny Prerelease... didn't he win a PTQ or something?
Good kid, though, I guess. Hardly know him.


Staff member
1) S (I currently can't find any that don't conflict with my work schedule :( )
2) A
3) S (It depends on the game)
4) A
5) S (It's probably a bad habit, but I tend to chatter a bit)
6) AA (I always try to, but sometimes I space)
7) AA (When appropriate)
8 ) N (Nope, they ALL know!)
9) N (At least not consciously)
10) N (Though I WILL warn obvious newbies about the cost of staying competitive, and I'll recommend staying casual ;) )

There ya' go!

CPA Member

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1) N. Probably the last time was during Ice Age.

2) Honestly can't remember in a tourney. Playing among friends? N.

3) Probably S. If it's really obvious that I lost to no/1 land or all land then I chalk it up to me playing the part of a goldfish.

4) I guess AA

5) N

6) A

7) AN. Only when they ask about it.

:cool: N

9) N

10) N


No, third or fourth, actually.
and he WON the Nemisis P.R.

did you by chance see the big guy with a beard and a purple tales from the crypt shirt on?
that was me.

when is the next time you'll be down here for a PR?
I'd like to meet ya.
look for the 6'6 guy w/ a tales from the crypt shirt on. I'll try to have the CPA buttons made by then, If possible...

details on that to follow as soon as there are some.

Chaos Turtle

The next time I will be down for a PreRelease is... the next PreRelease.

I have a vague memory of seeing a tall guy with a beard and a Tales From the Crypt t-shirt on, but I'm not entirely sure...
I get the South Park, Final Fantasy, D&D, TOOL, PodRacing, 8-year-old, 56-year-old, Star Trek, Wiccan, piercings, blue hair, shiny clothes, anorexic, pasty, astonishingly overweight, well-groomed, Pride-rainbows, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and those other creatures (what are they called, of yeah! Females) all mixed up in my head.

Who says we aren't a diverse crowd?

Gumby Khan

1-A (once a month)

2-A (japanese players are always courteous)

3-A (I find that most of my losses are because of a bonehead play I made)

4-A (I expect that from my opponents as well)

5-N (Usually my friends are playing and I don't want them to see what I'm going to do, unless of course we're playing 2-headed Giant)

6-S (usually too wrapped up in what my opponent is doing to me!)

7-AA (whenever somebody comes by and asks, I extoll all the virtues of the game)

8-N (I'm proud of my fellow players and to hell with the one's who think it's a "devil-worshipper's game"!)

9-N (I got whipped by a 12 year old in Sealed Deck and I beat a seasoned veteran of 20-something who had the better deck)

10-S (Some of my friends have gotten into financial trouble with this game and this game should never bring grief to anybody)

Great survey!


I will give out order sheets as soon as I GET them.
I can't find a place around here that MAKES them.

you'd think that Atlanta would have some!
no. kinko's ran them out of buisness, and doesn't do it themselfs.


well, time to eat my words.

I found a place. but there expencive.
$1.50/each if I get over 25 buttons on the order, and the buttons are the round 2" kind.

Shipping would probably be another $1 or two, and I don't know about international things...

I don't have the money to invest in this, so sombody else could try to find a better deal.


1 S
2 A
3 AA
4 A
5 N
6 A
7 S
8 S (some people might think Im too old)
9 N
10 N (although I would warn about the costs ahead)