WWYT - Round 5

Discussion in 'Games Run By CPA Members' started by EricBess, Aug 2, 2003.

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  1. EricBess Active Member

    Okay, here's how this is going to work. No "list" this round, but rather a single answer. Not everyone is "on the line", but submit an answer anyway so we can have as many answers as possible. Plus, this is a chance to try to bump someone down a bit.

    Here's how it works. If you do not submit an answer, you lose points. If you do submit an answer, you will only lose points if no one gets fewer matches than you. For example, if there are several 2 point answers and 2 people submit a 1 point answer, those 2 people will lose points.

    How many points do you lose? Well, it is 1/5th of your current score, rounded down. So, the more points you have, the more you stand to lose. The current standings are as follows:

    rkoelsch - 9 (1)
    sagerridder - 8 (1)
    Zhaneel - 6 (1)
    Apollo - 5 (1)
    Izaryo - 5 (1)
    orgg - 5 (1)
    Spiderman - 5 (1)
    train - 5 (1)
    Jigglypuff - 2 (0)
    TomB - 2 (0)
    Big Blue - 1 (0)
    Azreal - 0 (0)
    Nightstalkers - 0 (0)
    EricBess - 0 (0) - Okay, I'm not really playing, but see below.

    The number in parenthasis is the number of points you stand to lose. Remember, you don't need to get the highest number of matches this round, you only need to avoid getting the lowest.

    To make this a bit more consistent, the question will be very limited in nature, so there will only be a limited number of "good" answers. For example, a question could be as simple as, "Which make better pets: dogs, cats, or fish?" Are you a cat person? Do you think everyone else is? One of those responses will get fewer than the rest and if you put that answer, say goodbye to a couple of points.

    But, for today's question, we're going to get a bit more personal. Now, most of us haven't actually met in real life, but I certainly have a mental image of what a few people here must look like. I'm sure they are all completely wrong, but still...

    So, for today's question, use your imagination and tell me, from the list above of people playing this game, Which member of the CPA has the worst hair?

    Answers due as soon as you read this. I won't process them until next week, though, and I'll try to send out a final-day reminder on Friday, but no guarentees. It depends on my schedule.
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