Whats up with these 6th graders!!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by FoundationOfRancor, Apr 6, 2000.

  1. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    All these middle school 6th graders keep IM'ing me! Whats up with that!!?? oh I am incredibly bored and not tired in the least so im sorryt fer this posting
  2. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

  3. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    I dont know i think im crazy.
    All work and no play make jack a dull boy
  4. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    Hey, did you ever add me to your Yahoo!?
  5. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    I stopped using IM for a reason that has had other people questioning my sanity. Besides random 6th graders, you get a bunch of random people of the opposite sex (or at least _claim_ to be of the opposite sex) hitting on you...

    "Christ... IRL, thank you very much."
  6. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    Zadook: I know what you meanj man
    Turtle: I added choas turtle to my list and its the chaos turtle. I just changed it now. Sorry!
  7. Apollo Bird Boy

    hey, I've got random 6th graders hounding me on Aol. I swear! I think my brother may have sicced 'em on me, though. Maybe it's a gang. And I have Messenger, but I have never had members of the opposite sex hitting on me. Maybe I'm just unlucky. :)

  8. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    That's 'lucky' Apollo. It's rather disconcerting, really, I mean, I have no evidence these people ARE of the opposite sex... :)
  9. Apollo Bird Boy

    I was just kidding, Zadok. But how do these people get your screen name? I've never had any problems like that. The only people that have my name are those on my friends list.

  10. The Magic Jackal Veteran CPA Member<BR><font co

    to everyone who is having problems with "6th graders" simply do this- make another screen name. I have 2 screen names. One for casual/magic, and one that i use when i'm doing school work and can't have people bothering me.
  11. Apollo Bird Boy

    my problem is my brother gives my sn to his friends, so changing it won't help 'cause he can just look again.

    PS I'm following you... (sorry for the blatant rip-off Turtle)

  12. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    I have about 42 screen names (no kidding) for just this use. I just use rancor dragon fer the CPA though. Actually, im thinkin bout maiin this my home sn
  13. theorgg Slob

    THAT MANY????

    wow. your an Inhuman Idiot!
  14. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    lol little harsh there eh orgg? I have so many cuz my comp got messed up and I kept havin to go for more. And alos this dude kept stalkin me... Hey apollo, whats yer sn?
  15. Apollo Bird Boy

    Aol: Apollo9119
    Yahoo: Apollo909


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