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  1. Pluto New Member

    I have not played Yu-Gi-Oh at all, not yet anyway. Anyone here tried it? From random glimbses of the animated series, it seems interesting, at least. Well, more interesting than PokeMon. The game itself seems as complex as Magic, but what do I know.
  2. train The Wildcard!!!...

    I haven't tried it... I'm strictly a Magic/Netrunner player... few others on the side...:cool:
  3. theorgg Slob

    Take a game of Magic.

    Add three zero's to each occurance of a number.

    That's about it.

    I'd recommend sticking to Magic. Poke'game was actually more different from Magic than I'd say Ugi is.
  4. EricBess Active Member

    I have seen it played and read through the rules. Don't be misled by the "casting cost" into thinking it is as complex as Magic. You get to play one creature a turn (if I remember correctly). If that creature has from 1-4 stars, it's fine. If it has 5-8, you have to sacrifice a different creature when you play it. If it has more, 2 creatures.

    Yes, creatures with 4 stars are more powerful than those with 1, but they still "cost" the same.

    The play itself is very similar to Magic, but feels very dumbed down. I don't believe there are instants. However, I think you can "hide" your "enchantments", which gives sort of an instant feel at times. But the focus is on the creatures anyway.

    If you play Magic, it will probably feel weak. If not, it may be a decent tool to learn the basics. But if you are a gamer at heart, you will want to move on to Magic as quickly as possible.
  5. Pluto New Member

    That's funny - some have mentioned of "trap cards," and "fusion," and morph-like effects, plus an unlimited cards in a deck, no casting costs (?), tons of creature combat; forgive me - I fail to see the Magic in Yu-Gi-Oh.


    Sorry Ericbess, I replied to theorgg while you wrote. Hmm. See, I didn't know these things. I have played Magic for years, but I quit a long time ago. Yu-Gi-Oh just seemed interesting, that's all. From what you describe, however, it does have a "watered-down" feel - something I dislike, and it is, in fact, the same reason I quit Magic - all cards are always watered-down versions of their mothers and fathers; the game is stale.
  6. Nightstalkers Creature — Nightstalker

    If you are a good magic player, and have alot of money to spend on the cards as well, you could come up with strategies that would tower over the puny halfwit of children playing it...

    so utterly easy compared to magic that YGO is just like a chess player playing checkers.
  7. theorgg Slob

    Trap Card: Enchantment that you play face down, then flip over when you want to use it.

    Fusion: Play Delrache, but only sacrifice two creatures.

    morph is basically hiding your creature when you play it, kinda like Illusionary Mask.

    Unlimited cards in a deck? I've got a 1,000 card mono-black reanimator in a shoebox. If it was any bigger, I couldn't shuffle it. Hell, I can't really shuffle it right now!

    No Casting Cost? I don't remember... to be perfectly honest. I think that's right, except you somtimes have to "fuse" creatures into play.

    Tons of creature combat? As long as you want to fight one-on-one creatures, yes. Poke'game, anyone?

    Yugi was BASED UPON Magic's popularity in Japan, as a complete bugger off of the game, then the cards were made to go with the series.

    Poke'game gets big, jerks look to Japan and don't know snot about Magic(just like WOTC's current COO). They see money. and that's about it.

    Stick to Magic. It's booster boxes arn't $140 even at discount rates. Hasn't been like that since before Fallen Empries, as a matter of fact.
  8. Jigglypuff Big Cute Pink Thing

    The thing about fusion is that unlike Delraich, you have to sack the two creatures. You don't have any other options. And it requires a forty-dollar "Ultra Rare" card to use. And that makes it extremely dorky. Not to mention the fact that I see all of these little 10-year-old kids with their Polymerization (the afore-mentioned "forty-dollar "Ultra Rare" ") and their Raigeki (a Plague Wind, another 40 dollar card) and their Toon cards (something like shadow, all the Toon cards are at least 30 bucks and they can't be played unless you have another 40 dollar card) and I think things like "How can these kids afford those cards?" and "I wish my parents would buy me expensive Magic cards." and "Weren't these the same kids who had all of the expensive Pokemon cards?" and "I need to get laid." and "I wish I wasn't working right now."

    EDIT: And there aren't any morph effects like in Magic. Like theorgg said, you play trap cards face-down and then you can reveal them at certain times as dictated by their icon. Sometimes the creature cards will be played face-down to indicate that they are in defense mode, but that's about it.

    (- Steve -)
  9. theorgg Slob

    *whispers: turn them to Magic! Show it to them! it's not hard!
  10. Shiro Time Devourer I have returned!

    Note that the Yugioh guys are the same ones who put out Parodius, Goemon and Metal Gear Solid. Then you'll understand what caused their Yu-gi-oh decisions.

    No one who is sane is currently working for Konami. That's why I like them so much.
  11. Pluto New Member

    All this strike me from the wind.

    As I said, I have never had the experience with the card game or the television series - I have only heard of this and that. Admittedly, I was to try it; now, seeing all that is to see, I have changed my mind, blissfully.

    I turned away from Magic because it was growing stale in content. If Y-G-O is a watered down version of Magic, then it is more stale than I would have ever desired.

    Thank you for the information.
  12. Nightstalkers Creature — Nightstalker

    $4.99 per booster...

    9 cards per pack...

    about $0.55 per card?
    $3.29 per booster...

    15 cards per pack...

    about $0.22 per card?

    and not as many cards in a set???

    Stick to magic unless you have the money!
  13. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I hadn't even heard of this game until one of the kids that my wife nannys for gave us some "to hold". Don't really feel the need to learn it now...
  14. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Maybe you should "hold" the cards on Ebay!!!...;)
  15. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Nah, I'm sure he'll want them back at some point. He'll forget he gave them to us, see that we have them, and "want" them again :)
  16. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    I favor the existence of Yu-Gi-Oh for the same reason I favored the existence of Pokemon.

    There will come a day when the people that play Yu-Gi-Oh will get tired of the game.

    When that day comes, many of them will quit CCGs altogether.

    However, many of them will perform an Ordered Migration towards Magic.

    Go Yu-Gi-Oh! Be our introductory drug to get them into the hard stuff!
  17. train The Wildcard!!!...

    *Slyly walks up to the kids playing Yu-Gi-Oh... *

    "Would you all like to buy some sweet candy powder..."

    "What is it mister???"

    "It's called Coat!!!...":cool: ;)
  18. Shiro Time Devourer I have returned!

    /me immediately decides to speak out against the crushing up of expensive, $13 + copies of Coat of Arms for the sake of ingestion.
  19. train The Wildcard!!!...

    *Convinces Shiro to take a few bags to quell his speaking out aginst the production of Coat...*;)
  20. Shiro Time Devourer I have returned!

    /me takes it with one pseudopod, then flings it aside, looking for a nearby river to wash his pseudopod in.

    Your plans to enslave the world with this perversion of Coat of Arms will not succeed.

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