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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by train, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. train The Wildcard!!!...

    I'm starting this because i know of more than one person on the CPA that has been watching it...

    Anyone else out there interested, or watching it?...

    All I can say is that it is downright awesome!... Maybe one day I can play in it - just to meed Edward Norton, Matt Damon, or other celebs...:D :cool:
  2. Troll Dr. Satan

    I'll admit to watching some of it. I haven't been keeping up with it but if nothing else is on, my wife and I will watch some of it.
  3. train The Wildcard!!!...

    I'm kind of using it to teach my 7-year old to play poker...

    She's pretty good - we actually go 50-50 during games...

    The wife doesn't mind my teaching her, but doesn't prefer to watch the championships...:rolleyes: :cool:

    Like you said - It's a "if nothign else is on" thing for her, but a "if possible to sneak a few minutes" thing for me and the daughter...:cool:
  4. Killer Joe Active Member

    My 7 yr. old daughter wants me to teach her how to play Magic, but I taught her how to play 5 card stud instead.

    Hey train, you should check out Andy Bellin's Poker Nation (Harper Collins). It's described as 'A High-Stakes, Low-Life Adventure into the Heart of a Gambling Country'

    You could read it in an afternoon. It's funny and talks about the World Championship of Poker. It's now in paperback but I have the hardback version.

    I heard an interview with him by Terry Gross from NPR. It was cool.

    He has a website:

  5. orgg Administrator


    If you want a good "walk through," I can send you the decklist and walkthough sheet to use with your daughter.

    If she has good reading skills (which I assume she does), teach her the "Portal" version of just lands, p/t, and direct damage sourceries(non-x spell, though).

    It works alright, from when I demo'd for WOTC in the Ambassador program.

    It was quite refreshing when a six-year-old recognised me after teaching him... when he was ten at a PR in Atlanta...

  6. Apollo Bird Boy

    Well, theorgg, you are pretty memorable. ;)

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