Worthless Overanalysis ::Breaks out the abacus::

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Landkiller, Dec 6, 2000.

  1. Landkiller CPA Menace

    First, my apologies to those of you who took time from your life to read this. Anyway, you'll never have that back.

    As of 3:15 pm.
    There are 4124 threads in total
    and 48014 posts in total. Soon to be 4125 and 48015, respectively.
    The number of registered members is 846.


    That's 5.30xxx threads per member.

    The CPA has a 5.3 TPM.


    So, time to bust out the long division!

    56 639/846

    Comes to just over 56.75 posts per member!!

    So, the CPA has a 56.7 PPM.

    Now, let's divide the PPM by the TPM.

    for ghits and shiggles.


    There are approximately 10.69 Threads per Post.
  2. Hawaiian mage CPA symbiod

    By posting this, hopefull the avarage post count will rise by 1 per member.
  3. Teferi Veteran CPA Member,Capt. Nemo

    wow,just sucked 1 min. out of my life, your right i will never have that back...maybe i've been wasting my life...so many loose ends left untied, i never got to take over the world, by the time alexander the great was 22 he had taken over all the known world, what have i done..? I CAN HELP BADGERS!

    [me]wanders of aimlessly, and decides to dedicate his life to raising money for demented woodland badgers [/me]

    lovable little badgers!

    [me] is mauled to death by a disgruntled badger[/me]
  4. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    "There are approximately 10.69 Threads per Post."

    I'm 99% certain that sentance was not meant to come out as it did...
  5. K9Archmage He Might Be Giants

    Badgers? Why badgers? Demented weasels are so much cooler!

  6. Jaws10387 Hiding

    I think that sentance should have read "10.69 posts per thread."
  7. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Those numbers are actually related to the member aliases. The number would be slightly higher if you took away all the duplicate aliases that some actual people have (if you wanted to do it by real-life person).

    Also, you could go by number of posts per ACTIVE member...

    So many ways to crunch the numbers... :)
  8. Purple_jester New Member

    My homeland doesn't have badgers. Me? I like koalas. They're much cuddlier and definitely cuter. Would you like to adopt a koala? Statistics show that every week, a baby koala gets orphaned, its mother devoured by a feral kitty-cat. It's such a sad story isn't it? <sniff> :(
  9. Baskil CPA Member

    1. Mathematics is the language of nature.
    2. Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers.
    3. If you graph these numbers, patterns emerge. Therefore: Certain words in the names of threads cause a higher number of replies (X, bring the X! comes to mind, as does %Political%)

    (whoever gets the movie reference gets a cookie...)
  10. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    The movie was Pi. Interesting flick.

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