What's your favorite card?



Black: Sengir Vampire (old pic is better), Drain Life (simple but effective), Nightmare, Dark Ritual (great for the first turn hippie), royal assassin.

Blue: Counterspell, Arcane Denial... or any variant. Clone.

Green: Force of Nature.

Red: Fireball, lightning bolt. And the restricted Fork. (Those were the days.)

White: Serra Angel (though not as cool as my sengirs).

Lands: Dual, nuff said.

Overall--Sengirs, a personal fave/weakness of mine. I love my vampires, baby!

(And yes, I know this list is terribly old school... but that's cuz it was better... there was more challenge, and not a card to do anything you could think of. And the colors were so balanced... equal and opposite. Made it really tough and all about strategy.)


Favorite blue card: A nifty little card called Mind's Desire. 4bb and you get one random card from your deck for no cost. and + it also has storm for an unstoppable onslaught. once a played three 1 mana spell and then that and grabbed a nightmare, chainer,dementia master , minds desire (another one), 2 twisted abombination, predator flagship, death wish: getting another Chainer:eek: a undead warcheif a Drudge Skeleton and last a wall of corpses. all for 4 and 2 blue mana!!! My brother had no idea what was going on but just that I was just going to whomp him hard!:cool: :cool: Let me make it easier for those slower people...

unsummon I Card ----> |
peek II Cards -----> |
unsummon III Cards------> |
Minds desire IV Cards ------> V
nightmare III cards
Chainer II cards
Minds desire II + IV cards
Twisted abombination V cards
" IV cards
Flagship III cards
Death wish IV cards
Chainer III cards
Undead warchief II cards
Drudge Skeleton I card
Wall of corpses No more

All he had was a few elves...:D :cool:


Quite a few cards use mind's desire the way you have there - it really is a powerful card, and would be great if I played Blue...;)


Its not the dark side, its The Teal Side. :D

Nightstalker Habuki


Blue - Eye of the Storm :p
Art - Teferi's Puzzlebox
Green - Vendurian Enchantress
White - Blinking Spirit
Red - Ball Lightning
Black - Sinkhole


Blue - Time Spiral
Art - Icy Manipulator
Green - Nemeta Grove Guardian
White - Reverse Damage
Red - Mana Barbs
Black - Royal Assasin

Put em all in a deck and what do you have?....ewwwwwww