Why I Embraced Islam

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    I was born on December 2, 1959 as Seventh Day Adventist (SDA), one of the thousand branches in Christendom. I was a former Evangelist of the Seventh Day Adventist. Since childhood until I became Muslim in 1981, I had been a devoted SDA.

    My father was a former member of the ILAGA and of the CHDF (Civilian Home Defense Force) formed by a former dictator, President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos. ILAGA is the name given to a group (Cult) of Christians who are trained to grab the land and annihilate Muslims in Southern Philippines. ILAGA members believe that they have an invisible bulletproof vest and some believe bullets do not hit them. They used to cut and roast the right ear of their victims, then eat. Then, they make ashes of the remaining roasted ears and fill their amulet perfume-liquid bottles with them. The ILAGA members believe that the more Muslims they can kill, the more power they will have possessed.

    In childhood I was indoctrinated (brainwashed) that Muslims are pagans. We believe that Muslims are warlike people, traitors, happy to kill non-Muslims, lawless, and all negative attributes of humanity are in the Muslims’ doctrines. Actually, when I was a Christian I did not know the difference between Islam, Muslim, and Moros—I believed they were all synonymous with paganism. What I knew about Muslims was that they were pagans and idiots!

    I was brought up in the conservative Christian educational institutions. In my early days of childhood we were trained to open the Bible quickly and explain the meaning of the text day and night. We were also trained to deliver speeches in the pulpit as smart as we could. In my youth, I conducted countless Ministerial works in the Seventh Day Adventist Churches. I studied at Southern Mindanao Academy, Managa, Davao del Sur; Matutum View Academy, Tupi, South Cotabato; Notre Dame of General Santos City; Forest Hills Academy, Bayugan 1, Agusan del Sur; in college at Silliman University, Dumaguete City. Silliman University was founded and supported by Protestant American philanthropists, a sister University of the UNIVERSITY OF PHILIPPINES (UP). I got a degree in Bachelor of Arts, major in Speech and Theatre, and a junior college degree in Mass Communication. In my youth I was a battalion commander in paramilitary training, Senior Students’ president, Kabataang Baranggay chairman, Science Club President, Sabbath School Superintendent.

    In 1981, I was trained extensively in Pagadian City, Philippines how to preach Christianity, particularly in Muslim community, and sell medical books under the banner of Adventism. Later with groups we were assigned in Zamboanga City: house-to-house and office-to-office approach, rigidly. Our main targets were to gather money and to spread our doctrines or to convert the Muslims into Christianity (Adventism). Even today there are Christian Institutions in the heart of the Muslim community in Mindanao whose main motive is to Christianize the Muslims gradually.

    One day in Zamboanga City, I was assigned at the Al-Malin Shipping Line Office, district of Santa Barbara, to do our jobs, where I met my first encounter with a Muslim intellectual. His name is Najeeb Razul Fernandez, formerly Samuel Fernandez, who was also a former Seventh Day Adventist-Evangelist. We discovered later that we were neighbors during our childhood, and our parents and his uncle’s family (Memong Fernandez) were close friends and neighbors.

    I introduced myself to Mr. Najeeb Razul Fernandez. He warmly welcomed me and asked my purpose of visiting his office. He was a liaison officer that time at Al-Malin Shipping Line Office. He asked me, “Are you Seventh Day Adventist?” Yes, of course! Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Of Course! We would not be a Seventh Day Adventist, unless we believe and follow Jesus Christ! He continued, “your religion is Seventh Day Adventist, was Jesus Christ a Seventh Day Adventist? I knew that if I answer “yes”, the next question; “can you show me in your Bible that Jesus Christ was a Seventh Day Adventist?” I knew well that there is no passage in the Bible that it mentions that Jesus Christ was an Adventist! I was shocked at the question, because in my experience I never encountered such question in my life. I tried my best to ignore his question, and I talked things which were not related to his question. He repeated the question direct to my eyes, and said; “if you could not answer that question, please bring that question to your team leader and tell me his response.”

    Then he related to me the true name and life of Jesus Christ u whose name is Iesa Al-Maseh ibn Maryam in the Muslim world. Iesa was a prophet and messenger of God. The religion of the Muslims and the prophets of Allaah is Islam. And in fact the prophets of Allaah (God) were Muslims. Islam teaches: Day of Resurrection, Judgment Day, Paradise, Hell-Fire, Angels, Prophethood, Morals, Divine Books, etc. all these words were like thunderbolts that awakened me from a deep sleep! After I heard those words I did convey them to my team leader, and I did ask him what was the religion of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus Christ. He did not answer, instead I received warning not to talk to Mr. Fernandez or I will be excommunicated. My team leader’s reaction had pushed me to investigate what Islam is and sowed doubts to my belief being a Seventh Day Adventist. If really my belief is the true one, I should not be afraid to deal with other religions!

    I did not heed his warning. Again I went to Mr. Fernandez, then he asked me “DID JOSEPH, MARY, THE 12 DISCIPLES WORSHIP JESUS CHRIST AS GOD, AS YOU SEVENTH DAY ADVENTISTS DO TODAY?” I turned speechless. I went back to our quarter in Zamboanga City, and debated with my team leader! At that moment after our confrontation, our team leader immediately ordered me to pack up my things and leave. That time I could not accept that I was a Muslim. My team leader and our whole group branded me that I became a Muslim and not fit to do our task in Muslim community. With tears and confusion, I was forced to leave my SDA companions. From that time it became my turning point to research ISLAM and become a Muslim few months later in Isabela, Basilan.

    I never ever thought that Muslims believe in God, as well as the above mentioned. What I had believed before was that Muslims are people who are doomed to Hell-Fire. Some non-Muslims believe that Muslims are like rats, a menace to a developed and peaceful society, and that is why some countries have done ethnic cleansing and
    deprived them of human rights: such as in Bosnia, Kosova, Kashmir, Chechnya, Mindanao, and the occupied territory in Israel originally belonging to Palestinians. A wellknown saying in my native land: “A GOOD MUSLIM IS A DEAD MUSLIM.”
    Today, Alhamdulillaah, I am prepared and more than willing to face any Christian scholars to debate or discuss theologically, academically, intellectually any subject in the Bible that contradicts the teachings of Islam.

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    Welcome to the CPA, MUSLIM.

    However, I must bring up the point that these are posting boards for Magic: The Gathering players (as I'm sure you well know), and that religion and propaganda promoting it are not topics here.

    I do not mean any disrespect; I simply mean that the CPA is a MTG posting board, not a place for missionaries who mean to spread their views.

    That is not to say religion is a bad thing, or the lack of religion is a bad thing; (my religion, if I have one, will remain undisclosed) I reiterate in saying that the CPA is not a religious forum.

    Again, let me be the first to welcome you to the CPA, good Magic player.


    What is your favorite color in Magic, may I ask?
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    Welcome to the CPA?
    ph33r the psychos?
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    To reiterate what Goku said, MUSLIM, we neither know nor care one bit WHAT your religious views are in this place. That's not what we're about, so with that in mind I am going to move your post to our Off-Topic forum, where it should have been posted in the first place (if anywhere). Please do not be offended by this, and if you want you can pop up another New Members thread to replace it, only, please, try not to bring God (in any form) into it.

    That said, I'm very sorry to hear of the persecution you witnessed in the Philippines. Do you still live there? Or, considering your conversion have you made an escape?
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    umm...is this a greeting or propaganda? I really can't tell. o.o;
    No real introduction besides religious background which is the point of the whole post from the looks of it. Not even a friendly hello before moving into his speel. I feel like I just read the script for one of those late night infomercials.
    I'm gonna go have a shower now I think...
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    *sniff* Smells of spam. Oh, well. It's off topic now. :) Let's see if this guy ever returns. If he does, then this probably wasn't spam. If he doesn't, CPA, meet our first religious ambassador. Hopefully the last.
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    Zadok - does this mean I can't try to convert you all to Scientology? :D

    I have a feeling that MUSLIM might not play Magic, but I guess we'll see....
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    I fell so much shame
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    HA! good 'un!
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    What about The Preacher / Satan's Child?
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    I think The Preacher was meant to be a joke.
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    why did you tell us this?

    im just wondering i guess ya wanted to make conversation or sumthin is all i can come up with
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    Are you calling me a joke?

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    I thought you were dead.

    *Fuzzy510 shoots Preacher_Man.

    There. Now you can all worship me.

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