Who likes Sex? Raremagic.com

Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by Dbronco27, Jan 8, 2001.

  1. Dbronco27 New Member

    This is great. Combining Magic with Sex.
    At http://www.raremagic.com there was a post on who the hottest magic chick is...so far looks like Serra. Check it out!
  2. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Hasran Ogress, baby! She's got HUGE tracts of land!

    ...seriously, though. If I ever get bad enough to go to another Magic site and participate in a poll on which character on a Magic card is the sexiest, someone shoot me in the friggin' head.
  3. Almindhra Magic's Bitch

    Visited the message board...Boy, I could have some real fun in there...Especially this girl 'Kristen'...Why is that when females know they're on a male dominated board, they have to flaunt their sexuality?...Does that make them feel better?...I'm not a feminist, I'm actually quite the opposite...But if someone can't get another person's attention on a message board other than signing everything with 'kisses', then they need a reality check, or a beat down from Doe....

  4. Crackdown New Member

    On the Internet, no one knows if you're a dog . . .

    And if "Kristen" were a female, I would be very surprised.
  5. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    You don't have to go to another Magic site, we had a poll right here, courtesy of Yellowjacket (self-proclaimed dirty old man). It's somewhere in Voting probably... I don't think it got moved to Classic...

    Unless you were kidding... :confused:
  6. NeuroDeus Doctor Wundindlinyg

    The raremagic.com board uses a MOTL messageboard system. Seems it is just a selling/buying/trading messageboard. I'll stick here were no Kristen is, but Almindhra is. Ah! and Crackdown I'm a talking and typing parrot named Popstickle...
  7. magicman_moe New Member

    hahahahaha this is great man! ive never thought there would be a magic site like that!

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