Who Am I? Week 2 Answers and Results

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What do you think so far?

It's great, keep it up 0 vote(s) 0.0%
The questions are tough, but keep it going 2 vote(s) 28.6%
Daily games are impossible to keep up with 5 vote(s) 71.4%
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  1. Baskil CPA Member

    Ok, that's the last of the really obscure ones. ;)

    The answer, of course, was: Steve Largent

    The current standings are:
    Ericbess - 7
    Chaos Turtle - 6
    Sammy Dead-O - 6
    Spiderman - 0
    Apollo - 0
    Gerode - 0

    It's still anyone's game, and anyone is free to join. All you have to do is PM me a guess.

    Clue Explanations:

    Clue 1: Some guy named Mike Harden once knocked me out, and loosened some of my teeth. However, I didn't press any charges because I returned the favor 14 weeks later.

    One of the biggest things that Largent was remembered for as a Seahawk was his hit that he laid on Mike Harden. What made it amazing was that Largent was a rather small Wide Receiver.

    Clue 2: After working in Seattle for 14 years, I decided that the other Washington was where I wanted to be.

    He was a Seahawk for 14 years before he retired. Afterward, he decided to run for the Representative slot in his home state of Oklahoma

    Clue 3: People magazine put me on their "Fifty Most Beautiful People in the World" list twice. A rare feat for someone in my field of work.

    Apparently, Largent is a handsome man. Not many politicians make that list

    Clue 4: As a member of the House Energy Committee, I see to it that my plaque in Canton, OH stays illuminated.

    This clue was a bit erroneous. He isn't on the Energy committee, per se. However, he is on one of the subcommittee. The reference to Canton, OH refers to the Football Hall of Fame, where Steve Largent is a member.

    Clue 5: Most of my Republican colleagues in the House call me radically conservative.

    He is.

    Good Luck next week!

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