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    Oh well.
    It was a nice idea.
    Fun while it lasted and all that.
  3. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Which basically confirms my previous belief: I don't care what they say, WotC isn't listening.

    But then, all electronic Magic products are doomed to failure so long as they refuse to touch their physical market.

    Their marketing is based on a faulty premise. ANY electronic product will draw people away from the physical product, no matter what kind of player you are. The new players they hope to attract, if they do attract them, aren't going to switch to physical play. Not after putting hundreds of dollars into the online game. Nobody can do both, and anyone that gets into the online game is likely to *stay* in the online game for the same reason I won't be playing once this thing goes public unless they change their mind: I can't afford to re-buy the entire Type II, and I doubt many people can.

    By pricing virtual packs the same as physical packs, WotC has turned virtual play vs. physical play into an either-or scenario.
  4. Apollo Bird Boy

    Whelp, that kills any chance of me playing it.
  5. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    So much for THAT idea. :( Maybe I'll toy with it, but don't bet on me playing for long.
  6. Mongoose Man Gnome of Doom

    MTGO looked good, too bad they had to screw it up like everything else... those B@$T@RD$
  7. Mr_Pestilence Wumpus

    Same here. I would pay maybe 20 bucks a month to play online. With the all-but-required upgrade to DSL, that's more than enough added expense.

    But *buy* online cards? You gotta be kidding.

    I guess WotC thinks there's a huge market in Magic-playing hermits without access to a cardstore.
  8. terzarima New Member

    Interesting idea, you have to admit, but no.
  9. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    I am sorry that the boosters are so much. But if you want a quality product you have to pay for it. Look at apprentice it wouldn't get updated files if not for eleague. It is not supported but it is free. You get what you pay for. I agree I think WOTC is charging too much. I was really looking forward to playing. But like I told Wizards they are forcing me to choose between RL cards and Virtual cards and I have to choose RL. I can understand how they came up with their logic but I think it is flawed.
  10. Ura Feline Lord of the Pit

    Wizards Responds to Player Concerns Regarding Magic Online

    Wizards takes very seriously the comments of our most loyal players.
    As long as we think theres money is your piggybank or you have some gold teeth to sell.
    We first announced Magic Online to the Magic community and many of you have participated in our beta test.
    Allright! We got 'em hooked again.
    We would like to respond to some of the concerns you’ve raised about the cost of Magic Online.
    We all drew straws to see who would be the best spin artist against the lynch mob....I lost. :(

    Magic: The Gathering is close to its ten-year anniversary.
    And like many other great corporations we're going to try and milk you just like Disney did with all 3 of their 25th anniversaries.
    Magic Online has been in development for over two years.
    The love child of Richard Garfield and Bill Gates is in our dungeon with a horde of trained chimpanzies hard at work.
    We are dedicated to the success of Magic: The Gathering on all platforms.
    As long as we think we can sucker people into paying for it.

    From the beginning of Magic Online, we set out to simulate as much of the Magic experience as was possible for the online platform.
    Including the price. Mwahaha!

    While each platform has its strengths, face-to-face competition and high-level organized play for the physical game, constant access to players, tournaments, and trading for the Online game, the majority of features that make Magic a compelling game can be found on both platforms.
    If I pitch this well enough I'll win the office pool for a free trip to Maui where I can hide in relative peace from you pions.

    These includes important features such as, collecting, trading, the random aspect of booster packs, secondary industries supporting the cards,
    DSL and cable internet providers are gonna love us for this.

    as well as play variants and organized play programs. These similarities establish a strong connection between the two platforms.
    You can play at home naked if thats what your into and don't mind ever meeting or seeing your opponents.

    So strong, that there is a danger of Online sales cannibalizing physical card sales and damaging the value of physical collections and the important network of game retailers and organized play programs.
    If we weren't planning to bone you, our loyal fools, on the price to play.

    Maintaining the health of physical Magic, as well as covering the extensive costs of development, extensive security measures, ongoing programming, technical support, bandwidth, and maintenance, required that the pricing of Magic Online be the same as physical Magic.
    Here at WotC we believe that many of you will be uneducated enough in the computer world that you'll believe everything is secure and safe, bandwidth is ultra expensive and costs more than gold bricks, and that we have high priced $60/hr programers working for us round the clock. That way you will buy Magic: Online and we can stave off the torches and pitchforks from all the physical card owners, small time shopkeepers, and players whos collections we just devalued and business' we crushed.

    In order to reinforce that Magic Online cards have a similar value as physical Magic cards, the two need to be exchangeable. While Wizards of the Coast will be redeeming only full sets,
    Yes! We have an easy out. Suckers! :D
    we have already received numerous inquiries from retailers and entrepreneurs interested in establishing business that deal with trading online cards for online cards, as well as trading online cards for physical cards, and vice versa.
    Those retailers in our company run WotC game stores in the United States that is. The rest of you can rot.

    As this new industry develops (like single card sales, set sales, and deck rentals have developed), it will become easier for players to move from one platform to the other, or to play on both, as their play style desires.
    But only if you win the lottery, sign over your first born child to us, and try not to graduate from an elementary school education so as to keep believing us.

    Magic Online will have a very low price of entry. It will be available both as a free download and for purchase at retail stores for an approximate price of $15. The retail product will come with a certificate good for one theme deck. Players will thereafter be able to play as much as they want with those cards, unlike a subscription-based model that would require monthly fees to keep playing.
    Ok, so we don't know anything about pricing computer software like every other successful games company, but we know we're better at ripping off players than anyone. :D

    A great deal of thought has gone into the pricing model for Magic Online.
    We put this dartboard of the wall see, and wrote some prices on it see. Then we got our resident goons Tony and Guido to toss a couple interns at the wall, and the last price there was the one we picked. So we're gonna make yous an offer ya can't refuse.

    It is our promise to players that we will make Magic Online an excellent value, with awesome game-play, tournaments and prizes.
    *prays*I hope they believe me. I hope they believe me. I hope they believe me.

    It is our hope that many of you will choose to play Magic Online when it is officially released.
    That way we can make over 500% more profits without giving you anything in return. Haha! :D

    Though Magic Online will never replace the face-to-face Magic experience, we believe it offers many new opportunities for experienced players, as well as new players.
    We really hope you'll all switch to Magic: Online so we can save money on printing costs, and tournament set-up fees, and international travel costs, and shipping fees, and real life officials, and . . .

    We thank you for your comments and ideas regarding the pricing and other aspects of Magic Online,
    We needed something to laugh at here at the office

    and look forward to a continued dialogue with players as we move forward with the game.
    Keep that comedy rolling boys and girls

    Nathan Sherman
    Associate Brand Manager, resident public relations target, con-artist extrordinair, running for his pre-choosen escape route and hiding spot, financial vampire.
    Wizards of the Coast Where squeezing money from people is an art that makes a swiss banker quiver in fear
  11. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.


    I take serious issue with that article!!!
    ...it's spelled 'paeon'.
  12. Lotus Mox New Member

  13. Hetemti The Wide-Awake Nightmare

    Eh! Noöne's allowed to out nitpick me!

  14. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Couldn't figure out how to do the funky a-and-e-combined thing.

    But Hetemti is right.
  15. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Well, I have to agree with all of you, I am very hesitant to put out more dollars, even if it's the only way to find someone to play. Apprentice is still around and it's good enough for me.

    This seems to imply that trading for cards is not yet implemented, or is it just for dealers and businesses? If not, then even if you get a starter Theme deck, playing it over and over gets rather boring. Allowing trades between players would help a little, although really only for those who feel comfortable trading in the first place :)
  16. Rando Freaky Bear

    Good Lord people...

    Paeon...a song of praise.

    Peon...unskilled labor; a servent.

    So, you were both wrong.
    Don't they teach vocabulary anymore?
  17. Gerode Becoming a Lurker Again

    Then what's a servent? ;)

    Poor, poor WotC...

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