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What Were You Thinking (WWYT) Round 1 Answers and Scores!


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Since the Beyond Balderdash game is over, here's a "new" one that we haven't played in a while, What Would You Think. For those people who don't know how to play, right now all you have to worry about is answering the below question. The thing is that points are scored based on everyone's answers, so try to answer what you think other people will answer, not just your personal choices :)

Name 5 Magic expansions (not including the "core sets", like Alpha/Beta/Unlimited, Revised (3rd) all the way up to 9th).

PM your answer by Monday, 4/10 by 7:00 AM EST.


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I'm ending this today because I think I got everyone who's going to answer anyway (at least, judging from past games :) )

Okay, so now each answer is assigned a score based on how many times it was given. For instance, five players named the Invasion expansion so it has a score of 5. So here are the answers and scores:

Answers Scores

Ice Age 5
Invasion 5
Ravnica 5
Tempest 5
Urza's Saga 5
Arabian Nights 4
Antiquities 3
Fallen Empires 3
Guildpact 3
Mirage 3
Champions of Kamigawa 2
Dark 2
Legends 2

and 1 pt answers: Homelands, Legions, Mirrodin, Odyssey, Saviors of Kamigawa, Unglued, Visions, Weatherlight

Now I calculate each person's score by totaling their answers, depending on how much they were worth. So Ransac, who gave the answers Mirage, Tempest, Urza's Saga, Mirrodin, Ravnica would get 3, 5, 5, 1, and 5 points for a total of 19.

Player (Score) - Game Points (explained below)

Limited (25) - 5
Melkor (23) - 3
BigBlue (20) - 2
Ransac (19) - 1
orgg (18)
DarthFerret (17)
Jigglypuff (17)
Mooseman (17)
EricBess (16)
train (16)
Oversoul (9)

Now, based on those scores, the person with the highest score gets 5 Game Points, the second gets 3 Game Points, the third gets 2 Game Points, and the fourth gets 1 Game Point.

If there is a tie for a certain place, each player earns that amount of Game Points but the overall number of players being scored is counted for determining the next place. In other words, if BigBlue and Ransac had tied for 3rd place at 20 points, they both would have gotten 2 points, but four players overall gained Game Points so orgg would still be left out.

So here are the current Game Points:

Limited - 5
Melkor - 3
BigBlue - 2
Ransac - 1

And we'll play to 25 Game Points. Any questions? :)


I really didn't expect Ice Age and Tempest be so high on the list.


Staff member
Perhaps people would like to explain what they put, but I'm thinking a lot of people fondly remember those expansions... :)


Urza's Saga and Invasion because they are the most popular sets.. Ravnica because its the most recent big expansion and the forum is still flooded with the name (I considered Guildpact, as it is the most recent, but rightly decided against it)

Tempest was a gamble, but I figured it was when most of the people quit playing :)

And Ice Age is just a personal favorite, which would seem to be true for more people.


CPA Trash Man
I put my five (Tempest, Mirage, Invasion, Ravinca, and Mirrodin) because I believed they were the Main expansions that players enjoyed the most. I WAS going to put Urza's Saga in place of Mirrodin, but changed it for due to some divine intervention (must've been the burritos I ate).

Ransac, cpa trash man


The Tentacled One
I had no idea how the game worked, so I just put five expansions that all ended in letter "s." That way, I'd be able to remember what they were. Not very many other people picked the same ones that I did...


I selected both Ravnica and Guildpact because they were the two most recent sets. Ravnica worked out better than Guildpact, apparently. I selected Invasion and Mirage because I felt like most people would have mostly good memories of those blocks (nostalgia combined with the fact that there were lots of good playable cards and decks). I was going to select Ice Age because it was the set I started with, but I selected Weatherlight instead. Oops.

(- Steve -)


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I basically started with Ice Age as the first big expansion, and then moved on to Mirage, Tempest, Urza's Saga as the chronological big sets afterwards and then added Ravnica as the most recent big set.


I was torn, but decided to go with recent stuff as much as possible. Looks like sticking to main block expansions was the way to go, and it worked out well for you Limited - good job.

Tempest surprises me a bit, too, but Ice age was the first "block" (sort of), so that one doesn't surprise me, particularly with the pending release of Coldsnap.


I placed my five by the first five to come into being. Since I was around then, those are the ones that most stick in my mind!


I lucked out... I picked Guildpact - which didn't get as many as I'd hoped... But went with 2 of (Saga, Ice Age, Invasion... I can't recall)... then Arabian Nights & Antiquities based on the Casual Card nomination thing - hoping that would put those more in mind...