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  1. Mr USA New Member

    This is in response to Namielus' post. Calling someone a racist and not allowing them to respond is just plain wrong. It is too serious a charge. How dare you. Where in any of my posts have I alluded that I am anti-black or anti-semite? Call me arrogant or call me brazen, but don't call me racist.

    You lost the battle intellectually and it looks like you thrashed and whined to get the thread shut down. Are you such a sore loser when you lose games in MtG?
  2. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Listen MrUSA. No one person called for the thread to get shut down; there were numerous people and numerous warnings given. I can't help it if no one pays attention to them.

    As for people calling others "racist", you pretty much did the exact same thing to me:
    You still didn't substantiate your claim nor bring up any facts that said the US cared or bothered to investigate such rumors. Somehow you always seem to sidestep these issues.

    So since you disregarded my warning in the closing of the last thread and STILL resorted to insults and name-calling, I'm closing this AND DELETING ANY FURTHER THREADS.

    Please take a break from this for a week.
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