Zum Kuckuck: Results of Round 10 and Early end of the First Hand

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Spiderman, Feb 14, 2002.

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    Round 10 Up For Grabs Cards: 12 and 7

    Cards played:

    Gerode: 41
    Lotus Mox: 19
    EricBess: 6

    Gerode takes the 7 and Lotus Mox takes the 12.

    Up For Grabs Cards Currently Owned & Showing:

    Lotus Mox: 12
    Gerode: 7
    EricBess: 8

    Since Lotus Mox still has the highest card showing, he has to crack an egg, but since it puts him at -1, that puts him out of the game. Since EricBess has the next highest card showing, he too has to crack an egg. And because now there's only two players left, the hand ends early.

    Eggs Left Uncracked:

    Lotus Mox: -1
    Gerode: 3
    EricBess: 1

    Cards for Hand 2 will be given shortly.

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