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Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by Ransac, May 11, 2001.

  1. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    A lot of my friends in El Paso started playing this game because of all of the people surrounding the tables at school when a match was on. They thought it was pretty fun and decided to form their own club (which I might add I was Vice-President of for a while). Don't worry, it wasn't an official club, it was a fun club.

    I'm interested in knowing why everyone here startd playing this game.

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  2. Mundungu grumpier than ever

    I always loved games, and played RPG's for many years.

    Then I moved to Germany and had no friends or relations. I went often to a game store hoping to find RPGers and saw people play that game. It was back in 93 or 94.

    But the game was in English and couldnt find anyone to play.
    The guys from the store were real unfriendly, so I dropped it.

    Then in 97 my sister and her husband opened a game store and sold Magic.
    Then I started to buy in bulk
    1) to help them out
    2) because suddenly I had people to play with.

    Ahh if only those store guys hadnt been jerks I would have been playing since beta ...
  3. Gerode Becoming a Lurker Again

    My little brother had a friend who played Magic, and we both wanted to learn. Our local card shop was going to teach Portal at the library, so I went along, got some free Portal cards, learned to play, and I have pumped a lot of cash into their shop ever since.
  4. maraud234 Sir Psycho Sexy

    Well, my story about how I started Magic isn't all that interesting. I walked in a bookstore, saw some Magic cards, wanted to try them out, so I bought a deck.
  5. superguy Helpful CPA Member MAGICBOY

    My friend was taught the basics by his friend, so he bought a starter of 5th, we split it in half, he taugt me what he knew... And we played for a long time. Now I teach him stuff :)
  6. Thallid Ice Cream Man 21sT CeNTuRy sChIZoId MaN

    In 1997 a couple of guys in my school were playing Magic, so I decided to start.
    They were 11 at this point, so they either played the stupid kind of deck with lots of expensive stuff, or decks with all 90 of their cards in them.
  7. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    My friends were trying to get me to play, saying this new card game had come out in our comic shop. I took a look at a game but thought it was too weird (tapping? Mana?). Over summer break I had nothing to do so I broke down and bought a Revised Starter and taught myself to play. I went back to college and told my friends and they were like "Man, you should have told us you were interested and we could have gotten the Alpha starter and boosters we had reserved for you (but are probably gone now)!"
  8. MumboJumbo New Member

    I've read a lot of stories about how people first got into Magic, but I've never seen anyone else who got into it the same way I did.

    Back when it was released, I saw a good review of the Microprose Magic computer game so I went out and bought it. Not really sure what attracted me to it, as the review didn't make it all that clear what the game was about, but I played it for 3 or 4 months before deciding to buy actual cards.

    As a birthday gift for a friend, I bought each of us a 4th edition starter and a booster pack. A few months later I was buying cards like crazy and learning everything I could about the game. She was more interested in looking at the artwork.

    Since the subject of the original message was actually "why you play Magic" and not "how you learned about Magic", I guess I'll just add that I play now because I love games that require a lot of thought and are creative in nature. The fantasy theme is important as well - I doubt I'd have learned to play if the game was sci-fi based instead (which is odd, since I love to read sci-fi and never read fantasy.)

  9. ErinPuff Token Female

    I learned the basics from my little brother and his friend, but they didn't really know how to play.. ;) When I got the MicroProse game, I learned the rest of the rules and stuff, and can now beat my brother 4 out of 5 times. :D
  10. Apollo Bird Boy

    My friends were playing, and I ended up dragged into it. At recess and lunch in 6th grade, our entire room was playing, so it was either join them or sit in the corner.
  11. terzarima New Member

    I walked into a store nearby that had just opened up (this was 6 or so years ago) and saw these magic cards, I asked my parents ( I was... 7 or 6 at the time) to buy them, thinking they were something different than what they were (like a tarot card park or something like that) and then I got hooked.

    :) I am the Magic child, I grew up with it :)
    Wizards can use me for advertisement if they want
  12. Mr_Pestilence Wumpus

    I started playing when all of my friends with whom I played Chess and John Madden Football starting playing Magic. If I wanted to play with my friends, I had to learn.

    Thanks, guys! I've had countless hours playing, discussing, collecting and thinking about Magic since then. I even got to go to Europe to play in Pro-Tour Rome because of my passion, no, OBSESSION, with Magic.
  13. Almindhra Magic's Bitch

    I guess my story is the typical "girlfriend" story...My bf, after 6 months of dating, decided to teach me how to play it...Then I fully entered "geek world" and have never turned back...
  14. Ephrils This Space For Rent

    In high school, after school was over, a friend of mine would play with some friends in the hall. I found out they played at lunch too. I watched it for a while, and eventually got curious enough to ask to learn how to play. That was around 96-97, since then I've been playing and every now and then collecting.
  15. krichaiushii New Member

    Ahh the memories...

    A guy in my then-regular gaming group had bought a number of starters (10, I think) to get us all playing. While I had looked at the cards, I didn't get a chance to play, due to having agreed to go to Airborne School as a cadet.

    A few like-minded cadets were in my Airborne class, and one had his own vehicle, so we found a game store in Columbus (the Iron Tower, I think it was called) and bought some cards. That same day Legends had gone on sale, so I got a whole two packs of them at sticker price! It was there that I saw my first singles binder with cards for an obscene $5, which I vowed to never pay "for a piece of cardboard".

    Seven years and thousands of dollars later, I am still playing and have happily taught more than a few the beauty of this game. The chaos version, at least!

    My latest triumph was teaching my fiance' to play. She smoked me with my WW deck... such is life.
  16. lilpinhead Cry Baby CPA Member

    well, a while back Wizards had this create your own creature contest..i saw a commercial for it and went to the web site and enetered on line...i had no clue what magic was about, just that i was supposed to describe a nasty creature with words. i did it and then basically just forgot all about the whole thing. that is untill a package arrived at my door..it turned out i was one of a few hundred runner ups or something..they sent me a starter set with dice and two decks and like 10 or 12 packs...i took them to my school and gave them to my friend who freaked out and then proceeded to teach me how to play..since then ive been addicted. hehe..in my pack of starter i got a Dakmoor Sorceress, my friend mikey loved her art so much he gave me a a nightmare for her....hehe, the fool.
  17. Bob Idiot

    Around 1st grade, I would see my neighbors Neil and Nate play Magic. I didn't understand it back then, and why everyone was so afraid of Leviathan, but I did like the pictures.
    Anyway, around 3rd grade, my friend Shane taught me about Pokemon. We were big Pokemon freaks. (We're still freaks, but we hate Pokemon)
    When the Pokemon TCG came out, I would play it :rolleyes: and I taught my friend Seth how to play. My neighbor Neil played Magic, and he gave us some crappy decks and taught us to see the light of Magic over the evil of Pokemon. I always lost, and we and Seth saw Neil as the undefeatable Magic God. (I beat him most of the time now)
    I got more and more cards, but still played Pokemon. In 5th grade I almost turned to the dark side, and left Magic... :eek: Around the end of 5th grade I began to see how stupid Pokemon was, and how no skill was required at all. I quit playing Pokemon near the end of the year, and by 6th grade, I hated Pokemon and left it forever, gave all of my useless pieces of Pokemon cardboard to my little cousins, stupid Ebay people, and the fire. Now I help hackers destroy Pokemon boards. =D
    I have beaten Neil many times. I still remember the very first time I did. Strangely, I could not beat Neil until I quit playing Pokemon. I beat Seth most of the time, but he has a very annoying R/B deck.
    I've never played against Nate, becuase he was always too busy with school to play MTG. Now he's in college.
  18. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    It was 1993. I was in my junior year of high school. Arabian Nights had come and just barely gone. It was the lunch room...lots of tables, but my high school was filled with preps and jocks, leaving no room for an actual person. Except for just a couple. I saw these people playing Magic, and sat down...learned the basics. Talked my friend into buying some packs and playing along.

    (Did you know that in Unlimited, Frozen Shade just read 'B: +1/+1'? No 'until end of turn'? We didn't realize it wore off at the end of the turn; we had many wars about who had the biggest Shade!)

    I have never opened a pack of Arabian Nights...and I probably never will. But I bought big into Antiquities, and the rest is history.
  19. train The Wildcard!!!...

    I was a chess player and when I heard about how Magic had infinite possibilities - similar to chess - The rest is history!!!

    Now, It is something I devote time to between family and school - cool thing is I get to do it all day at work!!...
  20. Just wandering if anyone remembers the old days of magic. My old days started with Visions and Mirage (I THINK). I rem.standing around watching a multi player game,thinking this is a crazy game. Once I learned about it a little more I said I'll give it a try. How ever not having any cards,friends had to build me a deck. My first deck I had I think was black and green Godzilla about 80+ cards. I rem. one card I had and when it hit the table I thought it was the shiznit. It was non other than Crash of Rhino.lol. We used to play all the time from night to day. Now in my area people don't play to much anymore. I still like to play when I get a chance.

    When did you start and do you rem. your first deck?

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