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  1. Any wrestling fans? If magic made a movie and only could use wrestlers who would play what part? (lets say for fun the wrestlers could be past or present) Also what kind of cards would would they make?

    Creature Type
    stone cold-a snake?
    undertaker-a shade?
    The rock-a nomad
    Trish-a angle?
    golddust-a shapeshifter?
  2. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    Eddy Guerrero(Latino Heat)- Flame Spirit
    The Hurricane-Sorcery, I mean, Wind Elemental
    And the Rock would be a Brahma Bull

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  3. I wasn't sure if there were any bulls in magic I don't recall seeing any? I was thinking The rock would have to be maybe a Minotaur?

    spike dudly-Elf
    Big show-Treefolk
    bret hart-Volver
    Kane-artifact creature,Colossus
  4. Hetemti The Wide-Awake Nightmare

    Dwane Johnson is no Bhrama. Aurochs is more befitting.

    Goldberg can be Khamal

    I don't like wrestling, so I can't think of any others, but don't forget creature enhancement...

    Hulkamania — 1RWG
    Enchant Creature
    Enchanted creature gets +3/+1, First Strike, and Trample.
    If enchanted creature deals damage to a black or blue creature you do not control, gain life equal to that damage.
    "What ya gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you!

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