What do you think of this Green-Black Deck?

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  1. Eric5 New Member

    Can you tell me what you think of this Green-Black deck? Thanks.

    14 Creatures:

    1xStampede Driver
    3xThresher Beast
    1xSilverglade Elemental
    1xHorned Troll
    1xHunted Wumpus
    1xSpore Frog
    1xDeepwood Wolverine
    1xAvatar of Might
    1xAvatar of Woe
    1xVolrath the Fallen

    22 Other Non-Land Cards:

    3xLiving Terrain
    1xSeal of Strength
    2xAnimate Land
    1xGiant Growth
    1xJolrael's Favor
    1xVitalizing Wind
    1xTreetop Bracers
    1xSkyshroud Claim
    1xBraidwood Cup
    1xSeal of Doom
    4xDark Ritual

    17 Lands:



    1xRathi Assassin
    1xSeal of Doom
    1xEngineered Plague
    1xRoot Cage
    1xMarsh Boa
    1xYavimaye Enchantress
    1xHunted Wumpus
    1xSpitting Spider
    1xRib Cage Spider

  2. krichaiushii New Member

    What can you tell the board about the format of play you plan to use this deck in?

    I ask because my advice will be for multiplayer games, someone else will recommend changes for a type 2 tournament deck, while a third person will post a completely different decklist that shares only the colors of your deck.

    If you specify what you are looking for in the way of advice in your initial post, more people will provide timely, relevant comments. It also helps to say what card sets you have access to, as well, if only to keep people from "reconstructing" your deck using the P9 and certain cards from Legends.

    That being said, some rules of thumb in deck design are:
    1)The more copies of a card you have in your deck, the more likely you are to draw that card. Try not to self-restrict your decks to one of a useful card, unless it is all you can find, or is terribly expensive to cast (like Winds and Avatars, for example).

    2)Try to build synergy into the deck. For example, the Thresher Beasts are pretty cool, but they truly shine in a land destruction deck (staying black and green for LD would require addition of Ice Storm, Thermokarst, Argothian Wurm, Sinkhole, Rain of Tears, Demonic Hordes, and Despoil, to name but a few options).

    Another example is your Avatar of Woe -- in addition to its many useful abilities, many people play it because of its Alternate Casting Cost (ACC). Aside from creature battles, and the Avatar of Woe's ability, you have no way to efficiently remove opposing creatures from play (IMO, Seal of Doom is not very efficient, and can only be used once, anyway). If you were to run 2 or 3 Thrashing Wumpus (Wumpi? Wumpuses?), not only would you remove creatures quickly and damage your opponent, but you would also benefit because most of your creatures will survive a 1 or 2 point burst of damage, which in turn leads to greater control of the overall game. Instead of, or in conjunction with, the Thrashing Wumpus, consider Blood Pets - not only do the Pets provide an additional black mana, once you sac the Pet for a current turn gain, you are one step closer towards the ACC of the Avatar of Woe. Do you see my point about synergy? (Plus, it is a fun word to say).

    and 3) Consider your mana sources and the casting costs (CC) and types of your assorted spells. The majority of your 1-2 CC spells are all creature enhancers, yet the vast majority of your creatures have CCs of 4+.

    Nothing in this deck takes advantage of a first-turn Dark Ritual -- in fact, you are running 7 Swamps and 4 Rits to support 3 other spells, 6 spells if you use all of your sideboard. Reconsider the black component of your deck.

    There, I have said enough, perhaps more than enough. I don't intend to sound condescending, I am only trying to improve the overall deck-building skills of Eric5. ;)
  3. Hellion New Member

    Well said krichaiushii! I think there's nothing much left to say....you covered everything!

    Well Eric 5, keep us posted about your deck if u still need help. ^_^

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