Wundindlinyg Dune Ripoff!

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  1. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive

    here it is, the weekly episode of Wundindlinyg and first episode of the Dune ripoff.

    Drum roll please....

    <many drums begin rolling down a hill>


    Wundindlinyg episode 2: a nonsensical Dune ripoff. part 1, Gabagoshtakowafratantino meets his dessssstiny

    Setting 1:
    Space, the final frontier.

    <Big Exodus Ship crashes into planet obviously hanging from a string. The string breaks and the planet falls into a gyrating, psychedelic hole.>

    narrator: umm... why exactly?

    Setting 2: Gabagoshtakowafratantino's room, decorated with DigiWundindlinyg posters

    Gabagoshtakowafratantino: I see all kinds of stuff in my dreams, mom. They tell me that I aint gonna like it on the new planet. I don't wanna go to the planet, it will be bad even though I saw in my dream this girl but I think she's fake.

    Hoeladfoieafena: Dammit Gabagoshtakowafratantino, shut your whiny little pie-hole. We have to go see the reverend mother.

    Gabagoshtakowafratantino: the reverend mother is ugly, and she likes to poke me with needles! I hate needles!

    Hoeladfoieafena: shut the frig up!!!

    < Hoeladfoieafena grabs Gabagoshtakowafratantino by the ear and drags him to the chamber where the reverend mother Brumbabrumbaritata awaits.

    Setting 3: the Reverend Mother's chamber, decorated with all kinds of curtains and shiny things, for that "I'm a reverend mother and you're not" kind of ambience.

    Brumbabrumbaritata: I have been expecting you, son of a beany gesso. Let me put this bluntly: you were an accident. This beany gesso is not supposed to make boy children, so obviously you're a bastard or your mother's a fluke.

    Hoeladfoieafena: I always hated you, Brumbabrumbaritata. This is my son and if anyone's gonna insult him it's gonna be me.

    Gabagoshtakowafratantino: I hate you too! At least my mom doesn't poke me with gum jabbers!

    Brumbabrumbaritata: it is called the Gom Jabbar, foolish child. Now put your hand in my box-o-pain, I don't have all day.

    Gabagoshtakowafratantino:I don't wanna!

    Brumbabrumbaritata: <in an echoing voice> You will!

    Gabagoshtakowafratantino: Owwwwwwwwwww!!!!! <he has stuck his hand in the box-o-pain and it won't come out.>

    Brumbabrumbaritata: leave your hand in there or I'll poke you.

    Gabagoshtakowafratantino: it won't come out!!! Mama!!!!!!!!! Mommieeeeeeeee help me it hurts ow ow ow ow ow ow!!!!

    Hoeladfoieafena: I'll just be going now. <leaves>

    Gabagoshtakowafratantino: but mommyyyyyy!!!

    Brumbabrumbaritata: oh hell with it. <pokes Gabagoshtakowafratantino with the Gom Jabbar. It does nothing>

    Brumbabrumbaritata: dammit, how many times do I have to tell your mother to put some poison on this thing??

    Gabagoshtakowafratantino: waaaaaaaaah!

    Brumbabrumbaritata: shut up! That's it, I'm turning it off! I can't stand your incessant wailing!

    Gabagoshtakowafratantino: you're mean.

    Brumbabrumbaritata: shut up and listen. Honestly, a reverend mother can't exactly keep a regal presence around a whiny little bastard accident like you. Unfortunately, we have a proverb that says that the boy child who gets his hand stuck in the box-o-pain and doesn't die just might be rather important in the Big Plan, so I'm not going to stab you to death with this. Now go cry to your mother, whelp!

    Gabagoshtakowafratantino: I'm gonna tell my mommy to beat you up cuz my daddy's already on the new planet.

    Brumbabrumbaritata: oh yes, I fear your mother so. She's but my servant, and she doesn't have the guts or the will to even attempt to kill me.

    Gabagoshtakowafratantino: I didn't say kill. I said beat up. My mama can beat up an old lady like you, cuz you're old and ugly and you smell like mothballs! <runs away in fear>

    Brumbabrumbaritata: That is the Quizzy Had-a-rat? Ugh…… Servant girl number 271! Get me a wide assortment of alcohol!

    …………………………………………………. The end… for now!

    Rashplataglium: And here I am spouting off again! Now I've got to warn all you kids not to be like Brumbabrumbaritata. Look at what she does right there at the end, ordering alcohol! Alcohol is bad for you, kiddies! When you drink it, your brain gets killed! So remember, don't drink, don't do drugs, don't talk to strangers, don't run off with your parents' money, and don't say curse words either, it makes you look like an imbecile. So now that I've made my point, I'll just remind you that Brumbabrumbaritata is BAD, and so is alco-

    <A bottle of vodka is smashed over Rashplataglium's head. He slumps over.>

    Brumbabrumbaritata: dam rashplitaglum. Hatin on mah frend. Ah gots mah frend in did bottle and mah frend makes me fergit bout bastards n yeh……

    <Brumbabrumbaritata collapses, and servant girls prop her up on her Big Regal Chair ™.>

    narrator: tune in next week for thrills, chills and spills as the Big Exodus Ship is…


    <dramatic incidental music>

    …………to be continued
  2. terzarima New Member

    Man, ain't that ironic, I just watched the 4 and a half hour movie a week ago, and now I'm starting on the book. Now this? It makes me think I'm psychic and I get prepared before something comes up....

    I also remember Jon Finkel mentioning Dune in one of his recent articles...
  3. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive

    That sci fi channel movie is so bad, I couldn't stand to watch the whole thing.

    I, the Dune fanatic, debunk that li'l travesty.

    The book is much better, as can be expected.
  4. Turtlewax Joe CPA Hater of Train

    Dune sux! The book is good, the parody(thnx wunndys!)was GREAT!

  5. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive

    Wundindlinyg was canceled this week due to continual coverage of the WTC incident. But fear not, Wundie fans; tune in next week, for the episode will be posted then.

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