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Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by Zadok001, Aug 1, 1999.

  1. CthulhuDragon New Member

    nekrataal - No, I have never played at Renaldo's. I didn't even know anyone played there. I have only been there a few times.
  2. nekrataal Administrator

    I've never played there myself, but sometimes when I go in (w/o my cards of course) I see some guys playing.
  3. Hooby New Member

    Guess I should hop in here, names Bob Steele, 24. Stopped playing magic around Ice Age and just back into it. Live in Mesa AZ.
  4. bane New Member

    I live in Germany (yes, Germany, akk!). I'm an army brat (unfortunately). I live at an air force base(imagine that!) and lead a small 6 man group known as KAN (Kick A Nametakers). We destroy all the other magic players here =]. But we play for fun. I'm 16 (17 in september) and will be a Junior in HS this year. The names of my teammates are:
    Arthur Nietiedt (i think that's how ya spell it)
    Will Swingle
    Derek Piwko (we just call him Piwko, that's Pie-Ko)
    Josh somethin'
    Joe somethin'
    And I'm....James Arthur Torrence III, better known as Jim.

    CPA member
    "He casually craves only one commodity..."
  5. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    Hey, Drik2! You're 30 and you live in Tampa? That's weird. Until last week, that was me.

    Now, I'm only 20 - just kidding. I just moved to St Pete. We'll have to get together sometime and play...oh, how I want someone to play with............right.

    ANyhoo, email me.


    "...dusty binders..."
  6. ben New Member

    Well, I didn't know Ferret's name was Dave McKenzie, like he suggested, but I'll forgive him :).

    Anyway, my name is Ben Prew, I currently live in Vancouver, WA, and work in Portland OR. I'm 21, and spend most of my time playing Magic with theDevil, fooling around on my guitar, and programming the next killer app.
  7. nekrataal Administrator

    Wow, we seem to have quite a few people from Oregon. Thats kinda funny.

    "We Oregonians are always casual..."
  8. Genesis New Member

    Hi!!! I'm from Manila, Philippines and I'm working for Intel as Systems Engineer.

    I guess I'm the first from far east who joined CPA.

    Nice meeting you all.
  9. nueromancer New Member

    howdy, howdy, howdy. i am a newbie to CPA, but enjoy the conversations. i am adam richardson and live in grapevine, texas, but go to southwestern oklahoma state university. i've been playing since ice age.

    "Mostly they only come out at night. Mostly"
  10. sce New Member

    okay.. my turn now..

    I am Sander Coppoolse, SWM, about 29 years old an live in the Netherlands. In a town called Baarn with about 27.000 people. Baarn is smack in the centre on the Netherlands about 40km from Amsterdam.

    Yes.. there is a shop in Baarn that sells magic, but its just a bookstore and the owner has no clue and no room to play ;)

    Playing since Ice Age... and currently looking to get some Pokemon which is very rare in about these parts.

    Working at a publisher of things that have to do the law. I am responsible for several databases and an page-layout-system.

    aka sce on irc



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