who's not dueling?

Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by thrasykles, Feb 7, 2001.

  1. thrasykles CPA Member

    sifting through the forum i found to my disappointment:( that most (all??) of you are mostly concerned about dueling and type II tourneys, wich quiet annoys me (so i left a mark of that here and there :D).

    is this what you call casual play?

    personally i don't like either of it. the last tourney i attended was the alliances pre-release and the only reason i see to duel is when i and a fellow player early get kicked out of a big game that seems to last forever on.

    is there anybody out there who shares this opinions?

    there'd better be or i could be forced to leave further marks at not so appropriate places...;)
  2. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    (keeping out of sight on this one)

    Except to say that I think that the CPA has recently (like the last 6 months) begun to carry a greater burden on people trying to break into tournaments, and so the bandwidth is now not being dominated by the other more casual decks.
    I have to say I`ve not seen many people designing decks specifically for multiplayer - where are all you people?
  3. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    although keep in mind that "casual" does not necessarily have to mean "only multiplayer and nothing else".

    Still, there has been very few multiplayer decks in the Deck forum and not too many variants discussed. Of course, in the past I believe most of them have been discussed; you have to dig WAY in the past to find them (probably do a search in CPA/Magic Issues to start). I'm talking like last spring/summer. Not too many new ones have come to light recently.
  4. Killer Joe Active Member

    Well, it's kinda like jumping into the middle of a discussion you weren't previously a part of. Meaning that, a while back we've discussed these issues and have evolved into what we are today: A nice mix of casual/tournament players.
    I am both. In the recent past I have been trying to chronicle my adventures into the tournament scene but one thing I've learned so far is that, you don't have to be a tournament player to be good. For me, that's a big lesson learned.
    Don't be discouraged by folks talking about dueling, it's just more acceptable to talk about that stuff on this site than it used to.
    Lastly, welcome to our home, I hope you find what you're looking for :).

    PS-There be crazy people here ;)!
  5. Nyx New Member

    I find that most of my casual play is duels. We play all the time one on one. Multiplayer is great, especially big MP games, but we too often get three players and that doesn't leand itself to much MP fun as it encourages stalemates and gang-ups, so we trade off duels. I don't play T2 decks except when I'm using a precon that happens to be one of the recent ones. I don't have a single deck that I could take to a local gameshop and play in a tournament, they all have too many old cards in them. We even play unglued.
  6. Apollo Bird Boy

    When I get to play, there is rarely more than one person there to play with. So I usually play duels. Of course, there's nothing wrong with multiplayer, and chaos is a lot of fun. But I can't usually play it, so I don't comment on it much.

    I would also venture to suggest that strategy for duel is far more concrete and easier to talk about than multiplayer. Multi is more dependent on the wacky decks your opponents are like, and the temperaments and mannerisms of your opponents. As such, it's a lot harder to discuss multiplayer strategy.

    But please, feel free to start some more multiplayer threads of your own. We're right behind you.:)
  7. theorgg Slob

    I play as many chaos games as possible(chaos being a free-for-all multiplayer game), but the opprotunity doesn't come up too much.

    I've gained quite a bit of confidence in my deck designs(and am pretty stubborn when it comes to themes, take a look at my first article: Millitant Themedecking), so I don't seek advice that often. I usually only ask when a deck I've been working on will NOT work right and I need to try to find some other stuff for it.
  8. thrasykles CPA Member

    :)aah well, that's some of the reaction i hoped for:)!

    ok, let's get through some of the points: first (re: gizmo/spiderman/yellowjacket) i did only sift yet (last month or so) thanx for encouraging me to actually DIG in the forum :D. you can expect a few of your old threads to pop up again;)!

    second (re: theorgg/apollo/nyx) it really astonished me to hear, that you have trouble to find enough playmates (i feel :(really :(sorry for you). i always thought in the US, you just have to go round the next corner to meet a myriad of mtg-addicts... (prejudices!)

    i live in schaffhausen, wich is even for swiss measures deep province (about 30'000 inhabitants) but i have a regular playgroup there with 7 participants, when anyone can come. so i have plenty of opportunities to play with 3-7 players (when only 2 of us could come, we normally don't play at all..).
  9. Sidar Jabari CPA BritBoy

    If you want Multiplayer there only one way to go.

    Get five mates together and have a game of star.

    You can play it mono-colour.
    You can play it dual-colour.
    You can have each player using one of the dragon legends.
    You can play with no colour restrictions at all.
    You can play it highlander.
    It's all good.

    In fact, you'll never run out of fun variants because you'll keep making them up just so you can play more and more.

    The beauty of it is the structure. You know who you're friends are, you know who your enemies are but everyone has divided loyalties.

    The best thing is, it's right there on the cards. Just look at the back of your magic cards and it all makes sense.

  10. thrasykles CPA Member

    rrright buddy!!

    but one of my concerns is that i haven't found a practicable way to adapt this variants for seven players.

    ;)any idea?
  11. Sidar Jabari CPA BritBoy

    Um, good question!

    How about.....

    Sit in a circle of seven. The two people either side of your are your allies and the other four are your enemies.

    This gives a lot of enemies, but, everyones in the same boat so it's probably fair.

    I'll think I'll try that out quite soon since my playgroup is seven members. In the past we've always had two people sitting out, playing duels and tweaking (or completety scrapping) thier decks for next time that they swap in.
  12. Sidar Jabari CPA BritBoy

    Ooh, I've just read the full thread.

    It's interesting that us Europeans (I'm English) who live in villiages (Cam, population: not many) have loads of people to play with but the Americans don't.

    Who else is a European on the CPA? Do any of you play tournaments?
  13. thrasykles CPA Member

    yep, that sounds good...

    the only problem is how to prevent the game from lasting forever. we once tried a 7-star with the two players sitting opposed to you being opponents and that led to a horrible stalemate, when only four players where left (the rest of us played two 3-player free-for-alls in the meantime :eek:).

    but maybe it's better with four opponents making the game more aggressive. and it seems to me, that the strategy would be more similar to the 5-star-game, cause you share 3 opponents with your neighbor, the only one you don't share being your neighbor's neighbor. (wish they could add graphic features for the posts...;))

    what i like most about the star variants is the fact, that as soon as your common opponent is dead, your neighbor (aka "friend":D) becomes your worst enemy, cause you both are just one kill away from victory, while your remaining opponent has still two players to fight.

    by the way: how exactly do you guys play this variant? we count all players (even your neighbors) as opponents and you may target all players and all permanents but it's forbidden to give your neighbors targeted damage or attack them.
  14. thrasykles CPA Member

    and...it's not, that i wanted to offend anyone who plays type II or duels. i simply don't (i AM aware that there can be a lot of casual dueling).

    ;)just felt i had to provoke a little bit of reaction to hear if some of you actually are into multiplayer games
  15. Apollo Bird Boy

    Sadly, that is about the only chance I do get to play. I have some friends that can be coaxed into a game every once in a while, but that's about it...
  16. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    I really don't do too terribly much on the decks forum (perhaps once a week I'll post on someone's deck). and there's a reason for that.

    If you check out my little deck/dice/sleeve/spare card carrying box, you can see that I've pretty much represented the CPA in there. Let me explain how I mean:

    On the far right side of my box is my current netdeck. This is a deck I've built straight off of a major site by a major player.

    Before you start flaming me, let me tell you why I, of all people, have a netdeck in my deckbox. It's very simple. I enjoy playing in tournaments. Where I play, a large number of the other tournament players are playing the "dominant" deck of the time (I'm currently packing Zvi's Fires whatever the heck you call it). As such, when I build a deck intended for tournament play. I want to test it thoroughly, and sometimes Apprentice just doesn't work well enough. As such, its very easy to get one of the other random players there (sadly few casual players) to play Fires against my invention.

    So why am I bringing it along? Simlple, I know for a FACT that that deck will comprise somewhere about 50-60% of the field come Friday. It's deplorable, but it lets me build decks that specifically humiliate the big deck of the day. I recommend this to anyone here trying to break into tournament play. Build a netdeck that's going to be making a huge showing at the next showing, and play your own deck against it. My record has grown to a large enough stage that other players are (painfully) slowly starting to build their own decks. This lets me, in turn, play more casual games.

    To the left of stupid netdeck is my current tournament deck. I don't play it unless I'm testing it.

    To the left of my tourney deck is a set of 40 empty cardsleeves, specifically for drafts. I prefer shuffling with sleeves, so I simply re-use them for each draft.

    To the left of the sleeves is my current casual T2 duel deck. It's always something weird that doesn't always work, but it's a blast when it does. This gets the majority of my attention.

    To the left of my casual T2 duel deck are several draft sets of Invasion block. Drafting is huge where I am, and I can go through 4 draft sets per week - easily. Currently, I'm packing 6 packs of Invasion, 6 of Planeshift, and one Invasion tournament pack. That'd be 1 sealed deck and 3 drafts.

    To the left of my draft sets is my current extended deck. There's something about old school black control (Skirge!). I always pack this just in case I meet someone who wants to play extended.

    Next up comes my life counter, one of those nifty Flying Tricycle thingys (excellent, everyone should have one), and of course I have the Black mana symbol on it. Additionally come a whole bunch of assorted tokens and counters for fading, kicker, +1/+1, and that whole thing. They also tend to be black.

    Second to last comes my land sets, 30 of each basic. Because you never know. ;)

    Finally comes my multiplayer deck, chock full of wackiness that wreaks havoc on multiple foes (Unnerve, Grave pact, Thrasing Wumpus, Syphon Soul, and other bits of wackiness) I generally play 5 Star (amazingly, mages of each of the other 4 colors are also around from time to time. When we're all there, we all actually have decks built for just such occasions)

    Hopefully this helps explain the CPA a bit better. We're basically like my deckbox, players who play anything from Type 2 to Chaos, 5 Star, Drafts, Extended, and beyond. We're willing to play anything, so long as we can have fun, regardless of how the other players look at it.

    And that, my friend, is the true definition of casual.
  17. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    First, the only Europeans I know here that play in tournaments off the top of my head are Gizmo and Neil Rigby (from England, I believe).

    Second, for thrasykles, I don't know if you've tried these multiplayer variants for your group but there's the 'ol "attack only in one direction (left or right), global effect spells only affect people 1 or 2 away (you choose)". You get 2 pts for taking out your opponent who you're attacking, 1 pt for taking out anyone else, and 1 pt for surviving the longest. Of course, when you kill your opponent, the next one down the line becomes your new target. Kinda like Melee Chaos described in one of the old Duelists.

    Or you can play Hunter/Prey. There's a detailed description somewhere (you can do a search), but in a nutshell everyone has 2 copies of a signature card. You put one copy in a hat/basket/whatever and draw randomly; whoseever card you draw is your Prey. You get 1 pt for killing your prey and when you do, you get HIS Prey card and that becomes your new Prey. If you draw your own card in the beginning you're a Rogue and you can pick on whoever you choose but once you kill someone you get their Prey card. You also get 1 pt for lasting the longest.
  18. thrasykles CPA Member

    re: spiderman: we tried some similar stuff. as the members of my playgroup mostly don't like spell ranges (for global effects) our version of the melee (we call it "biting through") works like this: global effects have a global range but targeted stuff and attacks may only target your neighbors to the left and to the right. when one of them gets killed, you go for the next one until only one player is left.
    we also play a hunter/prey variant (our favourite variant actually, cause it's fun with 4 to 7 players). check out my thread "some of our mp-variants" if you're interested how it works. the variant you present me sounds as good as that, so i'm sure we'll try it soon. would be quiet interesting to see how the tactics differ between the two variants.

    re: cateran emperor: ok and here's how my deck-bag looks like: it's just a big strong paper bag and in there is a small metal box with a few dice and counters and a lot of starterboxes with my currently 32 decks. i'm afraid none of them is actually type II or even extended, but none of them is unfair in any way, cause my powercards are spread across them. they all are intended to be played in any situation, though most of them have their preferred formats (for example i really can't play my r/w-inferno-deck any more in a 3-player free-for-all, cause when the first typical card hits the table my opponents ignore each other until i'm stomped to the ground...). i always have a few personal favourites i play most and which get the most attention and updates with the newest cards, but i play most of the decks sometimes, even those i haven't updated since 1998. when a deck doesn't work good enough, it's either taken to the top of the "updating-queue" or stripped of it's power cards and stuffed back in my collection.

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