Who from the CPA would you like to meet and why?

Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by arhar, Oct 3, 2001.

  1. arhar Member

    Ok, I'll start.

    Already met: Almindhra and Mikeymike. Both were really cool, hope we meet again :D

    Would like to meet: well, everybody :D But, most of all:

    Griffith_se: Very smart person and excellent deckbuilder . Plus, she's one of the few people that share my (quite radical, I admit) political views.

    Chaos Turtle: We've been talking on ICQ for almost a year, and he's really cool and I'll never forget how we started a huge argument on #apprentice about complicated philosophical questions and it lasted till 5 AM :D

    Gizmo. John O and Neil Rigby: Although me and Gizmo have, um, completely opposite views on international politics, he's a great magic player and has helped me with decks before, when I still was a scrub ... wait a second, I'm still a scrub! :D I hope one day I'll be a good Magic player and come to PT London and meet all of them so I could experience dry English "humour" firsthand.

    The Orgg: We also have been talking on ICQ for more than a year and he's just as wacky as I am. Plus, me and him did what could be considered a Casual Trade of the Century: IA Mercenaries for Blue-Bordered Cyclopean Mummy :D

    Cateran Emperor: He's a great Magic player that goes 5-0 at the prerelease where I've also been and I don't meet him? :(

    Ed Sullivan: Without him, CPA wouldn't be possible. Although he doesn't visit here that often anymore, we still talk on the ICQ and Red Wings are still much better than Fliers :)

    Yellowjacket - he seems like a great person and I also love Spikes!

    TomB - Iron Maiden rules!

    Moto Psycho - Megadeth rules!

    Spiderman - also, a very intelligent and cool person. I hope you come back to Magic :)

    I know I forgot somebody, but hey, I'd like to meet all of you! :D
  2. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    There's a lot of people... I probably can't remember them all...

    TomB, Dune Echo, Zadok, Ed, Ferret (ours, not the one with two "t"s): the Founders who I feel I know the most from the Dojo days.

    Griffy, YJ, Apollo, Gizmo, theorgg, Chaos Turtle: All "old friends" from the Dojo and the early days of the CPA

    MikeyMike, arhar, krauschii (I know I mangled it, I don't have your name to reference!), Isty, CE: Usually great ideas for decks and stuff

    Rando, Whimsy, PJ: The early crew from MTGNews(?) or somewhere... they just fit right in

    Really, it would be cool to have a "convention" and meet everyone... those names are just those off the top of my head.

    Oh, and arhar, I AM getting back into Magic slowly; some old friends have re-picked up the game also and we're starting to play semi-regularly. :)
  3. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...sheesh...I wanna meet EVERYONE in the WORLD, not just the CPA!

    The MTGnews crew! Ericbess, Sageridder, Purple Girl, and Rando. REALLY extra special.

    I would like to meet a god, also known as, Ericbess. You can't not like the guy. I was an a**hole when I started visiting the net for Magic. I start with MTGnews...and I think he's the only one who didn't hate me for a while. Plus he's a really open-minded talker...I'll respect him forever.

    Sageridder, for being the amazing person he is. We've been friends since, what? Pre-MTGnews days...can't forget him.

    Purple Girl, she's just the coolest lady on the net. Period. She even has a good sense of humor that I like - and I don't even LIKE humor!

    Rando. He lives in Missouri. We gotta meet sometimes. Plus, he was (?) cool when he actually played the RPGs. :D

    Non-MTGnews crew:

    Darsh, my amazing online friend. I swear, we've had so many great chats, it's not even funny. I bet we can even have greater chats in real life...

    Dementia, my other amazing online friend. He has gone through the same bad times I have been to. How can you forget someone who, on first encounter, you start a war with?

    Neo_Keo, for being my favorite trading partner, and for the many Apprentice games we've played online. I really wanna kick his a** at Magic in real-life though. I always like to see facial expressions as I win. The guy wants to give me free cards for God's sake! :)

    Multani. We don't get a long, but we don't get a long in a good way...in a humane way, unlike me and some other unmentionables. Very young, yet so wise and intelligent.

    Chaos Turtle. A CPA god. Really. I wanna meet every open-minded person out there...and this is one of them. (Don't make me regret this) Chaos Turtle is very intelligent actually; abnormally intelligent, I think.

    All that said...I wanna met everyone in the world...every single living soul. I can't emphasize it enough...
  4. Rando Freaky Bear

  5. EricBess Active Member

    I think he's wondering what happened to the RPG, Rando... ;)

    I hate responding to posts like this because I'm afraid I will miss someone that I really meant to include. I have a bad memory when it comes to these things, so if your name doesn't get mentioned, please don't take it personally.

    I used to think that Duke would be a good person to meet, but now I feel like I'm up on this huge pedistal and meeting him would just let him down because I'm really just this normal guy... Talk about pressure ;) Still, I remember the little a**hole (his word, not mine) from MTGNews and he's come a long way. I would definitely not pass up an opportunity to meet him in person.

    All the gamers - I'm not going to name many names because I'll forget a few, but those from the RPG (Rando, sagerrider, etc.), WWYT (Gerode, Istanbul, Appollo, etc.), and Spidey's games as well.

    The other "judges" - I'm not sure who is an official judge, but if Spidey isn't, he should be. And Chaos Turtle. I know CT and I would probably differ on oppinions about a couple of key philosophical lifestyle issues, but I have a feeling we'd get along quite well in general.

    I've already met Zadok, Duel and a few others that hang out with them. Come to think of it, that was rather disappointing, maybe it would be better not to meet anyone... ;) Just joking - great guys all of them.

    Anyway, I consider all of the above good friends. There is nobody here that I wouldn't like to introduce themselves if they played in a tournament that I was judging.
  6. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    I'd love to come face to face with my nemesis from days of old, DUke. :) We've argued more times than I can count, and practically flamed ourselves off of MtGNews on one occassion in particular. But I think we've gotten past most of that, and he seems like the type of person I could enjoy talking to.

    I've already met Ericbess, as he mentioned, and I'll probably get to bug him more in the near future, as I have the level 1 judge's test scheduled for this Saturday (wish me luck!). Duel, of course, I know, as I told him about this place.

    It would be a true pleasure to finally get to meet all these people IRL. The Almighty Chaos Turtle, Spidey, TomB, Yellowjacket, arhar, Foundation of Rancor, Gizmo and his little gang o' people who are better at Magic than I am, etc... It would be a blast to drag the whole CPA together for one big party. :) Tell you guys what: If I'm ever a millionaire, I'll buy you all plane tickets to where-ever I am so we can have said party.

    The CPA rules!
  7. DÛke Memento Mori

    Ericbess, I wanna meet you because I KNOW you're "normal," a normal person with a mind, that is. :)
    Wasn't that one of my ideas from sometime ago, or what? Of course...it's natural that you'd be stealing my ideas. ;)
  8. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    See, I knew I'd be forgetting people...

    I'd like to play CE and any other Warhammer gamers.

    I'd like to play with everyone who participates in the games IRL with Beyond Balderdash, Tribond, WWYT, etc (and I got a new game a couple of weeks ago, Cranium, but you can't play that over the Net) like EricBess and rkoelsch.

    And don't you have to pay to be a judge? :cool: Besides, I still have hardly any time to actually do something if I ever become a judge... helping people on the Net is more my speed :)
  9. EricBess Active Member

    Pay to be a judge? Not anymore. You just need to judge an event with a L3 and take the test. Presto, instant L1 judge.

    Of course, that depends on your circumstances, too. I have to pay to become L3 because the nearest L3 judge around is in Seattle and I'm 3 hours away. I hate driving at night after a long day, so a hotel room is necessary. Repeat several times to become L3 and the money adds up. Not to mention time away from family. Let's just say I hope the test in January goes well so I don't have to go through any of this again. ;)
  10. Mikeymike Captain Hiatus

    <------- I live here if anyone wants to take drive.

    I'm totally copping out, there are way to many people & personalities on the CPA that would love to meet, I couldn't single out anyone in particular.

    If anyone goes to the NYC pre-releases at Neutral Ground drop me a line so we can meet up. I've been there for the last 6 or so on the Saturdays. I met Arhar there as he mentions, but he stood me up this time to go to Edison. I promise next time I'll bathe :D.

    On a semi-related note: Does anyone know a local company that does T-Shirts? We should really get some done for the CPA. I bet there is a business online that does them (I forget the exact term)....I'll do some searching and see what I findout.
  11. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Istanbul was supposed to be getting cards from DUke to sell on ebay for a fundraiser type thing for buttons or shirts...
  12. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

  13. terzarima New Member

    I'm sad, no one wants to meet me.

    Zadok First and foremost. Even though we've only talked on occasion, he just seems like a nice person to meet.

    DÜke I can't say we share the same likes and dislikes, but we have some common ground. Duel We can talk about the great city of calgary. Plus, I've heard he's somewhat interesting. Mindy, Even though she plays game on the internet more than talking to me, its okay. Darsh , I miss you, expecially the whole *coughingthingwhereweneverusedspacesfortonsofparagraphscough* yeah. H-mage, and Ransac Mainly because you're wacked out beyond belief, at least on CPA. Superguy Because he's Canadian, 'nuff said. Yj Because he's a really nice band teacher :).

    I guess that's the brunt of it, there's probably more...
  14. Elrond Veteran CPA Lurker

    I think the main person I would like to meet is Zadok, I don't really know why except that he seems to be an all around nice guy.

    Then I would like to meet Ed, Spiderman, Orgg, Gizmo, Ihsans Shade, Yellow Jacket, Istanbul, Cateran Emperor, and a whole lot of others that I regret not being able to think of now for a bunch of different reasons.
  15. r00tg04t New Member

    Noone wants to meet me eh? :confused:
  16. Apollo Bird Boy

    Of course, I'd love to meet everyone. But specifically, I've already met Ally and Luke, who were both incredibly cool and bought me a pretzel.:) I'd love to meet Zadok, Spidey, DUke, Whimsy, PJ, and just about everyone else who steadily posts here.
  17. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    You don't wanna meet me. I'm a bastid.

    I'd like to meet Mikeymike, Chaos Turtle, theorgg, Zadok, Spidey, Ed, EricBess, Duke (I'm sure THAT would be an interesting rendezvous), rkoelsch, Goku, Ura, and Riva Iron-Grip.
  18. Goku Sylvan Warrior

    I feel lov-ed.

    I've already met Hetemti.

    But heck, I'd like to meet Istanbul, Duke, Zadok, TomB, Spiderman, rkoelsch....hmm... can't think of many others, specifically, offhand.

    Aw, why not? I'd like to meet you all!

    (A cpa party would be nice...)
  19. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    I'd like to meet everyone who says they'd like to meet me. :)
  20. terzarima New Member

    Jeez... who's that Choaz Tuitle dude... who'd ever want to meet him...


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