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Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by FoundationOfRancor, Feb 24, 2001.

  1. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    From www.Mtgnews.com

    Regarding the packaging of 7th Edition:

    -Boosters will contain one basic land.
    -There will be five theme decks, one of each color.
    -Starters will contain two 30-card decks.
    -There will be starters with cd-rom, two Play guides, two play mats and counter.
    -*The set includes Black-bordered foils.*

    Both the Basic Land and the rare BB foils are a good idea. I'm happy to see lands back in the packs like they used to be, now I don't have to buy a damn starter pack to get lands. Everyone will love the foils, although whether it will boost sales of Seventh or sales on E-bay, I don't know.
  2. Darsh Corrupt CPA Member

    Five theme decks? Well, mabye WOTC can make a good theme deck with a base set...the latest theme decks have been...lacking in quality IMHO.
  3. ErinPuff Token Female

    I like the BB foils idea.. not so sure about the lands in boosters.. what comes out to put the land in, a common? I'd rather have a common than another damned basic land.. but that's just me.. :\
  4. Hetemti The Wide-Awake Nightmare

    I concur.

    Lets say Baby Johnny kisses granny's ass and she shells out $120 (Baby Johnny pays retail since he doesn't know about online dealers) for a box of 7ed Ed. boosters. (w00t) Baby Johnny gets 36 basic lands. Divided, that's seven per land type. Plus one, but it poped up in his foil rare slot, and he covets it like the holy grail. Johnny still doesn't have enough land to build a mono-deck, but he did get shafted out of 2ΒΌ boosters.

    Poor Johnny.

    Why don't they just sell Land Boosters? 16 lands, one of each land, plus one foil or occasional non-basic. $2.50. Baby Johnny now pays $0.16 per land (WotC would like that) and might get something shiny, or a nonbasic...something like a pain dual, or even a City every now and then. They could sell them at sealed tourneys too to make more profit. Sure, players wouldn't like the additional 2.50 for a land swap, but the foil land or non-basic would make up for it.

    Meanwhile, for $10.00, Baby Johnny got 12 lands of each color, and can build a solid (mana-wise) two-color deck. Next week, you know he'll pay $10.00 and get four more land boosters so he can try mono. Lacking 40 cards of the same color, he'll buy more 7th ed...That's good marketing.
  5. Baron Sengir CPA Founder, Vampire Legend

    Why the hell don't they just keep doing what they have been? This forces new players to spend money on the starter decks as well as boosters.

    As for experienced players ... Let me tell ya, I need more basic lands like I need a hole in my head. Besides, getting basic lands in boosters seems a little too much like the inclusion of energy cards in pokemon to make me very comfortable.

    I remain
    The Baron
    Pikachu is the bastard child of a Lightning Elemental and a Plague Rat
  6. ErinPuff Token Female

    I guess I can see where the basic lands in the boosters would come in handy to newbies.. but I'd much rather get another spell. Now, I rarely buy starters because I don't want any more stupid land.

    Hetemti, when I was a newbie with so little basic land I based what kind of deck I'd make around how much of each land I had, I wondered why I couldn't just buy a pack of basic land. Your idea of adding the occasional foil or non-basic land is good.. whatever, it would probably make some money for WotC.. it's something they really should consider.
  7. Sammy Dead-O wasting away again

    Aren't there places near most people where you can buy basic lands for like a nickel apiece?

    The single land per booster isn't going to make a huge impact for a newbie. Of course, it's just a single slot for any of us who would rather have extra spells. No biggie either way.

    If they have new art for the lands, then I'm all for it.
  8. ErinPuff Token Female

    I don't know about the rest of you, but there are *no* good places to buy Magic anywhere near me that I've found.. it's all sports card stores where they happen to have a box of Invasion behind the counter or something, but all the store people don't know anything about Magic and it takes ten minutes to explain that you want two of the thingies that say Invasion and are in foil wrapping.. :p So it goes without saying that no, there's nowhere around me that sells basic land for cheap.
  9. Apollo Bird Boy

    I agree with Baron. If they don't have land, they're better off buying starters anyway. If they do have land, then they don't want it in their boosters. This is silly.

    I also don't like the 2 preconstructed decks in the starters; that means that our chances of getting some rares are greater than others, and you'll get starters with only 2 colors or some such. Besides, what good is a 30-card preconstructed deck anyway?

    They say Portal and Starter are for new players, but then they go and make 7th edition a starter-level set, too. I don't like it, myself.
  10. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    Who says Seventh Edition wont have 16 card boosters?
  11. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Exactly what I was going to say FoR, 7th might just throw in a land as a 16th card. That'd be cool for me.
  12. Ura Feline Lord of the Pit

    I have nothing wrong with getting a single basic land in a booster. I mean sure, us older players have basic lands we can use for toilet paper cause there are so many, but then again, we can say the same thing about commons too.
    I don't need anymore basic lands, or wild growths, or blaze's, or drudge skeletons or whatever, honestly there are only ever like a dozen commons in a basic set worth keeping extra copies around of and they accumulate so fast it doesn't matter, I've got at least 30 disenchants laying in a box right now, and probably the same for counter spells and shocks.
    All most people buy boosters for is the rare and the uncommons.
    As long as the land is in the commons slot or is a 16th card, then who cares, makes it easier for newbies which gets more people playing which = a good thing for the game IMHO.

    I'm looking forward to having BB foils though, that'll be nice for some of those extra special cards like Wrath of Cod and such.

  13. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Hmmm... Methinks they have to go up to 16, realistically - Drafts, anyone? Having a basic land in a draft throws the theory off a bit. Suddenly (assuming 15 card boosters), you don't get 45 cards, you get 42. Furthermore, on an eight player table, you don't get to see the booster opened to your left twice! You only get access to it the one time it passes by you - The second time, it's a basic land.

    Therefore, I think this is either inaccurate, or there will be 16 card boosters. If it's the latter, no complaints.

    Of course, no one really drafts basic sets except my play group, and us not very often... :)
  14. Purple_jester New Member

    If the included land is the 16th card, then bravo. It's a good idea. Otherwise, the thought of a land taking the place of a potentially useful card, like a Llanowar Elf, Counterspell or Shock, really sickens me. Besides, booster draft would be thrown totally out of whack if the 15th card's a lousy land.

    The black-bordered foild are a chase card gimmick. That much is clear. Not a bad gimmick, mind you. The opportunity to open up a foil Wrath of God or Cataclysm isn't bad at all. It's still a chase card lure, but a good one.

    I wouldn't put too much faith on the theme decks. Red will be goblins and hasted creatures, blue will have merfolk and fliers, green will have elves, white will have clerics and soldiers, and black will have... a mess. WOTC stopped printing good precons after Rath Cycle, so don't expect them to make a turnaround now.

    BTW, do any of you know anybody who went to Advanced aafter going through Portal? I know exactly ZERO. All the beginners I knew immediately bought a started of the basic set, then two starters of the latest expansion, or something to that extent. I don't know anybody who stuck with advanced level cards.
  15. theorgg Slob

    AsI said on MTGnews, I believe the packs will be modeled after the Portal packs-- 16 Magic cards, including a land, and possibly a 'strategy' card. In all honesty, I like the idea of giving some extra land. It's helpful to the beginners.

    As for the theme decks, go to MTGnews and find the Starter PCD lists. The severed edtion should look about the same, although all the cards will be tournament legal-- the big complaint against Starter/Portal. As for the Starter Decks: remember, 5th edition was the last set to have "Starter Decks" labeled as that(far as I can remember). They changed the name to "tournament packs" starting with Tempest or Urza's, I can't remember which. I have the feeling that 7th will have Tournament Packs that are random. I just hope they have some kind of promotional things that have me in them as a fixed card-- I'm going to hate being rare if I actually am... I should be common, or at worse, Uncommon...:mad:
  16. TomB Administrative Assistant

    Though there are some really good diet programs out there nowadays...;)

    I think the land in the boosters idea will be a good one, as long as they put it into a common slot, or as a 16th card. I still remember the horrors of a Revised booster, and getting a land instead of the rare card, or even an uncommon.

    That was aggravating. :(

    Oh, and Baron? Those energy cards that come in Pokemon packs were selling for as much as the best commons, last time I checked. And my kids (and I) are usually pretty happy to see some of the energy cards in the packs (the ones we're short of). Many of the kids _need_ them, since the game (relative to Magic) is so young.

    All in all, I'd say Hetemti's idea is the best. Put the lands into boosters of their own, and change the art every so often to keep people like us buying them. Or not, if we don't want them, but at least that way we wouldn't be stuck with them against our will either.

    That would be the best way. :D
  17. Hetemti The Wide-Awake Nightmare

    Thanks 4 the pr0pz, 1337 cr3w!!!! :)))

    I'd buy land boosters if the pics were different...and if they put the ability on it. What's the point of my nifty foreign (as well as domestic) lands if they don't have the ability spelled out in funny symbols? My Shan is no where near as cool if it doesn't say (romanized) "(T): Tangshinwa mana p'ule (R) teohanba." (I think that's what it says...my Korean isn't exactly stupendous, pero mi gusta mucho mas que espanol.)
  18. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    A lot of people have already said what I think about this, so to reiterate: :)

    15 card boosters with land: Bad
    16 card boosters with land: Better
    New land booster pack: Best

    Everything else sounds fine and dandy.
  19. Mr_Pestilence Wumpus

    Who needs land? Isn't that what starter packs are for? If anybody seriously needs land, email me, and I'll send all you want for the cost of shipping.

    Ditto for commons. I've got about 10,000 commons (going back to Unlimited) I'd like to get rid of.

    As far as 7th is concerned, why not just make it ALL black-bordered? I don't need anything except the few cards imported from Portal, and I can get those on ebay the first week 7th goes on sale. On the other hand, if I could get black-bordered Llanowar Elves, Shocks, and other usable commons, I'd probably buy a couple of boxes of 7th.
  20. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    oooo, oooo! How much IS shipping on cards? I might be interested in commons from recent sets...

    I forgot to mention that someone ought to send ErinPuff and others land if they need it...

    I was going to say that making the set BB for "regular" cards goes against their policy for collectors, but seeing how they're putting a symbol on the set now that shouldn't make a difference. So maybe they oughta...

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