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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by EricBess, Jul 25, 2001.

  1. EricBess Active Member

    Well, it turned out that I should have thought through this question a little bit better. The X-men have pretty much always travelled in 5s. In retrospect, it would have been a better question had I asked for a list of 4 (or even 3) X-men.

    Having said that, the objective of the game didn't change, so even though several people got the "correct" answer, they did not have the highest scores. Here's the breakdown of the lists:

    Cyclops (12) - everyone listed cyclops.
    Beast (9)
    Jean Grey (8)
    Wolverine (7) - this turned out to be the most important response
    Iceman (6)
    Storm (5)
    Angel (5) - see below
    Xavier (4)
    Archangel (1)
    Colossus (1)
    Gambit (1)
    Rogue (1)

    First off, I've learned through this round that the correct answer is: Cyclops, Beast, Jean Grey, Iceman, and Angel. Xavier was obviously involved, too, but more as a mentor.

    Angel vs. Archangel - This is a tough call. While Angel and Archangel are the same person, they are not technically the same superhero. There is a very distinct period of time when the character went by Angel and a very distinct period of time when he went by Archangel. As such, Archangel is listed as a separate entry. It turns out that this has absolutely no impact on the person who submitted Archangel and on a side note, would probably only serve to irritate him if I did count it as the same answer ;)

    Melkor - 42 (5)
    sageridder - 41 (3)
    And, just so everyone knows that the correct answer was worth something, a 4-way tie:
    Chaos Turtle - 40 (2)
    Spiderman - 40 (2)
    Istanbul - 40 (2)
    Mundugu - 40 (2)

    Azreal - 39
    rkoelsch - 36
    Ransac - 35
    the Orgg - 33
    TurdCutter - 29
    fuzzy - 29

    I think a couple people must be on vacation. I know of a few that are MIA, but there were fewer responses this round than I would have expected. Which brings us to the current standings:

    Chaos Turtle - 13 - pulling into the lead
    Gerode - 11
    Melkor - 10
    TurdCutter - 8
    nodarb - 7
    Hetemti - 7
    Rando - 5
    sageridder - 5
    Spiderman - 5
    Istanbul - 4
    Ransac - 3
    fuzzy - 2
    Mundugu - 2
    sleepy - 1
  2. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I knew I should have listed Wolverine! I should have been thinking "Who are the most popular X-Men"! Dopey, dopey, dopey....

  3. fuzzy510 I Don't REALLY Exist

    My X-Men knowledge goes to the movie, and that's about it.
  4. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    I knew the correct answer but I was trying guess what others would say. Given the youth of the board I went with ones that were in the movie except for angel. I just had to guess angel.
  5. Mundungu grumpier than ever

    That was the first round I played and I am not sure I understand how points are counted ...

    EricBess could you re-explain please ?
  6. EricBess Active Member

    Ironically, I've never really even heard of Angel. I'm a fan of the X-men, but not really into comics, so I don't know the history that well. I would have stuck mostly to the movie too, but I would have been influenced by what little I have seen of the cartoon series. I would have said Beast. I'm personally a bit surprised that more people didn't say Storm. She's well known and I'm pretty sure she was with the X-men pretty early, not to mention being in the movie.

    I knew Iceman was an X-men, but since most of my influence come from the TV, I associate him more with Spiderman than with the X-men. :) I had no idea he was one of the originals.
  7. EricBess Active Member

    Okay, Mundungu. I'll try to keep it short and sweet. Keep in mind that there is a difference between points and standings.

    There are two type of points. We'll call them Round Points (points for the round) and Standing Points. I don't want to use Match Points because that could be interpreted as points for a match or points for the match. So, we'll stick with Round Points and Standing Points.

    Round Points are earned by matching your answers with the answers of other players. Each answer is worth a number of points equal to the number of players that listed that answer. So, in this round, all 12 people listed Cyclops, so Cyclops was worth 12 pts. If one person had neglected to list Cyclops, then it would have only been worth 11 pts, but since everyone gets the points that listed the answer, the person not listing Cyclops would have been at a serious disadvantage since 11 pts is a lot for a single answer. Since everyone listed it, the 12 pts goes to everyone and ends up a wash, but it was still important to make sure you participated.

    Once round points are determined, they are added up for each player based on the answers they gave. The top 4 players each get Standing Points.

    Standing Points are earned by having the most Round Points in a given round. First place gets 5 pts, Second gets 3, Third gets 2, and Fourth gets 1. Everyone involved in a tie gets full points for that levels.

    In this case, Melkor is in first, sageridder second, and the 4-way tie for third. Fourth is irrelevant because of the tie and Azreal came in a very close 7th, just one round point short.

    Round points are only important for the individual round. Standing points are carried over from round to round and the game ends as soon as one player reaches 25 standing points.
  8. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I actually had to stretch to think of Angel too. He just isn't well-known, even with his change and harder look with his metal wings.

    LOL...I loved the Spiderfriends and Incredible Hulk cartoon... that's where Ifirst saw Iceman too. I'm surprised Firestar was a New Warrior though and didn't have any older history (that I know of).

    Storm came in along with Wolverine and Colossus and a couple others when the original five went missing in some storyline. Don't know how early that was though.

    Hehe, at least most of the better known X-Men were listed (except for perhaps Nightcrawler). No Dazzler, or the sonic guy from Ireland/Scotland, or Shadowcat, or... :D

    Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch weren't X-Men, were they? Just Avengers?
  9. EricBess Active Member

    I actually have an X-men game. In addition to those listed, it has everyone that was guessed except Jean Grey (including Prof X). It had Archangel (not Angel), but it has him with wings. I'm not sure if that is accurate or not.

    In addition, it has: Banshee, Cable, Havok, Jubilee, Longshot, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, and Shadowcat.
  10. Melkor Well-Known Member

    That was the big conundrum, go with the actual original X-Men or go with the more popular X-Men. I pretty much knew that I had to put down Wolverine though, so Angel was the obvious bump in my mind. I was worried about Iceman but it turned out to be the right choice.

    On a side note, I like the scoring on this game because first is worth so much it lets people jump into contention and keeps everyone in it. It really feels like you're making progress.
  11. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    When did Angel get Metal wings? What's up with that? I am not surprised he was dropped Flying is such a wimpy ability compared to the others. Banshee is the sonic guy Spidey was referring to. My early days in the army comic books were easier to get than most other reading material except the adult kind and you really needed something to read while you were waiting. Waiting was something you did a lot of.
  12. Azreal the Soulmaster Sorrow's Rhapsody

    if i recall rkoelsch, angel got metal wings after being turned into archangel by apocalypse(this is according to the animated series on fox back in 93 i think).

    and on another note GAHHHHHHHH!!!!! SOOO CLOSE!!!
    * bashes head against wall
  13. Mundungu grumpier than ever

    Angel's wings had to be cut out bacuse of some kind of damage.

    He quit the Xmen and became desesperated.
    Eventually, Apocalypse came around and offered Angel Metallic wings, but turned him to the evil side in return.

    Not only could he fly, but also throw metallic sharpnels.

    Then Angel became good again and rejoined the Xmen.

    Eventually, after something I dont know happened (way after I stopped reading comics) his wings grew back.

    Angel has always been pretty lame, esp at the time where the xmen had Storm, Wolverine, Colossus and other power mutants.

    The beast was transformed into a real beast quite early and eventually joined the Avengers.

    All this makes me feel so old ...
    (I had all the comics available in France from 78 until 88...)
  14. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    but what fun :)

    Didn't Angel get his original wings ripped out when the X-Men first tangled with the Marauders? Or maybe it was something else...

    Yeah, Banshee was the one. Oh, and I forgot Psylocke is actually supposed to be more popular too...

    Good thing no one named Jubilee either :p
  15. PTQ New Member

    Not that I have anyhting to do with any of this, but Jean Grey's original name when the X-men were introduced was Marvel Girl.

    Just thought I'd let you know.

  16. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    Did anyone else buy the marvel overpower ccg. It wasn't bad lacking in balance but interesting.
  17. Hetemti The Wide-Awake Nightmare

    The only thing I know about ×-men is that Beast had a cool accent in the episode of the SatAm show I flipped by while channel surfing. So I didn't bother to submit for this round.
  18. theorgg Slob

    I don't know ANYTHING about X-men beond what was on the cartoon and the movie...

    I remember liking the action figures that were out at one point, but that's all I really remember... there was one that had a hand that extended, and Gambet, and Weapon X that looked like Wolverine...

    If I could have remembered his name, Morphe would have been in there, but I just couldn't...
  19. fuzzy510 I Don't REALLY Exist

    I never said that I hadn't seen the series......but I was six, or something like that......
  20. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.


    Wolverine was NOT a member of the original X-Men. The original X-Men were:

    Jean Grey

    Though Beast was just a big muscular dude, Angel was a guy with avian wings, and Iceman looked like a big snowman when he 'iced up'.

    Wolverine is the most popular of the X-Men, but he came to the team in the 70's. He was NOT an original!

    Rrrrgh...robbed of a chance at the top score by others' ignorance!

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