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    Yesterday I went to a sealed deck tournament (Lorwyn tournament pack, 2 morningtide boosters), I did quite well, but I was particularly proud of my finish above the Dutch Champion Robert van Medevoort (who finished second at the Grand Prix Stuttgard last year). He was sixth, I was second. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am :)

    Here's a small report on how it went (all from memory):

    I opened my tournament pack and wasn't really happy, my rares were useless. Morningtide provided some improvement, I opened a Feudkillers Verdict (4WW, gain 10 life. If you have more life than an opponent, put a 5/5 white giant warrior token into play), which won me many games.

    After some thinking I ended up playing UWB, with a lot of fliers.

    Round 1.
    GW Kithkin/Treefolk
    Game one he stood no real chance against my flying beatdown, although he did me quite a bunch of damage with his early stalwart and daggerdare. Once I played Feudkillers Verdict I was able to attack him with my fliers without having to worry about my defenses.
    Game two he got an early Maralen of Mornsong down, which I let live, because my Verdict assured me that I had more life than he. Once he got down to 9, I searched for moonglove extract, attacked for 4 through the air, sacced the extract to his head, and let his own Maralen eat him :D

    Round 2.
    Rw/u Elemental
    Game one wasn't really a match, since my opponent was manascrewed, so I easily finished him off.
    Game two he won of Incandescent soulstroke, Spitebellows and Sensation Gorger, my beatdown wasn't nearly as fast as his.
    Game three he boarded his entire white out for some blue fliers, but ended up with too few blue mana, so he couldn't cast 'm, and I won without much trouble.

    Round 3.
    UW merfolk
    Game one I got him through the air.
    Game two he did 20 damage with his lone islandwalker which got reinforced to a 2/2.
    Game three was close, but I got removal on the right time to get rid of his critical blocker to get the last damage.

    Round 4.
    GB elves/treefolk beatdown
    Game one I flew over him, with some help of the verdict to let me live long enough.
    Game two he killed me with his swampwalking treefolk.
    Game three I topdecked a removal spell to kill him, as he went almost all-out on his previous attack, his only hope was me not having a removal spell, I got really lucky there.

    Round 5 (finals)
    Monogreen elves
    Game one was not even close (chameleon colossus equipped with obsidian battleaxe?)
    Game two I got manaflooded, but even if I had drawn some more spells, his deck was simply insane, I don't think I could have beaten him in any way, although we played a last match for fun, and I got him through the air :)

    I finished second out of thirty, and went home with 4 new boosters (you only got 1 booster per round won), but I had a nice day :)
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    Kudos!! Better than the master huh?
    Lucky you.
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    Awesome! Reminds me of my days at Neutral Ground - Atlanta (Alpharetta, really) and playing against the likes of Sol Malka, Andy Wolf, and Zack Parker, the Mouth of the South.

    Ransac, cpa trash man
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  5. train The Wildcard!!!...

    That is cool... congrats!...

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