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Have you been to the Seattle Game Center?

Yes 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No 3 vote(s) 18.8%
No, but I've always wanted to. 13 vote(s) 81.3%
  1. Gerode Becoming a Lurker Again

    I am very disheartened by the closure of the WotC Game Center in Seattle. I used to go there once a month with several of my friends to play on the BattleTech pods. I still have a pass for 3 free games there. I would have gotten my 50th mission pin the next time I went. :( In the "Dungeon" downstairs, I played my first real tourney, a JSS with a mediocre Rebel deck (went 2-3).

    No real purpose for this rant, just felt like saying something.

    Does anyone else (not many) have any experiences there, or have anything to add to the apparently sinking condition of WotC or Hasbro?
  2. Hetemti The Wide-Awake Nightmare

    I live in Florida, so I'll say no.
  3. Almindhra Magic's Bitch

    I was planning my honeymoon to go there...What will I do now?!...

    See, I think Hasbro is just knocking Wizards down...I hope the heads at Wizards will cry now...Look at what they did!...Everything is going to shambles!...Apocalypse is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Apocalypse is coming, yes, but only the expansion. I've been to the Center, and put simply, I was amazed they kept it running while I was there. It simply wasn't a profitable idea! Being a direct WotC group, it's illegal for them to sell singles. And they attracted skilled players, so they don't often purchase packs and boxes... Which leaves the BattleTech (AWESOME), and the 'puter network, neither of which were gonna make much. I was confused as to why it existed at all.

    Don't get me wrong: It was a WONDERFUL place. But not a profitable one - I understand the closure.
  5. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Is this different from their retail stores that have games and a small computer network in the back? Or are the retail stores modeled on this Game Center?
  6. Gerode Becoming a Lurker Again

    Yes, it is quite different from the retail chain. It had two stories: a basement large enough to hold a PTQ and another room with 20 or so computers, then an upper level with a video game arcade, a store about the size of the retail ones, and a room with 12 more computers and 12 BattleTech Mech Pods, which are like flight simulator machines.

    And I agree with Zadok 100%. However, I don't like the timing in which it ended, after all the Hasbro crap.
  7. cbearsbro Nightwing

    I'm in FL too. Actually, I'd never heard of the game center before couple of people posted stuff on various boards. Bummer :(

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