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  1. Seeker of Truth New Member

    OK, I promised I'd list the cards I got from the Prophecy prerelease so that you could see if I made the right decision (and so that you all can drool over my outrageous luck :rolleyes: ), so here it is, arranged according to color:


    Deepwood Drummer
    Desert Twister
    Food Chain
    Rushwood Herbalist
    Sacred Prey
    Silverglade Elemental
    Snorting Gahr

    Calming Verse
    Pygmy Razorback
    Silt Crawler
    Spitting Spider
    Thresher Beast
    Verdant Field
    Vintara Elephant


    Blockade Runner
    Diplomatic Immunity
    Port Inspector
    Shoving Match
    Timid Drake
    Tidal Kraken (whoo-hoo!)

    Alexi's Cloak
    Coastal Hornclaw
    Rhystic Deluge
    Rhystic Study
    Spiketail Hatchling x2
    Withdraw x2


    Battle Rampart
    Cave Sense
    Cavern Crawler
    Flaming Sword
    Furious Assault
    Kyren Sniper
    Ogre Taskmaster

    Avatar of Fury (BAM!)
    Branded Brawlers
    Citadel of Pain
    Keldon Berserker x2
    Latulla's Orders
    Panic Attack

    Alley Grifters
    Bog Smugglers
    Haunted Crossroads
    Snuff Out
    Specter's Wail

    Agent of Shauku
    Bog Glider
    Plague Fiend
    Plague Wind (YES!) (foil!)
    Soul Strings x2


    Alabaster Wall
    Devout Witness
    Fresh Volunteers
    Jhovall Queen ( :cool: ) (foil!)
    Moment of Silence
    Nightwind Glider
    Ramosian Lieutenant
    Soothing Balm
    Tonic Peddler

    Blessed Wind (Oooh, aaah...)
    Diving Griffin
    Excise x2
    Glittering Lynx x2
    Mine Squad
    Reveille Squad x2
    Rhystic Circle
    Shield Dancer
    Troubled Healer (foil!)


    Rushwood Grove
    Sandstone Needle
    Subterranean Hangar

    Rhystic Cave

    Plus 6 of each basic land.

    The deck I made went like this:

    11x Plains
    6x Swamp
    1x Subterranean Hangar

    1x Alley Grifters
    1x Bog Smugglers
    1x Deathgazer
    1x Flay
    1x Haunted Crossroads
    1x Outbreak
    1x Plague Wind
    1x Snuff Out
    2x Soul Strings
    1x Undertaker

    1x Arrest
    1x Blessed Wind
    1x Devout Witness
    1x Diving Griffin
    2x Excise
    1x Fresh Volunteers
    2x Glittering Lynx
    1x Jhovall Queen
    1x Mine Bearer
    1x Nightwind Glider
    1x Ramosian Lieutenant
    2x Reveille Squad
    1x Shield Dancer

    Totals: 27 spells, 18 lands, 45 cards

    By the way, the tournament rules allow you to trade up to 5 basic lands for 5 other basic lands before play, so I traded 5 Islands for 5 Plains (which is why I have 11 Plains in this deck).

    Please tell me what you think.
  2. Seeker of Truth New Member

    I'm surprised no one has responded to this post. Does this mean that what I did was right? I'm already questioning the use of the Glittering Lynxes, and one of the prevent-damage creatures probably should have been maindecked. Plus, those green cards are looking better and better, and that Avatar was never even used, and I'm told that that was the easiest Avatar to cast for 2 mana in sealed deck.

    Any comments?
  3. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Okay, I`ll have a crack at it.

    Reasons to play colours:
    Green - Lots of fat monsters.
    Blue - None
    Red - None
    Black - Undertaker, nothing else really worthwhile, just bad Grey Ogres and Plague Wind (way too expensive for Masques, you want to be discarding land to Spellshapers, not playing it).
    White - an absolutely astounding set of cards.

    Okay, 40 cards, 23 spells, 17 land - that`s the correct ratio.

    MONSTERS (17)
    Deepwood Drummer
    Ramosian Lieutenant
    Fresh Volunteers
    Silt Crawler
    Nightwind Glider
    Alabaster Wall
    Devout Witness
    Shield Dancer
    Diving Griffin
    Troubled Healer
    Snorting Gahr
    Reveille Squad
    Reveille Squad
    Silverglade Elemental
    Thresher Beast
    Spitting Spider
    Jhovall Queen

    TRICKS (6)
    Verdant Field
    Desert Twister

    LAND (17)
    8 Forest
    9 Plains

    Easy Peasy!

    BTW - it`s really important to give out draft lists as a mana curve, like I did here, otherwise it just swamps us as a list of random commons. Putting into the mana curve helps break it up, and mana curves are essential for draft so it helps me analyse your deck faster.
    But you didn`t know that, so I can`t really grumble.
  4. Gumby Khan New Member

    Creatures are the key to limited formats. Beats win 75% of the time and for every threat on the board, your opponent needs to take care of or he'll lose. Another trick is to find some synergy, like Squee+spellshaper or Highway robber+haunted crossroads, etc. The synergy I see in Gizmo's deck is big fatties that can get bigger (drummer/invigorate) and untap when opponent attacks! That'll stall a rebel army down and make blue flyers stay home to block! IMHO, your original deck was creature light and probably more often than not you were praying for the wind to pull out a save. I could be wrong, though, so you may ignore everything above. If so, read below.

    You d'man, never change your deck-building and keep on trucking!!!!
  5. Seeker of Truth New Member

    Gizmo and Gumby Khan:

    Thanks for the feedback! It was a real debacle for me to not include green, and another voice was telling me to include red in order to play the Avatar of Fury, but you're right, now that I look back on my cards, I can't believe I didn't play green.

    The problem is, though, that that Plague Wind was just such a dominating card in that environment! Like I said, Plague Wind won me every single game in which it was cast. I won 6 games with it, which translates to 3 match wins, and I went 4-2. Perhaps I was just lucky, or maybe the environment was just slower than usual (which is what I thought), but Plague Wind was just so powerful that I couldn't help but include it in my deck. The Subterranean Hangar helped, too, as it cut a couple of turns off the casting time for the Plague Wind.

    Come to think of it, Plague Wind was also the reason I didn't play the Troubled Healer, as I was too afraid to sac lands that would later come in handy to cast the Wind. I suppose Gumby Khan's right when he said that Plague Wind probably became the Holy Grail of this deck, and the whole game was basically stalling in hopes of drawing it.

    I did the same thing in the Nemesis prerelease, too. I got some outstanding green cards, but I passed them up to play R/W/B because there were some killer cards in those colors I felt I had to play. And I LIKE green! I don't know why I keep shunning it in prereleases.

    Anyway, thanks for the input, and also thanks to Gizmo for informing me about deck listing customs. I'll keep that in mind, Gizmo. :)

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