WWYT Round 8 - Results

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by EricBess, Aug 6, 2001.

  1. EricBess Active Member

    Okay, this round was a learning experience for me and I need to make a clarification about something. Namely, specific vs. general answers.

    For most questions, the type of answers that will be listed will be fairly specific. Types of cars, locations, etc. This question was pretty open-ended in that not only could you submit many types of things, but you could then get specific within that category. For example, technically speaking, a 'Lotus' and a 'Car' are two different answers. So are 'House' and 'Mansion'. However, given the nature of the question, I didn't feel that is was in the spirit of the game to get that technical for this question. In other words, the game is about trying to guess what other people will say, not how they will say it.

    So, as a general rule, if the question is asking for a specific type of thing, specific answers are required and general category answers will be considered a separate answer. The best example I have of this is that in the first round (5 faraway places), someone mentioned that Siberia is in Russia (or something like that). In that case, there was only one type of answer, locations, so those were two separate answers.

    I'll try to make it a point to let everyone know when general answers will be grouped in the future.

    Let's get on with this before fuzzy pops a gasket - 16 total submissions this round:
    car Car (15)
    House (14) - I expected everyone to get these first two. 3 people out of the running
    Magic cards (10) - Power 9, I box of each, etc.
    Computer (9)
    Business (4) - Comic or Game shop specifically
    Home Entertainment System (3) - Big screen, movies, etc.
    Stock/Investments (3)
    Travel (3)
    Video Games (3)
    Boat (2)
    Plane (2)
    Stereo System (2)

    I always enjoy the one-point answers. Some just didn't make the cut, but others are just thrown in for fun:
    The entire collection of Cheapass games (seems a bit, well, cheap ;)), Devo Power Dome (what is this?), DSL, Pay debts, Exotic Pet, Lifetime pass to the Playboy mansion, Real Estate, Security System, new Wardrobe, and finally: 'Large Frozen Yogurt Half Heath Bar, Half Irish Mint with two toppings, Carmel Critters and Reeses PB Cup'

    Enough people put the top 4 that to get points, you needed those plus at least one more match for points.

    sleepy - 52 (5)
    Chaos Turtle - 51 (3)
    fuzzy - 51 (3)
    Gerode - 50 (1)
    Apollo - 50 (1)

    rkoelsch - 49
    Azreal - 46
    Istanbul - 45
    Melkor - 43
    theOrgg - 40
    Mundungu - 39
    Jake74 - 38
    sageridder - 37
    Ransac - 34
    Spiderman - 31
    Hetemti - 20

    Chaos Turtle - 16
    Gerode - 12
    Melkor - 10
    sleepy - 9
    TurdCutter - 8
    Spiderman - 8
    Hetemti - 8
    nodarb - 7
    Rando - 5
    sageridder - 5
    Azreal the Soulmaster - 5
    fuzzy - 5
    Istanbul - 4
    Ransac - 3
    Mundugu - 2
    Apollo - 1
  2. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    No one else wanted a Lifetime pass at the Playboy Mansion? You poor, deprived people.

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  3. EricBess Active Member

    Perhaps in your case, it is depraved, Ransac :D
  4. Azreal the Soulmaster Sorrow's Rhapsody

    pretty close this round, I'm getting good at this game. I'm surprised more people didn't say investments, and computer didn't even cross my mind.

    this is my 666th post;)
  5. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    I have figured you people out. ;)
  6. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    Pretty soon I am going to start thinking like the rest of you and boy will I be in trouble then;)
  7. theorgg Slob

    a copy of every CAG would be over $200 dollars due to their numbers...

    A Devo power dome is the hat on top of the letters at www.clubdevo.com

    They're a bit pricy for molded plastic...
  8. Hetemti The Wide-Awake Nightmare

    Not even modeled plastic. They are 80's flower pots.
  9. fuzzy510 I Don't REALLY Exist

    I did well.....I know how people spend money.....
  10. Apollo Bird Boy

    I GOT A POINT!!!! Hooray! Yippee! Huzzah! YAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!
  11. EricBess Active Member

    Hey the Orgg, that might be an interesting question for the game. List 5 Cheapass games... ;)

    Throw me the Brain, Lord of the Fries, The Great Brain Robbery, Before I kill you Mr. Bond, and um... Well, I guess I could always pop over to the card shop to see more.

    Oh, and you could probably buy all of the CAGs for far less than it would cost to get, for example, Settlers of Catan with all if the original expansions.
  12. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Bloody f***ing hell...

    Computer?! How do you people *reach* this place if you don't have a computer?
  13. Sleepy Narcoleptic CPA Member

    I get online at work so yes I could use one for home.
    I told you guys I was getting better at this...:p
  14. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    I have a computer at home. I want a better one. also DSL(high speed interent connection) for my home so sue me.;)
  15. theorgg Slob

    THROW me the brain!? it's Give Me The Brain!, not Throw it...

    Also, if you can pick up Before I Kill You Mr. Bond, pick it up! It was forced into out-of-print by MGM. It's gonna be rare, and it's suppose to be fun, too...

    One more thing: I don't even have enough money to get HEROQUEST, so how would I pick up a $50 Settler's game w/o expansions?

    Oh yea:

  16. EricBess Active Member

    Give me the brain? Maybe that's how you play it. The zombies around here are less coordinated. Maybe more like Heave me the brain or Kick me the brain ;)

    Okay, so I was going by memory on that one. I already have Before I kill you Mr. Bond. It is a lot of fun. Basically, it is a card game where you are a villian and you are building up your base. The other players (or even you) send spys at the base and if your base is powerful enough, you score the points for the spy. But, you can try to increase the points by playing other cards at the risk that an opponent doen't have the matching card to stop you. It is based on all those Bond movies where the villian always has to explain everything or torture Bond or some other such non-shoot-him-in-the-head activity, thus allowing him to escape and destroy their base. Now that I know that it is out of print, I will have to take good care of it ;)

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