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You remember them: the tobias andrion's of the world. Acelrod gunnarson and co. So come on, I know that svitzi scarzam was a bad craw wurm, but she wasn't the worst. What's the worst legend ever printed?


Jedit Ojanen.

4UWW for a cat warrior, out of color(s), that's a 5/5 vanilla, and, above all, the worst atrosity...the reason why this is the WORST GOLD LEGEND EVER!!!!

It was drawn by Mark Poole.



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Any gold card from legends that didn't have an ability. Because they are too over cost. Who's going to pay 7 mana for a craw wurm.


Tolarian Academy is the worst Legend, because it completely ruined Magic for a while. Sword of the Chosen is probably just as bad. At least the gold cards gave you a creature.



What are you talking about?
Gold Legends RULED!!!
Awesome limited cards, all of them!
Besides, they are just.... cool. All of them are a part of some big storyline behind the Legends set, which has yet to be unveiled.

And worst legend WAS Tolarian Academy!!

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I don't know any of the Legend legends, but I think that Barrin, Master Wizard is pretty bad. I have to pay 2 AND sacrifice a permanent to bounce a permanent of yours.

I think that Tolarian Academy and Gaea's Cradle were really powerful, but I don't think that they were the worst legend. Being bad means it has a bad ability. TA and GC were just to powerful. I also think the red legend land should of been

Shivan Gorge
Legendary Land
T: Add one red mana to your mana pool for every land you control.

That would of made it as powerful as the rest to the Legendary Lands.



Purraj of Urborg

I don't see what's so good about this card? :confused:
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Take your pick of ANY of the vanilla gold creatures from legends, they all pretty much suck. They're overcosted, too many colored mana in some cases, and really aren't very good legends in that you have no idea who the heck they are. Some of the more recent legends also kinda suck.


Though I have no proof of this, I suspect that many of the original Legends are card versions of the creators' RPG characters. Those that aren't follow along in that vein.

Weatherlight and the sets that follow it are building on a storyline. As it is, WoTC keeps dipping into the past. Jolrael and company were first mentioned in Mirage block, and here they are again in the latest set. I would not be surprised to see more dipping into the flavor text and card titles of the older sets in the future.

What if part of the Invasion storyline involved the better Legends, such as Boris Devilboon, Kaysa, or Solkan'r the Swamp King? A trip to Karakas, Hammerheim, or Urborg (first seen in Legends)? An encounter with the remnants of the Balduvians (the Kjeldorans' ancestors?)?

As for Shivan Gorge's ability, it just screams out Multiplayer card, plus it fits red's trademark -- mass damage. Karakas is about the best Legendary Land for a chaos game.

Purraj of Urborg falls along the same lines. In a typical 8 player game, more than half either splash or run black heavy decks, followed up by green, red, white, and blue (in that order). With all those black spells being tossed around, Purraj of Urborg starts to become quite fun (as does Solkan'r the Swamp King).

If I remember correctly, Tolaria has the mighty ability to remove banding from target creature. That is bad.

That's all for now.

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Just wanted to lend some credence to krichaiushii's suggestion about the origin of the crappy Legends legends.

They were, for the most part, based upon the role-playing characters of the designers and their friends.

This info is in one of the older Duelist magazines.


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As if we didn't already know ;).

There are a few good ones. I think most Blue players like Ertai. If I remember correctly I think Autumn Willow had her day in the sun. And I think most all of us would agree Solkanar rocked, and Nicol Bolas in a reanimator deck was a scary thing. There are a few others that aren't too bad, but you're right in that overall they haven't lived up to their "Legend" status.

My pick for all-time worst? Barktooth Warbeard. I say that because I actually bought him as a single, back in the dim and dusties when I didn't know anything about this game. I actually learned a lot about Magic by playing with that guy in my deck.

The toughest lessons are usually the ones best learned :eek:.


I can't believe nobody's mentioned Kasimir the Lame Wolf yet. Wasn't he a 6-casting 5/3? You can't beat that.


C'mon, Legends haters.... I challenge everyone for a 10 people multiplayer game, where I'll be using my deck with Barktooth Warbeard, Pavel Maliki, etc.. See how long YOU last!


Teferi's Isle was pure crap. I'm pretty sure that was a legendary land. Utter poo that somehow needed phasing to balance it out.


it was ok, but the phasing really made me chuck it out after I saw it.

Still am sorry that they made Laquatis a Legend... what a bore having one out at a time.


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My least fav was that Kobold guy from Legends...I mean he tried to encourage people to play a KOBOLD DECK???


"Sure, I could get by w/ only three lands, but why would I want to?"


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It probably would have been better if WOTC had revisited the Kobold creature type at any point after Legends :)