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    After several crashes, changes of URL, servers and hosts, WOOBERG.weebley.com, the one stop source for Magic the Gathering Variant Formats has returned.

    In an attempt to make Wooberg.com a more complete resource for variant formats. I have added many new formats and plan on adding many more in the next few weeks. In the interest of time constraints, I have copied and pasted them from thier original source, rather than make sure that each format works withing the current comp-rules and updated the workings for new cards, sets and in some cases Card Types (several of these writeups are older than Planeswalkers as a card type). As a long term goal, I want WOOBERG to have the 'official' rules to any and every variant format and to keep them updated with the current rules for MTG, however, as I am the only one working on the task and have limited amounts of time, I am temporarily sacrificing the quality of each listing in the interests of just plain old listing every format that I am aware of (which is quite a few). Please bear with me, and the horrible ugly formatting some formats have, as well as the occational redundant format (I already removed Tome magic and Arena magic as they are the same as Big Box, just with different names).

    Thanks for stopping by WOOBERG.com, your soon to be one stop for variant format rules for the game we know and love.

    - Shoe
    Moderator of WOOBERG.weebly.com

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