A new type of gun

Discussion in 'Battle Arena' started by K9Archmage, Jan 9, 2001.

  1. K9Archmage He Might Be Giants

    [me] forces everybody to poop in there pants, using a new type of gun.[/me]

    But no, seriously. There is a type of gun that emits a sonic ray, or something like that, that invokes diarhea(i know i spelled that wrong). What do you think about this?

    STOP! Or you'll poop in your pants!
  2. fuzzy510 I Don't REALLY Exist

    Can somebody who's more scientifically savvy than the Almighty Lord of Fuzziness explain how the hell that's possible?
  3. K9Archmage He Might Be Giants

    Yeah, i know its weird...

    Oh yeah, to you administrators, i put this in the battle arena because i expect a fight to break out eventually...

  4. sageridder Legendary Cpa Member

    Kinda like kenny g teaching the guys to play the brown note on south park.
  5. Gerode Becoming a Lurker Again

    That's exactly what I was going to say, sageridder.

    [me] plugs his ears, and gives the notes to the Brown Noise to all the performers at the "4 Million Kids Blow" musical event. [/me]
  6. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    A poo gun? I can use one of those.

    *Ransac dreams. In his dream:


    raMsac:Oh YEAH? Make me STOP!!!!

    *Ransac pulls out the poo gun and fires. raMsac poos his pants. raMsac runs to his room crying. Ransac blows off the barrel of the gun.*

    End of dream*

    Ah, to dream the improbable dream.

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  7. sageridder Legendary Cpa Member

    I heard about your bro Ramsac,well i heard heard he was raised by GOATS and is just plain NUTS.HEHEHE sombody had to say it.Just funin you.:D

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  8. nanokill Veteran CPA Member<BR><FONT co

    did you hear about this weapon. If this is factual i will find you information on it. The enforcement agencies are always trying to find new nonlethal ways to stop people. I heard once about a new arm cannon that fired and expanding foam that would "incapacipate" the suspect without "injuring him". K9 might actually be telling the truth. Please enlighten me on this information K9.
  9. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    No, sageridder, you're right. My brother WAS raised by goats. If you've read any of his posts, you would realize that his is even more nutus than I am. AND, he eats pickled monkies whenever he gets a chance.
  10. K9Archmage He Might Be Giants

    i'm actually not lying for once! I think... WEll, i heard about this about 1 or 2 years ago.

  11. Azreal the Soulmaster Sorrow's Rhapsody

    how much would that suck if you robbed a bank with one of those
    Hey don't you dare come in here, i've got hostages, one more move and i'll....um...make them crap their pants..yeah

    thats really gonna stop the cops from beatin' you to death with those nightsticks
  12. fuzzy510 I Don't REALLY Exist

    It might actually work. Just shoot, and the cops start running for the bathroom, because they don't want to smell like **** in the line of duty!
  13. Sammy Dead-O wasting away again

    The Olympic track and field officials could have a lot of fun with it...
  14. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive


    Imagine the possibilities! get a wide-range version, and suddenly turn an entire city into a messy poo-hole, all by the pull of a trigger!


    I've got to get me one of those things...
  15. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive

    hey now wait a minute... these things would put X-lax out of business!
  16. Gerode Becoming a Lurker Again

    ...until they develop a Constipation Gun!
  17. Azreal the Soulmaster Sorrow's Rhapsody

    which no doubt would be marketed by the same people
  18. fuzzy510 I Don't REALLY Exist

    Wouldn't the gun always backfire and hit you if the sonic ray bounced off anything and hit you?
  19. K9Archmage He Might Be Giants

    somebody should really go on a search engine and find information on this. OF course, i'm too lazy.

  20. Gerode Becoming a Lurker Again

    I should look for one of these guns on eBay!

    And of course the wielder of the weapon would be wearing safety goggles to protect him from the bowel spasm-inducing waves. Or he'll be wearing diapers. Depends.

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