Who Am I? Week 1 Answers and Results

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    That was a tough one last week, I know :)

    The answer was: The Dead Kennedys

    Current Standings (players with points listed only):
    EricBess - 3
    Sammy Dead-O - 3
    Chaos Turtle - 2 (and shame on CT for having a quote by the band in is sig and not knowing until late ;) )

    Explanation of Clues:
    Day 1 clue: We predicted that Jerry Brown would soon be president.

    In their song, Callifornia Uber Alles, they sing:

    I am Governor Jerry Brown/My aura smiles and never frowns/Soon I will be president

    Day 2 clue: We are not grateful, and we are not dispensors of dairy products.

    The idea here was to get you to think about the word Dead, and then figure it out that they aren't the Grateful Dead, nor the Dead Milkmen (which most people guessed).

    Day 3 clue: One of our members, who goes by the name Jello Biafra, ran for mayor of San Fransisco

    Their lead singer actually goes by that name. Suprisingly, he came in 4th for the Mayor race. He had a very wierd platform which included creating a Bribery Committee.

    Day 4 clue: After we got in trouble over a picture by H.R. Giger, we decided to take a Holiday in Cambodia

    When they did the album Frankenchrist, there was a insert done by famous artist HR Giger. They were prosecuted for it, because it was deemed innapropriate. Biafra was charged with "Distributing Harmful Material to Minors". The subsequent trial nearly bankrupted the band, and they split up shortly afterward. Holiday in Cambodia is a reference to one of their biggest songs.

    Day 5 clue: Being one of the first inter-racial punk bands, we thought it would be bad to Kill the Poor. Instead, we decided to let record companies Pull My Strings

    Kill the Poor and Pull My Strings (which is my favorite song of theirs) were all songs that they released as singles. And yes, they were inter-racial, which probably contributed to how their album Nazi Punks F*** Off sounded.

    Good Luck this week!
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    I told you I suck at this... :)

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